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And when they do get older, it becomes the perfect solution for trips out when you dont want to be hauling tons of bags over your shoulders. Aside from that we are happy users. Make every moment matter. We have absolutely loved it! *Exclusions apply. super spacious.I really cant find any complaints. Baby Jogger City Select. The front zipper door is great for letting your kids feel a little more independent as they get step in and out by themselves. You can purchase apull handle separately for the W series. Material Unfortunately, this Wonderfold Wagon strollers review couldnt find any information about where the products are manufactured or sourced. 100% Polyester Care TTPM . It can also be used to strap down any items you dont want falling out. It is a tight fit for the kiddos. A closer look at the details between the W4 and W4S 2.0! TheLUXE and Elite wagons in theW Serieshave these features not seen in theX Series: W Series wagons also have a higher weight capacity of 300 pounds for a quad or 200 pounds for a double. Obviously, not all aspects of it are amazing because you probably already know this stroller wagon is huge and heavy. A full-time entrepreneur, but also a boy mom, cat mom, wife, and traveler. Im relatively tall (59) and had to constantly focus on keeping my feet from kicking the back of the wagon. Whoever discovered that combining these two things would make a parents life easier is a genius. Then, lower the canopy rods down into the frame. . *Exclusions apply. The weight capacity is a serious consideration for most people, especially if you want to get a lot of use out of it. Pros & Minor Cons of Wonderfold W4 Luxe. Thanks for your support! The basket storage on the side is perfect for the essentials, so throw in an ice pack and youll have cold water all day. Watch on. And after two years and 3 kids plus friends going in and out, its still in great condition and has been well worth every penny! Perhaps the most useful feature of the Wonderfold W4 stroller wagon is that it can hold up to 4 kids at once. Sold Out. My personal choice would be the Keenz 7S because of its maneuverability and extra features, like a full canopy, a cooler bag, and 2 flexible handles. The Anthem4 performed very well in most areas of testing. The benefit is that these tires never go flat, so you wont ever have to worry about filling them with air. The Keenz 7S can hold 2 kids and up to 110 pounds. Main Differences Between the Wonderfold Wagon vs Keenz. City Select Double Stroller. Pet Series. 4 interest-free installments or from $44.68/mo with. I am the last of my girlfriends to have a baby by about 5 years, I dont have a relationship with my mother, my mother-in-law is not my style (to put it nicely), and at some point all of the books people recommend start to contradict each other. -Easy to fold and stands when folded, W4 Original Quad Stroller Wagon (4 Seater), Removable Canopy with Adjustable Canopy Fabric. -5-point magnetic safety harnesses with pads for added comfort Also, consider whether the stroller wagon is rated for newborn use. Instead, stroller-wagons can be super utilitarian for certain situations or kiddos. Due to their high carrying capacity (up to 300 pounds in the W4 models! This is true, and though it wasnt a particular problem for us, I could see how some families might be worried about comfort some people opt to throw in a cushy blanket or something similar for kids to sit on. FREE SHIPPING + FREE RETURNS & EXCHANGES EVERY DAY. This is a rather average weight capacity that may only work for small families or smaller children. It's perfect. View sample plans. Yes, the widest part of the wagon measures at 30 inches wide, and will fit through a standard doorway and even a handicap bathroom stall! The Wonderfold Wagon can hold up to 300 pounds, whereas the Keenz can only hold up to 110 pounds. -1-step foot brake system Wonderfold Wagon vs Keenz: Which Wagon Suits You Best? W4 Elite: 300 pounds (99 pounds per 2-seat bench) X4 / X4M: 180 pounds. Babies and toddlers alike can ride in it, and you dont have to carry your infant separately. Magnetic harness buckles (included onW LUXE but not W Elite), Higher seat profile brings children closer to parents, Footwell adds comfort plus storage space under seats, Pull handle sold separately, only a lightweight strap included, Heavier and larger frame takes more effort to fold or lift, No footwell for children to dangle or rest their legs. If you (like me) have been eyeing the trendy stroller-wagons of the world with glassy eyes recently but were hesitant to ever pull the trigger on one because of the steep price tag (typically ~$500+), keep reading. Fortunately, orders ship with UPS or FedEx within 2 business days and should arrive within 47 business days. 2 Seater. The soft rubber allows to for a comfortable ride compared to the hard plastic wheels on those standard pull wagons. Wonderfold Wagon W4 Hacks. Wonderfold officially markets the stroller as suitable for 6+ months, assuming the baby has strong torso control and can sit up