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5 way bypass pass. I am considered 90% disabled with UI, so I get all benefits of 100%. Its nasty with blisters and incurable. I was stationed in New Mexico, went TDY twice in 1963 & 1964 (page 1). September 24, 2019 at 10:58 pm I can find no record of U-2 service at Utapao. Ive been suffering for many years from diabetes, Crohns, and inflammations of my fingers. It was all dead. I was one of approximately 60 of the last US forces to leave the base in late March, 1972. A military map made in 1961 of Southeast Asia, which can be seen below,illustrates these points. Camp Friendship from May of 1970 to December 1970, then Sattahip December 1970 to May of 1971. He was a US Marine in Viet Nam. Fowler was our NCOIC. My USAF unit was designated Det. Testing was done at a remote forested site that was not located near base personnel. Nickname Burned out Bob. Disability claim is on appeal. Im surprised there is absolutely no discussion on the impact of Agent Orange on the Thai public. Stationed with 1882n Comm Gp., 1969-1970, worked in the Base Comm Center. Those of us that lived in the hooches while there we were in the AO drift zone. Thanks for your work on this Ryan. Only the DNA Has turned a pebble not a stone. Have diabetes. froze my buttox off there. aviation supply till they moved back to Japan 73. As we all well know how hot it was and on that day the bone yard was stinking to high heaven. It is scaled at 1:1,562,500 and provides coverage for all of Thailand. Stationed at NKP Thailand 67-68, worked at Task Force Alpha, located out from the base in the jungle. Okinawa AB, Japan to go through the altitude chamber and take an EKG. The building now used for my restaurant was built in 1966. Besides reuniting with old friends and making new ones, our goal is to preserve the stories of our Phan Rang brothers. remove a user's privilege to post content on the Library site. He worked for Fairchild camera. Not sure if agent orange services in water. He passed 20 years ago and I am still trying to get compensation. Please contact me. I was stationed at Korat RTAFB from 68-69 and spending about a month at Ubon TDY living in the old Ausie hootches at Perimeter.Next spent two years at Yokota Japan and Osan Korea. My brother Maj Bobby M Jones MD, USAF Flight Surgeon, was stationed in Udorn Thailand Sept 1972 Nov 28 2972. I was first denied by the VA, but quickly GRANTED a VA Disability when the Dale K. Graham Veterans Foundation required a higher level review. His death was attributed to Agent Orange exposure when he was stationed in South Vietnam. At Utapao the ground support were recognised as combatants. Depending in what shop your Father was in Im sure that I had to run across him in that hangar we worked out of. I remember Thailand being one of the enlistment options at that time. we were within feet of the perimeter not yards, Was TDY in May of 72 to Takhli from Holloway AFB. We lived in hootchs and had wooden sidewalks when I first arrived, but eventually they were replaced with concrete. Histories, yearbooks, scrapbooks, journals, and more. Flew into Udorn and Vientiane, Laos. I left a wife and a 8 and 6 year old on Christmas day 1969 heading to San Francisco for my flight to Bangkok. The Snack Bar was halfway between the barracks and Base Comm. His name is Robert Knerler. I was stationed at NKP, Thailand from Feb. 70 to Feb., 71 was diagnosed with Diabetes in 2001, just got my Agent Orange benefits about 2 months ago. I was stationed with the 13th Artillery A-Battery 7th Bn, supporting the Phu Cat Air Base. Any type of work other than my assigned AFAC. unless clearly stated otherwise. In 2016 I was denied service connection for hypothyroidism, but it is now presumptive and being re-adjudicated. For those in the same situation, I will provide three words. If this statement were true, then AF soldiers who were on those planes would meet the boots on the ground test, which is the defining test for the Nehmer class members. I do have a DD 214. The God bless all the brave men who survived, and those who didnt. Stationed at NKP 1967/1968. It is very readable. Chief among the reasons that they have sought this information is because some American personnel were exposed to Agent Orange while serving in Thailand. These problems didnt occur until years later after I got out of the Air Force in 1980. I was assigned to the 4th Special Operations Squadron that had AC-47D Spooky gunships at various bases, including Nha Trang and later Phan Rang. If you served on active duty in any of these locations, well automatically assume (or presume) that you had exposure to Agent