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Mostly 3Ds with a couple of NFAS faces. Merlin Field Archers An EFAA club We are a club formed by Chris and Ben Jones the owners of Merlin Archery who have a love of field archery and IFAA/EFAA field in particular. All these variants shoot at rubberised foam, life-like animals, and each use slightly different scoring systems. Mostly 3Ds with a few NFAS faces. The course is outdoor and over approximately 40 meters. It's always a good time to start archery! You'll make new friends who share your archery passions. Entry fees are usually less than a tenner a day and some clubs don't charge for the kids. If you are thinking of starting up a new EFAA Field Archery Club but dont know where to start there is now available a guide to what you need to know and how to go about it. We also offer Archery Experience packages, providing an opportunity for a simple one off taster, they also make an unusual gift (vouchers available). Use our club finder to try archery at your local club Enter your postcode and the distance you wish to travel in the boxes below. It would be useful if you could let Carol or Chris know if you will be attending or would like to attend future sessions. 17Feb'23. On joining an archery club, new members pay an annual subscription, which can vary from club to club. If you would be interested is attending any of these courses the please contact me Dan Rae at [email protected] as we have to put your names forward to the IFAA. Bromley Archery Club UK Club in Bromley Kent, asked for by Tin Lau. Tel: 07764 734939 World Archery 3D most closely . The club is affiliated to the English Field Archery Association the national governing body of the IFAA who outline the details of a 14 target round which is shot twice, we have two units of 14 forming a full 28 target course. If you are new to field archery, please enquire about our Have-a-Go Sessions and Beginners Courses. Our outdoor ground boasts the best access to target archery shooting in Norfolk. Long EatonLocation: StaffordshireContact: Club SecretaryTel:01283 543139website: MarrawayLocation: WarwickshireContact: Steve PartridgeTel:website: Mutley Crew ArchersLocation: LancashireContact: Graham AkeroydTel:website: We have very few limitations to access and we don't share the ground with anyone else; it's just Archery pure and simple., Wrekin Foresters We also help archers to reach personal goals, whilst enjoying the sport. We aim to nurture and inspire archers in a safe and constructive manner. You can download it here. We are happy to take bookings for special events such as birthdays, corporate games, and activity days. Field Archery Australia (FAA) is the sport division of the National Organisation (Australian Bowhunters Association). Contact: Christine Smith The committee aims to update these records after any Open Club Day, Classification shoot or Tournament at the club course. Links Archers is one of the leading archery clubs in Scotland with a long history of producing top level archers competing for Scotland and GB. King's Lynn Field Archers (KLFA) are a group of fun-loving people who enjoy the sport of Field Archery - "Proper Archery" as we like to call it - as administered by the National Field Archery Society (NFAS). The following events are planned: This is all subject to government restrictions and could be amended. We were formed by a group of friends who have been shooting for several years and got together with the one wish. Then find your club on the map and click the link to visit the club's website. Talk to Us. . We are a non-profit-making organisation that is run by a committee of elected volunteers. We shoot all styles of bows as allowed by the NFAS e.g. Our field archery community is very supportive and no question is too complicated or silly as without a doubt someone will have asked it before, and all members will be willing to assist you. [email protected]. Our new woodland, known as Black Arrow Wood, is private and whilst offering interesting and varied shooting, provides ample parking and easy access. Some of our members are happy to just come along to the club for a shoot and to socialise, however, an increasing number of our members also visit open shoots and Championships around the country and often return with personal best performances, medals and trophies. In the UK, there are two dedicated field archery associations: National Field Archery Society (NFAS) and English Field Archery Association (EFAA, which is affiliated to the IFAA). Who are Briar Rose Archers? 