independently. It is used daily. Our expert staff is ready to help you. You may also want to look for stroller wagons that allow one child to sit while the other naps. One suggestion would be that a redesign on the wheels for easy on/off would allow for easier storage and packing in vehicles. While traditional strollers are limited to toddlers and older children, a stroller wagon can be used for newborns and infants unless you have a car seat attachment. I am so glad I finally got our wonderfold! Big picture: its a super easy-to-use stroller-wagon with a smooth push, high weight capacity, and decent features. Have you heard of or considered buying a Wonderfold Wagon? Here are the basics on the different series: This 2-seater is similar to the W1 but comes with removable seat backs, a front zipper door, and a little extra storage space. The biggest con is the size because it might not fit in every car. Model Comparisons; Exclusive Discounts; FAQ's; Models; Assembly; Recent activity. The only difference between W4 Elite and W4 Luxe is slightly larger wheels, leather handlebar and magnetic harnesses. There are doors on both sides, but my kids dont feel comfortable exiting the wagon by crawling underneath the seat. Wheels: Clean stroller wagon wheels regularly with water and remove any dirt. The perfect, light weight, stroller wagon for all of your adventures. Pull up on a strap in the center of the wagon to collapse it, then bucklethe lock to secure. Decrease quantity for W4 Original Quad Stroller Wagon (4 Seater), Increase quantity for W4 Original Quad Stroller Wagon (4 Seater), Seat Weight Limit: 99 lbs per bench (2 seats per bench). My two kids have a combined weight of almost 90 pounds, and it was a lot easier to handle with just one of them. X Series wagons fold in one motion, with one hand after you remove the canopy. -Easy to fold and stands when folded, Ventilation Mesh Panels and Deep Carriage. I didnt expect Wonderfold W4 to exceed my expectations, but honestly if you have multiple kids spending entire days outside Wonderfold is insanely practical! We are a family of soon-to-be six (3 littles under the age of 5 with another due this fall!) W4 Elite is a step up from the original one with an adjustable canopy, adjustable parental bar, reclining seats, and zippered panels. Be sure to wipe off any remaining water with a dry cloth. -All-terrain XL wheels with suspension and bearings for a smooth ride and easy maneuvering Wonderfold offers an assortment of stroller wagons, including some 4-seaters. X4M Magnetic Harness Push + Pull Stroller Wagon, X2M Magnetic Harness Push + Pull Stroller Wagon, Folding Pet Stroller with Zipperless Entry & Reversible Handle Bar. Sarah is a mother of four, so if you ask her why she enjoys writing about all things baby, she'll probably yell it at you over kids fighting, while wearing a spit-stained t-shirt, sanitizing bottles, and coordinating who's going to get the boys to baseball practice tonight. I use this wagon everyday for my 1 year old twins and 2.5 yr old toddler. Wonderfold Wagon offers a hybrid between a stroller and traditional wagons. Evenflo Otto Self Folding Stroller Review: Is It as Good as They Say? . When your child doesnt like being strapped in, a traditional stroller wont work for very long. However, a stroller, Of course, the more kids you have, the more stuff you have, which means you need a wagon that has a large weight capacity. Its not possible to do in other wagons. Stop trying to juggle the world in your hands and put your mind at ease knowing that your kids are comfy, your bags are packed, and you only have one thing to push or pull! Number of comments: 0 . I tried out the companys simplest, economy version (the W1) to see whats what. Yes, the Wonderfold can be an economical option the base models ($289+) are priced somewhat more reasonably than the available competition, such as the Veer or Keenz, which start at $649 and $449, respectively (though some of Wonderfolds higher-end editions are $$$). When folded, its still much larger than other wagons at 43 inches tall, 29 inches long, and 19 inches wide. This will mostly come into play if you plan to use the wagon to haul equipment and toys as much as you do for child transportation. Be sure to wipe off any remaining water with a dry cloth. The W1 is easy to fold up and stands on its own (YES! You can easily track your order after receiving your confirmation email. I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am for your emails. Does the X4 have raised seats? Wonderfold W4 Canopy, UV Protection, Orange Green and Pink Brushstrokes Print Canopy, Ready to Ship Ad vertisement by ItsAWonderfoldLife. Recline: Remove the seats and create a playpen or bassinet for napping. I like this feature because if youre using it as a true wagon, littles can help! Get practical advice and pro-tips for pregnancy, postpartum and parenting. Look for safety harnesses and seat belts in your stroller wagon. Your email address will not be published. Holds up to 4 Children. 