Orange. He was the avionics supervisor for the 388th wing for the F-104s. sp 4 Army stationed at Camp Friendship (Korat) 1967. Surrounded by lush jungle and rice paddies. Charles L. Hall. Any one in UDORN around 1971? I was stationed at Utapao in 1972-73 and Korat and Ubon in 73-74. When we arrived at UDORN we were told that we would probably be sent to AUGMENTEE duty for 30 days to help the SECURITY POLICE to help guard the base PERIMETER. did so, told me that he would give it to the right person in that VA Mather Hospital,and and sure enough, forget how long, but I had a VA card with 10% disability in the mail , Later, filed again to increase VA % for hearing, got turned down for loss of hearing but OK for Tinitus (sp?). They were all to the left of the control tower pictured here. Go to to purchase the entire video, or to see movie trailers of over 700 other military videos.This 60-minute DVD documents Air Force activities at Phan Rang Air Base between 1966 and 1970. He passed away from lung cancer in October of 2015. If anyone has information pertaining to AO being sprayed within or near Nakhon Phenom (NKP) i would love to hear from you. No place to stay at that time at Takhli. Lived in the old barracks with no windows just screen. I have a claim in for agent orange exposure. Even Suffered from horrible neuropathy in legs since 1990s but civilian doctors not I ever considered AO. I was diligent, forthright and honest with my If there is anything that I can do to help you with. My late husband was in Udorn Thailand in1968-1969. Are there any Facebook groups on Marble Mountain. The O2A was cut up and loaded on a C130 back to NKP. Clearly. The three airmen/soldiers are probably Australians as they are carrying Australian SLRs. I am looking for anyone who might have known a person who worked in the S-3 section at Korat AB , Camp Friendship in January 1967. I know he was in Viet Nam in 1962-1963, 66-67, and 68-69. my husband Ranolf Feamster served on monkey mountain as an air traffic controller. Branch working with F-105 and EB-66 aircraft. Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated. Also did guard duty 3 times on the outskirts of the base when we were on high alert, not listed on my record. As a K9 I was on the perimeter and at the off-base bomb dump and Kennels throughout my assignment there. Have had skin problems plus. Iwas stationed in Udorn 67-68,diagnosed with blood cancer, July 2021, doctor says could be caused by exposure to Agent Orange, looking for best way to file a claim, any suggestions? Back in Carolina. Later moved to barracks next to gunship barracks. Or is everything still so secret about the U-2 in 1975 that mum is still the word? His name was Tsgt. Veterans who were exposed to Agent Orange or other herbicides during service may be eligible for a variety of VA benefits, including an Agent Orange Registry health exam, health care, and disability compensation for diseases associated with exposure. Any number of clues that you might have, or can get, may trigger better questions or hopefully answers! If you go to your nearby VA OPC, VA Hospital, etc. The FLR-9 I have multiple medical issues associated with agent orange yet I have been repeatedly denied my last denial was in 2019 because the US Army and Joint Records cannot concede my exposure to tactical or commercial herbicides even though I have repeatedly claim and provided personal statements to the contrary. I Michael E Schellerer was a B-52 D crew chief on 0100 and others witch later on ended up in Guam on a pedestal at the entrance to GUAM AFB. (TDY Supporting the Airlift mission in SVN while I was stationed at Okinawa). I once heard a name for this operation but as a 17-18 yo old kid forgot it. Agent orange was used at the Depot to clear vegetation around the ammunition storage areas and fence line. please email if possible . Your military records show which contracted airlines took you there and return. Donald I arrived November 65 as a part of Grey Eagle to help in building the base, I was in supply assisted in getting Bases Supply going. Correction by poster. After two years there, I resigned my commission and after several months, came to Columbus, Ohio as the Assistant Director of the Institute of Polar Studies (now known as the Byrd Polar and Climate Center). Appealing since 2013. Started at UTapao in73. Is there any chance I was exposed to Agent Orange? It would be helpful to us. April 5, 2018. I sent them a copy of the transit pay doc as evidence and they accepted it on appeal. Just an FYI thanks for the post. They claim agent orange was not used in Thailand which we know is a lie. I was stationed at Ubon RTAFB