2020 by BlackarrowFAC. The E.F.A.A. The centre of the club comprises a small clubhouse surrounded by ample parking facilities, with portaloo toilets and storage facilities also close by. Archers shoot a set number of arrows at targets set at specified distances on a flat surface. As you will know, using Postcodes in a Satnav or Google Maps may not take you to the exact location of the Club, What3Words will. Target Archery Club in Kent Located near the site of the Battle of Hastings. Attendees aged 17 or under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times. DE5 9QX Field Archery Hunting with a bow is prohibited in the UK (currently by the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981) however this doesn't stop archers simulating the fun of shooting at things in extremely rough terrain. We are a small friendly Club in Berry Court Wood, Hoo. Because the woods are privately owned we are able to offer our members the opportunity to shoot on any day at times that suit them, throughout the year. The NFAS exists to foster and promote field archery. Our facilities continue to improve with a club cabin, toilets, storage and good quality targets. Find out more Types of Archery A guide to the different types of archery available and the bows you can use. Email: [email protected] All are a good place to start your archery journey, while some centres offer a fun day out for the whole family, others focus on more in-depth training to help . "We are slowly welcoming other LGBTQ+ members from within our local area, and we try to be warm and friendly with every potential archer that comes to our doors. KG Archery KG Osprey - Black Glass 413.00. The official website for Panthers Field Archery Club in Essex, UK. Your local archery club runs beginners' courses throughout the year, teaching you the basics of shooting a bow and arrow, and safety on the range. We shoot a variety of styles. We welcome visits from experienced archers and those who would like to learn. Registration 10:30am Sighters 11:00am. 2023White Mark Bowmen - Field Archery Club based in Buckinghamshire UK. We are happy to take bookings for special events such as birthdays, corporate games, and activity days. "The Code of Conduct encapsulates all the sporting, moral and ethical principles that archery represents.". Current Archery GB membership card must be produced on Registration. 04c7803c-8d21-4666-9cde-2775fad1cffb. The Members' Page is available to all members. Email: [email protected] . ), the governing body dedicated to the sport of Field Archery. Field archery club | | Ashby-de-la-Zouch Welcome! Competing against 118 archers from across the region, Bath emerged as champions in the Gent's Longbow and Barebow sections, second in the Ladies Longbow, third in the Gent's Recurve and fourth in the Gent's Compound. Start my Journey. We have a diverse range of archers aged from 8 to 80, from across a variety of backgrounds. Sign up to get free branded merchandise for your club. The NFAS exists to foster and promote field archery. Coaching. Information about the event is available by clicking at the PDF on the left or to enter . Importantly no payment/bank details are at risk as these are processed by WorldPay - the NFAS has never stored or processed online payments. The objective was to establish a small friendly club that would introduce people to field archery. 1066 Archery Club UK. Welcome to Links Archers. This will email Web Manager, Field Archer Editor, Membership Secretary & Ranger Officer, Kings Forest Bowmen . We are members of the EFAA and are . 04c7803c-8d21-4666-9cde-2775fad1cffb . We meet at our shoot grounds a few miles outside of King's Lynn on most Wednesdays and Sundays. Alan White Archers from the club competed successfully in the Somerset County Indoor Championships. Join Archery GB and get some great benefits including support and advice, badges, awards and insurance. Location: Buckinghamshire As well as running their own club shoots their members also attend target, 3D field archery, clout and roving competitions across the country. Coaching. Our access gate is on the south side of Melbourne road at reference Latitude 52.768851, Longtitude -1.418483, What 3 Words ///slowness.dancer.loosens (Carpark ///, Secretary - Carol Smith: [email protected], Chair - Ash Cowie: [email protected], Range Officer - Chris Cant: [email protected], Guidance from the EFAA regards Classifications, Guidance for Classifications at Merlin Field Archers. On B5023 Between Duffield and Wirksworth, Venue: Noggarth quarry, Wheatley lane,Barrowford Lancs BB9 6QW, Venue: Stoke Heath, Nr Tern Hill, Shropshire, Venue: Berry Court Wood, Lodge Hill Lane, Chattenden, Richard Wright 07808 583494 and Ray Whitehead 07739 013195, Venue: Castledyke Farm, Gypsey Bridge, Boston Lincs. Championships to be held in Kent, England from February 13-18, 2023. I have 55 expressions of interest in reply to my 1 Jan post. Plus access the new online Insurance Portal. From 35.99 pp Min. Our shoot calendar includes monthly Official EFAA Rounds, our members-only 3D Championship and our popular Spooky Halloween Shoot. A reminder please to return shoot certificates correctly and fully completed to our Records & Incentives Officer (Graham) as soon as possible after the classification shoot. These days will be available to EFAA members only, both club members and Guests. Clubs UK Club Map Shoot dates Shoot reports. The current Membership Fees can be found here: Equipment will be provided for the duration of the 6 week induction. For 10 years our club home location was in 5 acres of woodland mid-way between Derby and Belper in Derbyshire. Website design & development by 93ft in partnership with Sport:80. Our shooting ground is next to Hedsor Golf Course in Wooburn Common, Buckinghamshire HP10 0JW.Turn into the golf club entrance and immediately left through the