00. Search. -Removable canopy with adjustable canopy poles to accommodate growing children Answer: Most airlines will require that you gate-check any strollers or stroller wagons before you board the plane. W4 Luxe Stroller Wagon Shop. In this article, we will compare the WonderFoldW seriesandX serieswagons in detail. The Wonderfold Wagon includes the following stand-out features: Wagon weight - 34 lbs. Well, its both! They are thrilled to be owners of a Wonderfold Wagon! How heavy is the Wonderfold wagon W4? Its a great choice if you want to put your money into something that will last you a lifetime. Pre-Owned. -Optional pull strap for extra rough terrains Also theyre BIG. WONDERFOLD X4 Push & Pull Quad Stroller Wagon (4 Seater) Featuring Seats with 5-Point Harnesses, Adjustable Push Handle, and Adjustable/Removable UV-Protection Canopy, Stealth Black. Its not Wonderfolds fault, its simply not possible. Comment added 6 months ago. We strive to give our readers the best alternatives available on the market related to baby care, infant milk formulas, strollers, and a lot of other related topics. 2 Seater. Keep reading as we take a comprehensive look at some of the bestsellers, customer ratings, FAQs, shipping policies, and more. M Series. It's just absolutely amazing. All Terrain Wheels. Sometimes, taking our little ones on the go with us is nearly impossible! The only exception is American airlines because they require that all strollers that weigh more than a compact stroller need to be checked at the counter. The wagon lifestyle is the best lifestyle. However, the weight limit for each bench is only 99 pounds, so youll have to pay attention to how much your children weigh before deciding where they can sit. Wonderfold X4 Push Pull 4-Passenger Quad Stroller Wagon Stealth Black NEW. (+ Nugget Alternatives), Best Travel Potty Chairs for Adventurous Parents, Pikler Triangle How to Pick the Best One & Its Benefits, Removable adjustable canopy provides shade, Its big, doesnt fit everywhere might not fit your trunk. There are pockets everywhere, two pouches on both sides that can fit my purse, an extra bag for a diaper bag, storage underneath the seats and pockets for kids cups and snacks. Storage Ideas. Required fields are marked *. See info. We used it a lot when the younger child was about 1, as he could be fully contained while the older brother played. Airlines let it fly for FREE because its a stroller. Similac Spit Up vs Enfamil AR: Which is Better? While your child may be able to stand up in the Wonderfold Wagon, the side walls are only 19 inches tall, so taller children will be less safe. Babies and toddlers alike love strolling around in the Wonderfold Multi-Function Wagon, secured in a 5-point harness and covered by a UV-protected canopy.. The Wonderfold W4 has a shape that's taller and narrower, but has the same 4 seat options as the X4. Keenz is a great option for parents who need an effortless operation. Her topics of expertise include skincare and beauty, home decor, and DIYing. However, due to its weight even without the kids, its pretty hard to push it up a slope. M1 Single Stroller Shop. They put snap chat videos out on it!!! Get in Touch. $699.00 $ 699. They double as a spot to rest after a long day, but when theyre a bit older you can use it for carrying your belongings on family outings and grocery trips. It's primarily for my youngest and for once he doesn't hate going out. The width and length of this thing are the same sizes as one of those jogger strollers, so you wont have to sacrifice anything by getting it. The Veer is missing a canopy and extra storage out of the box. We evaluated 25 leading stroller wagons and narrowed the list down to the top 9 wagons. It already includes a full-size canopy that opens to reveal a more breathable mesh layer, but you can purchase an all-weather wind cover for more protection. Get in Touch with our experts! Copyright 2023, Lucie's List. The brake is easy to engage, but not something youll accidentally press when walking. Overall, the Keenz 7S is the easiest stroller wagon to operate, while the Wonderfold W4 has the largest capacity. Stroller Wagon (Push&Pull) -X4 Quad. The Nugget Couch: Is It Really That Great? I got the Luxe only because there was a sale on those models and there was no price difference. Help us grow by inviting people that will love Lucie's List as much as you do. While only you can decide which one is just right for your lifestyle and family, here are some benefits and drawbacks that we see between these models. If you like to bring the whole house and food for 10 days like I see many parents like to do, this is the wagon for you! We find every excuse to use it. Returns within the contiguous US can be made within 30 days of delivery for a $49 shipping fee. Were in, out and done., A reviewer on Bed Bath & Beyond rated it 5/5 stars and described that it made a great gift: Purchased this wagon for our 7 month old grandson. We know parents are superheroes, but they dont have to be superheroes with broken backs! Let me first start by saying I am not affiliated with Wonderfold in any w. Roxanne Mach. Bearing and raising kids is hard, but