from Nov 1968 to Nov 1969. I have been turned down more than once for benefits. I have had high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart disease. Anyone have knowledge of or pictures of comm gear on the perimeter? My brother Steven Blake was in Viet Nam. 180 ".keeping the memories . I have type 2 diabetes, neuropathy, in both legs,tinnitus spinal stenosis. Thank all of you!!! Wishing you and all of us in this long fought battle, the best. We were also stationed at Clark Air Base in the Philippines from 1964 to 66. Spent a lot of time at the Military Affliate Radio Station (MARS) which was located in the jungle near the base perimeter. There was a terrible accident while he was there. Does anyone remember this? I was part of a TDY B-52 crew out of Beale AFB Flying missions out of U-Tapao. Needless to say, she got to go home on the same plane he did!!!!!!!! I was then dropped off at work on petroblem tank farm which was used to transfer fuel to the air base next to camp friend ship. I was stateioned at NKP, Thailand and on my Discharge Physical in 1971, it was determined that I had a HEART MURMUR which was NOT present when I enlisted. Agent orange was sprayed on us while doing a preflight inspection. I worked Hill 260 at Takhli. I believe they have concluded all of us had exposure to AO no matter where we were stationed but they are in denial the AO is responsible for all three types of skin cancer I have. Dont give up. Since had constant health issues including quadruple bypass and skin issues. Thank you all for your service as we were young and nave men fighting for our country. I did in DEC. Coming on base from the main gate, traveling past hooches and Thai O-club on the right, eventually crossing a bridge over the klong (near the chapel). records,clipping from newpaper and was turn down. The snake reeked of the insecticide. 4, 6922 SW. 10 years and going. I have been diagnosed with ischemic heart issues and a number of issues concerning bodily inflammation. I have been trying for 3 years to get COMPENSATION with NO GO from the VA. Can you help what do you guys think pretty sorry. Nothing on my AO claim but denials based on them needing more specific site locations, proximity to perimeters which I provided on maps of the sites. Onboard Aircraft carriers and destroyers. He did 2 tours and tried to sign up for a 3rd but he told me he was so messed up in the head they wouldnt take him. I lived in the hootches behind the USO. The Environmental Impact of Agent Orange hot SPOTS At least two-thirds of the so-called "Rainbow herbicides" used during the war, a total of 20 million gallons, contained the Dioxin-contaminated phenoxy herbicide 2,4,5-T. Let me know about agent orange problems. What was the # of your B. (Oklahoma) was there during that time and also part of the Security Police Squadron. We left just after Jack Trimble was shot down. Where do I get specific Hope everybody else received this letter. I am 75 years old and not sure how much time I have left. The VA has turned me down twice. He passed away on 08/06/2020. Looking for any info on when the 354 th TFS was there at that time to prove boots on the ground. called era vets same as those living home every day in the states. Do you have anything on a William A. Later we found that Jacks father was Charlies commander when he was in the Air Force. Found I had CLL in November of 2018. He was my grandmas first husband who unfortunately he didnt come home, and it was my understanding maybe he was a POW? The Dr. advised me to make a claim with the VA. IBM, they do assist me in getting the disability essentials needed to help my wife and Primary Caregiver take care of me. I also worked on the flight line working on the AC-130s but the VA didnt care one bit.. yesterday i received my summery of case with a flat denial on my second appeal.. He did live off base with my mother when he returned in August of 72. Manyletters to Next of Kinw. We had played cards the night before and he was so happy he had survived his year in happy valley. Would love to hear from anyone else that may have been there during this time. The other was a distance from the pooches within feet of the fence. My father was in Saigon with the airforce ground forces in Saigon during the tet offensive. 