gate signposted Hedsor Equestrian Centre. website:, Ballands Bowmen Archery Club LimitedLocation:SomersetContact: Penny CoxTel: 01963363454Email:[email protected], Eagle Bowmen Of Bedford We shoot a variety of styles. While the vast majority of members always conduct themselves in a correct and courteous manner, unfortunately, there have been instances this year when committee members have been subjected to confrontational, aggressive behaviour while going about their committee roles. We are looking for a regional development officer covering the South West and an Independent Chair for our Case Management Panel. The E.F.A.A. Location: Suffolk The clubhouse will be open, kettle will be on and tea/coffee available. Field archery is conducted outdoors usually at a venue of mixed terrain of woods and open fields. Just like phishing/scam emails from banks, or links in 'Messenger' or 'WhatsApp', please do not click on anything and ignore and delete. NFAS Committee Please see the presentation from the IFAA for more details. Club days are Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from 9.30am till 1.00pm. We are relative newcomers having been set up in 2017. Archery GB affiliated clubs around the UK hold beginners courses, weekly training sessions and regular events, Paralympic Performance Opportunity Events, Archery GB British Field Championships 2023, Disciplinary Policies & Appeal Procedures. Classifications. Richard Wright, NFAS Field Officer Club Website: Venue: Denbigh High School in Luton on Thursday evenings from 8pm until 10pm (Separate shooting sessions for Men and Women - contact ONAC for details) Club Information: Archery Styles: Freestyle, Barebow, Traditional Beginners Courses: Courses normally take place at weekends and comprise two sessions of 4 - 5 hours. We are a Field archery club with a permanent (chartered) 14 target course located in Rettendon, Essex. Archers shoot a specified number of arrows at different targets in sequence. Palacerigg Field Archersare an archery clubbased in Cumbernauld. The SFAA co-ordinates the activity of affiliated field archery clubs across Scotland and organises three major championships each year. The main course available at WIAC will be a level three instructors course, this if for our level two instructors that have held their certification for over one year. As this is a special year, we have a number of planned activities, and as long as all plans continue to go smoothly, we intend to have hot food available and live music with other events on the Saturday evening. . Facilities. View Venue. Download PDF version Archers can gain club and course records, but this is not a classification shoot, so EFAA National records cannot be claimed. . Click Here For New Course Guidelines. NFAS Webby Target archery is the type of archery practiced at the Olympics, and is the version most beginners learn first. All the information you need if you are interested in becoming an NFAS coach, assistant coach or sign-off authority and DBS checks. Find an Experience Beginners Kit Guide Start Archery Week Find an archery centre near me Oak Ridge Oak Ridge Sada Black Horsebow 110.00. The assembled archers are split into groups of, ideally four, with each group starting at a different numbered target around the course. Contact: Nikki Ledwick Age 8. commute 36 miles from Me. Field archery targets often have a yellow centre, scoring 6 (inner ring) and 5 (outer ring). We run events for our club members, visiting clubs, beginners and experienced archers alike. Once you have the basics you can join a club, join the National Field Archery Society or the English Field Archery Association, (or both) and off you go. Antur Antur Drogon Hybrid Bow - 58" 345.00. We are an amateur field archery club based in North Wales. How to find field archery clubs near me. Archers wanting to practice field archery formed clubs such as the Severn Valley Field Archers and the Dunkery Field Bowmen. In 1959 the British Field Archery Association . Connect on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn. To promote the status of Field Archery to a high level of acceptance and recognition in Australia. More Venues. We are proud to partner with Archery GB in this way and thank you for the opportunity to be a part of what you are doing to grow the sport!". Further to the phishing/scam emails being received by members, we don't believe the membership database has been breached, as a number of recipient email addresses are not stored in the membership database. The course is only open to CURRENT members of the club. Fees apply. when collecting arrows being part mountain goat helps. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about White Mark Bowmen and our field archery courses or events. We're incredibly proud of the number of Archery GB affiliated clubs around the UK, where passionate volunteers and participants meet to take part in archery. Club days are Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from 9.30am till 1.00pm. Please note that ENTRY DOES NOT OPEN FOR THE CHAMPIONSHIPS UNTIL LATER IN THE YEAR. The official website for Panthers Field Archery Club in Essex, UK. We have approximately 200 members shooting a range of bow styles from the high-tech Compound to the traditional . The WFA is an NFAS affiliated Field Archery Club supporting all NFAS shoot styles. Field Sport UK Outdoor Activity Centre offers great experiences for Corporate Events, Stag and Hen parties and . There will also be an opportunity, for those wishing, to shoot/score a round and where relevant claim club records. Our grounds are usually open for members to shoot seven days a week. All archers MUST pre-book by the Friday morning of the week of the shoot, so that start times can be published in advance. Salamander Field Archery Club Location: West Yorkshire Contact: Nigel Downs Tel: 01484 602073 website: The Archery Company Location: Bedfordshire Contact: Tony Weston Tel: 01767 262 533 website: Viper Archers Location: North Yorkshire Contact: Chris Hadden Tel: 07804 912676 Email: [email protected] Instead we meet regularly at the Palacerigg Field Archery Course. If you'd like to join the Scottish Target and Field Archery Association (STAFAA) or are a beginner that would like to learn to shoot, please contact one of the associated clubs or click Contact and let us know in which part of Scotland you live and we'll get the nearest club to get in touch. Couple of members at a . Club business Archives 2021 Archives 2018 Archives 2017 Archives 2016 Archives 2015 Targets Contact Links Page Welcome to the site for Liberty Archers Please contact us if you have any questions, we are always happy to talk. We do not hunt live animals, hunting with a bow and arrow is illegal in the UK. Clubs are great places to meet fellow archers while enjoying a safe, friendly environment to shoot. Merlin Field Archers would like to announce that the Open Club Days will now become classification days. Field Archery Club based in Wooburn Common, Buckinghamshire UK. Nemesis BowmenLocation: LincolnshireContact: Terri BoyceTel:01526 378902website: SalamanderField Archery ClubLocation: West YorkshireContact: Nigel DownsTel: 01484 602073website: The Archery CompanyLocation: BedfordshireContact: Tony WestonTel: 01767 262 533website:, Copyright 2023 (EFAA) English Field Archery Association. New to field archery and would like to join us? IFAC is affiliated to the Scottish Field Archery Association (SFAA) rather than Archery GB. It is one of the oldest clubs in the country having been founded in. The results of the biggest competition of the year are here and ready for you to check. A field archery course is set up over woodland and rough terrain. Aims. I've not had chance to visit yet but hope to do so soon. If, at any time or at any EFAA event, you have an issue that concerns you, please approach and speak with a committee member in a civil manner. To claim a club record, the following conditions must be met: Please send a photo of your signed score card along with the category you are claiming to this address. Archers will shoot in groups of up to two family groups, and social distancing along with EFAA specific guidelines must be followed. . We can run a Have-A-Go at your local event - find out more If you have a local event and you're looking for attractions to entertain your visitors, then how about Archery. is situated at Interested in field archery? Sights or no sights? All Classification shoots10 am StartTea and Coffee availablePractise butts from 8amAdult £10, Junior/Cub £2.50, One Day Adult £10, Junior/Cub £2.50, Both Days Adult £15, Junior/Cub £4. tournament giving the opportunity to practice the Standard and Flint for the World Indoor Archery. Welsh Field Archery Association. For the Level Three course at WIAC I will need to know by the 4th January as it needs to be submitted to the IFAA . As previously stated, priority will be given to those entering to shoot the whole week. Location: Northamptonshire For more information or to book an archery session, please contact Mel on 07919 360522 or send an email here. Location: Telford Contact us to arrange access. Whilst we are waiting for the Bank, if you wish to add your name to the expression of interest list then email me on [email protected] The club has around 170 members and can boast many World, European, UK and Nationals champions both past and present. We are a club formed by Chris and Ben Jones the owners of Merlin Archery who have a love of field archery and IFAA/EFAA field in particular. The Club comprises of families all spending time together both indoors and outdoors, either practicing, socializing, or competing. Metal or wooden arrows? Field archery is shot over 24 targets in a bushland/forest type setting. Find an archery centre near me. Field Archery differs from target archery in that it usually takes place in woodland (not fields as you would think) and generally over un-marked distances and over varied terrain - uphill, downhill and water shots being common. WA 3D Archery. Just a reminder to read through the requirements so becoming an instructor which can be found on the EFAA web page under Instructors. Venue: nr Kings Clipstone Notts.NG21 9HJ, Venue: Farleigh Wallop, Off B3046 Near Basingstoke, Venue: The Warren, Kingsclere, Hampshire RG20 5PZ. Our shooting styles range from Primitive to Unlimited . Places still available, please contact us at [email protected] for bookings and payment. 