we're here to simplify everything. Opens in a new window or tab. Wonderfold Wagon X2 Features. You can wash the fabric by removing it from the wagon and throwing it in the washing machine. WONDERFOLD X4 Push & Pull Quad Stroller Wagon (4 Seater) Featuring Seats with 5-Point Harnesses, Adjustable Push Handle, and Adjustable/Removable UV-Protection Canopy . This large and multifunctional wagon is available in deep navy, amber orange, or classic black or gray for $595. We have taken it to theme parks, normal parks, grandparents house, near the pool, and many other places! Wouldnt it be nice if every day out with your baby could be a breeze? It comes in a luscious dark green for $499. Get it Feb 16 - 23. The push on the Wonderfold wagon is very smooth, but it really only excels on completely flat/level surfaces. Vee Nuestra 2023 Valoracin Ajustada (basada en nuestro anlisis de 2.424 reseas de Amazon) paraWONDERFOLD W4 Elite Quad Stroller Wagon Featuring 4 Face-t. Extensiones de Navegador Pgina Principal ; Categoras ; Preguntas Frecuentes . Read more HERE! (FYI The company does not sanction this and recommends always using the safety harness for seating), Some folks complain that the seating is basically just the floor of the wagon and doesnt offer much support. Does it drive on sand? WonderFold Wagon. versions have some upgrades and extra features: reclining seats, more storage, magnetic harnesses, a neoprene handle cover, all-terrain XL tires, etc. . Honestly, its amazing if you need to bring a younger child to soccer practice! Both stroller wagons are well made. However, its a parent-friendly wagon thats so easy to maneuver, its almost worth having more than one of them. Im not able to put this wagon alone onto our truck without a struggle. I share tips and thoughts on motherhood and parenting, DIY tutorial, career-changing tips, as well as stories about living with autoimmune diseases. -Deep carriage with mesh sides for optimal ventilation X4 Stroller Wagon X4 Features. . Ubbi vs Diaper Genie: Which Is The Best Diaper Pail? The handle on the Wonderfold W4 allows you to push or pull it with ease, giving you more options and maneuverability. Most double strollers even the best top out at about ~90 pounds max in terms of weight limit, but the W1 affords up to 90 pounds per seat. However, if you have one child and plan to have more, you want your stroller wagon to last through all of them. With four seats, this wagon will put your mind at ease knowing all the kids are in one safe space having fun together. Kids can feel safe and secure, but cant hop out. Its a popular kids wagon that youve likely seen before because so many people love it. HiPP Formula Review: The Better Formula Option? Lets take a closer look at all pros and cons of Wonderfold wagon stroller. . X4M Magnetic Harness Push + Pull Stroller Wagon Shop. Enter WonderFold, the stroller wagon brand that offers parents a wide range of options that hold up to four children at once. I like this one more, because it has bigger rear wheels and it costs less! Free Shipping on orders over $75. Plastic tires will not survive rough terrain and will make it nearly impossible to pull through the sand. I get the wagon and he willingly goes. So, is Wonderfold Wagon worth your money? 4 Seater. ), the WonderFold wagons are a little heavier than your average stroller. I'm 5'3 with a Yukon XL. Weve already mentioned that it has a handle on each side of the wagon, but it also has rotatable handles to its more comfortable in any direction. Be sure to wipe off any remaining water with a dry cloth. See Discount Price in Cart Was $499.99. Decrease quantity for X4 Push + Pull Quad Stroller Wagon (4 Seater), Increase quantity for X4 Push + Pull Quad Stroller Wagon (4 Seater). It may put some families in a tight spot when it comes to fitting all of their kids and cargo. Free Shipping on orders over $75. We will be doing a little vlogging while using our W4 so you can see it in. -1-step foot brake system No more cranky babies on Wonderfold Wagons watch! This Wonderfold Wagon strollers review found that the wagons are for anyone needing a multipurpose option with lots of storage space. Love how easily it collapses allowing for easy storage and transportation. They love being able to all sit together and play while we go on walks or walk around stores. Choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. Get free shipping on WONDERFOLD Wagon W4 Elite Quad Stroller Wagon (4 Seater) at Neiman Marcus. As a Mama of currently 4, expecting my 5th early spring, it is seriously a life saver! This has made my life soooo much easier. Wagon has lots of room and steers easily both ways. Muddy shoes, wet umbrellas, sandy sandals? These enforcements are intended to improve the guest experience for everyone in the theme parks by easing congestion and improving crowd flow. Another benefit here is that Keenz puts suspension on all four wheels, which means that no matter where you take your wagon, it will offer a more comfortable ride and much simpler maneuverability. You dont want to spend a lot of money on something that