2. Army Manual 3-3, 1971, states herbicide spraying creates a 500 meter (5.5 football fields) buffer zone also called a kill zone. Not taken into consideration is the spray drifting as well. I left to go state side in June, 1966. I dont think it was too long after I left, the 62nd moved and became a land clearing unit. 1st Brigade 101st Airborne camp, Phan Rang, November 1966.png. Phan Rang: The Air Base at Phan Rang was originally built by Australian and British POW's under the Japanese and the Japanese used the Air Field throughout WW II. During my off duty times I worked in the MARS Radio Station AI8AIR at night, helping both USAF and Army troops talk to their families, girl friends, etc., back in the U.S.A. I think I have identified the building on a map of the base but the building is only labelled 1665. Was stationed at Ubon from 1970 to 1971 working on Project Igloo White. The story we were told was that they would ship the planes over in crates and he and others would assemble them over there. Why is it that I do not know any of your names.Agent oj, Same time, Da Wolf Man! Just the fact that most of us traveled to the City of Korat at least weekly for something to do would make it fair to say we got exposed to the stuff. passed away at the age of 82 on March 1, 2021 in Albuquerque NM. Unit transfered to Rum-Chit-Thai just south ou Sakon Nakon. The arrival of the 614th TFS (F-100Ds) at Phan Rang and a day in the life of F-4C fighter pilots (366th Tactical Fighter Wing) at Phan Rang.Also includes ground shots of base barracks, messhalls and numerous buildings and areas. Arrived on 1 April 1968 as a young and naive 21 year old, within days I suddenly realised that I was in a war zone assisting the South Vietnamese. Looking for info for my dad Steve Furches . A-4 Skyhawk Vietnam Cap with patch $20.00 A-6 Intruder Vietnam Cap with patch . I was there in the security forces. b. Anyone else remember this time? Surgey for tumor removal and repair of a broken humorus bone from the tumor., radiation, and 6 months of intensive high dose chemo. The intended result was to expose enemy forces who relied on the trees for cover. Flew in and out often. Remember, most of these people looking at your records are younger; so you have to walk them thru what happened over there. Not killed by the guard. Office of Accountability & Whistleblower Protection, Training - Exposure - Experience (TEE) Tournament, Military Exposure Related Health Concerns, War Related Illness & Injury Study Center, Clinical Trainees (Academic Affiliations), Herbicide Tests and Storage Outside Vietna, Call TTY if you . He passed away in 1994. I can remember standing at the runway side of our barracks watching F105 take off. Im looking for someone familiar with the sensors, either SPS or Ground Radio, who would be willing to drop me an email with any knowledge of the above. Phan was busy preparing for a pending visit of the Thai Foreign Minister, who would stop in London after some business at the U.N. SWFObject. 135. have filed for AO exposure. I have heart disease and Parkinsons. Thanks. Hi Bob, I also was part of that deployment and was a 462 (bomb loader) at the time. One in the Marines and one a Navy medic. we also maintained our own perimeter maintenance checking our perimeter and our claymores and trip flares. When I asked my local VA about this they said they knew noting about it and would not test me for exposure. ANY ONE BELIEVE Survived many Rocket Attacks. I worked at the Vayama ammunition Depot during my tour of duty. Did you by any chance know him? One day our canteens were filled with water that was brown in color. Twenty other aircraft were damaged to some degree but personnel casualties were limited to just two men who were wounded. The Phan Rang complex comprises interim facilities as well The VA asked for a buddy letter to prove my assignment. DPAA plans to return to the sight in 2021. looking for anyone that was in 388 transpotation squadron at korat air force base. I would love to hear from anyone who was there at either place during those years. I also fought a fire in the Outer perimeter, on Spray unit spraying Agent Orange that caught fire, plus two other grass and vegetation fire in the outer perimeter. Air America supported us with aircraft and civilian pilots on our classified mission. fibromyalgia, heart decease quadruple bypass Phan Rang had a large storage area, as most bases did, where general supplies were stored. Built by the Imperial Japanese Army during their reign in the Second World War, this airfield was used by the French Air Force during the First Indochina War, then abandoned in 1954. A lot of memories from 52 years ago. have fingers crossed but at 75 believe my time running out. DePodesta says that for many years his eye injury qualified him for a disability rating of 30 percent and a monthly payment of under $400. Does any one have any advice on how to proceed with yet another appeal. I just received a VA letter dated Feb 6, 2023 that states If you were previously denied for disability compensation benefits, you may now be eligible and are encouraged to apply if you performed covered service in the following locations during the specified timeframes: Thailand at any U.S. or Royal Thai base during the period beginning Jan 9, 1962 and ending June 30, 1976, regardless of where on the base you were located or what specialty you performed. Have 5 AO connected diseasesbeen denied for every one. I worked for the USAFSS in 1975 at Utapao; my little group serviced U-2 aircraft (ECM and encrypted radios) based there which intercepted radio communications while soaring at high altitude over Laos and Cambodia. Any USAF personnel assigned to 56th Transportation Sq at NKP 1967-68 who was exposed to AO and suffering from the effects of that exposure? I said what is that. It was so nasty there it is a wonder we all didnt come down with a lot of stuff. My husband James Corwin Page was stationed there with the Idaho 116th engineer battalion somewhere between (1966-69). Most discouraging was when I attempted to locate Veterans who served with me, the first five I researched had all died of otherwise presumption-of-service-connection diseases and illnesses before the VA ever conceded that toxic herbicides WERE used in Thailand. Worked flight line and phase docks, at trim pad frequently. I wondered why it didnt work on the mosquitos. I am not sure where he ended up, thought it was Saigon, but told us some interesting stories. Brothers / Sisters who are suffering from AO , find a DAV Service Officer to help you . It was an honor and pleasure serving with you guys. It took me a number of years and appeals, but I finally received a rating of 100% for Prostate, bladder Cancer, & Tinnitus. I am active on several closed FaceBook pages; Udorn RTAFB Veterans; Thailand Veterans Herbicide Exposure; Det 1 56 SOW & PreservingOurHistory. It was under the control of the VNAFs 41st Wing, which was established there on January 1, 1964 as the major Vietnamese air element in I Corps. Painted F-4s. NKP 1966. I do believe that every Service Member who was Deployed to Thailand was affected in some fashion medically and health wise. Im pretty sure his name was Dick Rose but they cant seem to find record of the incident. Phan Rang AB Air Base, RVN On 26 January , 1969 a sapper, mortar, and rocket attack was launched against Phan Rang AB. 1968.if so lets communicate.I need help to substanuate I worked from 6pm to 6am. I would suggest starting at , asking for advice and going from there. The 1969 map that was mentioned in the opening of the blog istitled U.S. He was a check out/run up man for the F-105s at Tahkli and other places somewhere between 1964-66. I came down with type II Diabetes and then in 2006 I was diagnosed with Hairy cell Leukemia. NKP RTAFB 1971-1972 in the 56th FMS . As a Airman my regular duties included FOB along all flight lines and runways. He told us he had a great time with the Aussie pilots that were based there. They were UNDERMANNED. ALSO FLEW TO UBON, UDORN, U-TAPAO AND SOME OBSCCURE ARMY AIRFIELD WITH A BLOWN ENGINE. Stationed Udorn Apr 69 thru Apr 70.Worked control tower as air traffic controller.Had heart attack in 2012,,Ischemic heart disease is a covered ailment. I have had an ABLATION and TWO (2) Defibrillator Implants; Hearing loss; Glaucoma, plus radiation treatment for PROSTATE CANCER.I later learned that planes from my Thai Base were taking off with Agent Orange. TDY to Korat from Sept 72 until March 73 working on the Wild Weasels from McConnel. During my tour, we would get called out to check the sensors located around the perimeter if there was a problem with one of the units. Since I was originally TDY and then loaned out to the 123 my records dont show me as having served around AO. Charlie has so many of the same issues. Anybody remember the building that we built to USASUBTHIA. From fort Lewis. I was in Takhli in1973 for the grand Nixon deployment to win the war and Udorn in 1973 and 1974. We went through ~16 million gallons of JP-4 a month supporting with 80% of all fuel used in Southeast Asia for supporting 26 KC-135 tankers, 55 F-105s, EB/RB-66s based at Takhli. I have not filed a clame yet, but I saw the new bill passed by the legislature included high blood pressure as a result of being exposed to agent orange. I worked the avionics ECM shop and flight line on B66, F105, F4,& EC121 Any help would be appreciated. I have since applied for compensation been turned down because the VA says there is no record of me serving as an AUGMENTEE on the BASE PERIMETER. I know that Udorn was classified as a front line facility. My best Buddy was Charlie Perry from Savannah GA, lost track of him in 1970. I lived on the perimeter road where the Pathit Lao sappers broke through. We also had a breakout of Malaria and the fogged all through the hooch area every night, the dosage was stronger than what is legal in the USA. I Visited sites at Khon Kaen, Korat and Bangkok. [21] The squadron was awarded the Vietnam Gallantry Cross Unit Citation and a United States Air Force Outstanding Unit Commendation for its service in Vietnam. 