wont work for you, so its important to understand your options before making a decision. -Seats up to four children with 5-point safety harnesses with pads for added comfort *X4M comes with magnetic 5-point safety harnesses This wagon holds up to four kids for a fun day out. Black Camo. There is no What do I do with this old stroller? because your kids will fit into it for years. On the hunt for a wagon that has optional seating and can fold up easily in your trunk? -Roll-out wind/privacy shade for year-round comfort Wagon weight capacity - 150 lbs. Out of Stock. X4M Magnetic Harness Push + Pull Stroller Wagon, X2M Magnetic Harness Push + Pull Stroller Wagon, Folding Pet Stroller with Zipperless Entry & Reversible Handle Bar. *Exclusions apply. Be sure to wipe off any remaining water with a dry cloth. The only down side I have had is how short the handle it comes with is. W4 Luxe Quad Stroller Wagon (4 Seater) opens full screen video in same window. Many children dont want to sit in a stroller for more than a couple of minutes. Hidden under a storage pocket flap at the center sides of the wagon is a latch; push down on the latch so it slips over the locking tab and lift up on the frame with both hands to fold. Where it really shines is in the weight capacity, which, at a whopping 180 pounds, FAR surpasses any comparable stroller. Ships from and sold by WONDERFOLD. Be sure to wipe off any remaining water with a dry cloth. They are also available at the following stores: The brands headquarters are located in El Monte, California. Now only available at the following authorized sellers: Maison Drake, Piccolino Baby, Albee Baby and Amazon. Is it too much for short escapades? However, if you do have larger children, the Wonderfold W4 is a great option, and even though its big, its easy to fold. W2 Luxe Stroller Wagon Shop. Wonderfold Wagon Reviews: What Do Customers Think? However, a stroller wagon gives them more flexibility and room to move while still keeping them safe and contained. Perfect for kids over 6 months, it costs $289. Required fields are marked *. Gladly Family Anthem4 Stroller Wagon Review. The Wonderfold Wagon W4 Luxe Quad Stroller Wagon makes every day feel like an adventure with its fun camo patterns. The Wonderfold W4 Elite front wheels are 8 in diameter and 1.9 in width. Determine how long youre going to need your stroller wagon. Age Range - 6 months to 50 pounds (22kg) - from birth with a newborn cot Stroller Weight - 13.4 pounds (6kg) Folded Size - 21 x 18 x 9 inches (55 x 45 x 23cm) Maneuverability & Design. Baby Products Strollers & Accessories Strollers . We take it everywhere we go! Stroller wagons can get pretty pricey. When we originally got it, we had two kids and expecting one more all under 3 years old! Your email address will not be published. Videos for . -Bench seats can be converted to a single rider seat by moving the harness to the center of the seat They also have seat belts, and safety harnesses to make everyone even safer. The Wonderfold W4 can hold up to 300 pounds. Disclaimer: I received the Wonderfold W1 Original Double Stroller Wagon to try out. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. My oldest is 15, but Autistic and I still have to pay close attention to him while we are out. If youre wrestling with a toddler, you may only have one hand available. For such an expensive item, you want to make sure it has everything you need and will last a long time. Evaluating the stroller wagon for safety often includes more than just harnesses. This means that with the Wonderfold, you can pack a lot of weight kid or cargo without worrying about taking a toll on the product. Make sure to read to the end of the post to get your promo code! Apart from the wheels, its honestly all gimmicks, so whether you want to pay an extra $200 for these features its up to you. Depends. Please use a valid email. Sometimes, taking our little ones on the go with us is nearly impossible! Before we stroll further into this Wonderfold Wagon strollers review, lets go over some initial highlights of the products and shopping experience: Wonderfold Wagon sells products that allow families to focus on being a family, rather than trying to balance all the things you need for a day out. Shipped super fast too. It turns on grass, city streets, sidewalks, and its all easy to maneuver considering the size. Similarly to Keenz and Veer wagons, WonderFold Baby Wagon can be pushed or pulled. Fold size for Veer Cruiser is 14 H x 37 L x 20 W. Again, Veer Cruiser is the most compact wagon among all three. WonderFold. If your toddler gets tired at the end of a long, fun-filled day, you can easily remove the seats and tuck them into side storage so they can lay down and get some rest. It even has a foot brake and all-terrain tires so you have full control on any steep inclines or at traffic lights. Questions? Are you waiting anxiously for your wagon and Wonderfold Wagon accessories? Honestly, when its muddy outside I wouldnt be comfortable with them crawling on a dirty floor either.

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