1 Squadron RAAF. Im looking for information (maps, what was sprayed, etc.) I was a Security Police K9 handler. Cobra, BravoZulu, Head Shot and 1 other person. Kind of enjoyed the early part but was worried about being attacked. I was at the RoseGarden appx May 72 to Jan 73: aka The C Rations Era and would love to connect with any of you. but continue to deny IBM as Service Connected. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I want to be independent. Lived in a wooden hooch at end of the runway and worked in all areas of the base. What other tasks did he do that could have brought him to the perimeter? I have diabetes, had prostate cancer, heart disease requiring open heart surgery and a brain tumor. Nor can I prove that 42 months of continual sunburn was the trigger that caused the outbreak of Vitiligo. Better known as the Rose Garden. Praise God were home some of us !!!!! Having to work on the Gunships meant that I was within 200m of the perimeter. My husband (Arthur) worked in Bangkok, Thailand for Philco-Ford Communications and Satellite Division from 1967 to 1969. Im interested to see what your experience with VA AO approval have been. It covers all the toxic burn pit issues for the Gulf Wars and also amends the most recent SEA OA requirements to include all service members during that period in all the associated countries by eliminating those proof of use, perimeter, or date requirements. David DePodesta, a 69-year-old veteran who lost sight in his right eye due to enemy shrapnel while serving with the Marines in Vietnam in 1969, was fortunate that he did pay attention to the list as it grew. Sqdrn. Stationed at Ubon RTAFB 69/70 ECM repairman was there during the Jan 1970 sapper attackI have developed Ischemic Heart trouble, High Blood Pressure and CLL Leukemia ..have been denied AO claim filled a supplemental claim after the PACT Act Passed into law.just waiting now. I read many cases from the files of the Board of Veterans AppealsOne case # 1139851 stood out. Look to see if there is a Disabled Veterans Office like the one near us at VA Mather in Sacramento, CA. I was stationed at Happy Valley from Nov 68 Nov 69 with the 554th Red Horse Squadron and we constructed most of the Concrete Sky aircraft shelters. There is supposed to be a bill in Congress to cover everyone that was in Thialand, but it has not gone anywhere in years. I was at NKP in 68,69 as a Carpenter we work setting concrete forms for building bridges, everyday we travel through the perimeter road to get to work the dust was unbearable. My first base assignment after tech school was Eglin assigned to the 33rd TFW, MMS. Still fighting agentorange heart surgery 2007. Worked at Communication Center. Anyone willing to share photos or maps, etc? Sent another request for reconsideration in 2022, it takes months awaiting that response.Problem is I do not have copies of TDY orders from 50 years ago. (for Thailand) or have a source where I could find one. According to the US Department of Defense, 52,700 containers of Agent Orange, 29,000 containers of Agent White, and 5000 containers of Agent Blue were prepared at Da Nang airbase between. Ann Myers, you need to file for DIC benefits. Looking for anyone who may have served with Jackie Cash USAF, Mechanic Crew Chief 1965-1966 loading and unloading barrels of agent orange and flying spraying missions over nam. I was stationed at Takhli Royal Thai Air Force Base from September 69 to September 70. Did not happen. Worked both flight line which included trips to do end of runway checks, which was on the perimeter of the base. He was diagnosed with neuropothy in early 2000s. As Aircraft Electrical I was on the aircraft Going maintenance. Our barracks were out next to the perimeter. NIH says that on of the possible causes for IBM is contact with a Toxic Substance I believe the seed for IBM for me was planted 68/69 while stationed at Korat and flying cobat mission in Vietnam. He was at Udon 1969 to 1971. Also, have been hit with Inclsion Body Myositis-IBM (diagnosed following two muscle biopsies). funny drinking bowling team names, el paso craigslist heavy equipment, elgin metra train station,

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