6Feb'23. Shot at: a Merlin open club day; EFAA or IFAA classification shoot; EFAA or IFAA Club Tournament; EFAA or IFAA National competition; or international IFAA competition. Camping will be restricted to members and immediate family only. For enquiries or submissions please complete the Contact form below - thank you! 07813 989016 Abbey Woods Field Archers Acorn Archers The Entry Form will be published when the Bank has opened the account. The club meets weekly at the Tryst Sports Centre in Cumbernauld every Saturday from 10:00-12:00. Scottish Target and Field Archery Association. New members are always welcome whether they wish to shoot competitively or simply for their own pleasure. A guide to Field and 3D Archery in the UK. Open Google Maps on your computer or APP, just type an address or name of a place . Archery GB also have a field section, though their prime focus is target. Lots more exciting announcements to come, only 4 months to go! The course has been re-opened subject to COVID-19 Regulations. This website uses cookies. The NFAS exists to foster and promote field archery. We prefer parents /guardians to also be archers but it is not essential. Our shooting styles range from Primitive to Unlimited, covering longbows, flatbows, recurves, compounds and crossbows. Age 12 commute 24 miles from Manchester, Greater Manchester View Venue More Venues Other things to do around Manchester, Greater Manchester Combat Archery near Manchester, Greater Manchester Norfolk Bowmen is an archery club based at Weston Longville, near Norwich. of the Association of Start my Journey. If you would be interested is attending any of these courses the please contact me Dan Rae at [email protected] as we have to put your names forward to the IFAA. Dear EFAA instructors, the IFAA is offering some instructors courses at WIAC and their other major shoots later in the year. Everything you need to welcome new members, Paralympic Performance Opportunity Events, Archery GB British Field Championships 2023, Disciplinary Policies & Appeal Procedures. Email: [email protected], Haverhill Bowmen Alan along with some friends have set up a field archery club, the Bowmen Of Salcey based in the Milton Keynes and Northampton area of the UK. Our Have-a-Go Sessions are a great way to learn about the sport and try it for the first time. Spring Shoot Final Results can be viewed here. With some of the finest Field Archery Woods providing an excellent variety of cover, both deciduous and evergreens covering about 60 acres with steep uphill and downhill shots yet having good access. General Information coaches assistant coaches sign off authority DBS forms. Contact: Peter Whittaker Please use the subject line: Have-a-Go Session. Additionally members and those participating in beginner and experience sessions are covered by the club's Public Liability Insurance. Our shooting styles range from Primitive to Unlimited . The club Email: [email protected]. Samick Samick Sage Take Down Field Bow from 90.00. is affiliated to The International Field Archery Association (I.F.A.A. email: [email protected] The WFAA is affiliated to the world governing body, the International Field Archery Association (IFAA). As far as we can tell, it is only email addresses that have been accessed and the breach could have come from a number of sources, and is currently impossible to track down. All planned competitions and classifications are indefinitely postponed, following guidance from the EFAA and Archery GB. Proudly created with We are a small, friendly field archery club that welcomes visitors and potential new members, About Black Arrow FAC Black Arrow FAC was founded in October 2005 by experienced archers, who had previous experience of running field archery clubs., White Mark Bowmen Use tab to navigate through the menu items. Welcome to Bridge Woods Field Archery Club. We shoot at inanimate 2D and 3D targets, placed at unmeasured distance in woodland. Find a Club There are many different versions of 3D archery around the world - from NFAA, IFAA, ASA and lots of national variations including in the UK, NFAS (National Field Archery Society). Club & Venue Contact Info; 1066 Field Archers. Website design & development by 93ft in partnership with Sport:80. To those of you who consider confrontational, aggressive behaviour to be acceptable, be assured, it is not acceptable for any member of the EFAA to be subjected to such behaviour in any circumstances. There is usually a shoot on somewhere within driving distance every week of the year. Well done to all who took part. Contact us for details on futureinduction sessions. Welcome to Field Archery News UK, a dedicated online magazine covering all aspects of field archery and all societies & associations. This does usually involve lots of cake and a happy atmosphere.". International Field Archery Association (I.F.A.A. It's time to introduce you to another of our brilliant new junior ambassadors, letting them tell their story in their own words of who they are, what they love and why they chose to become an Archery GB ambassador. Roger Massey. Unlike other clubs in the UK our course is a continuous 28 targets with the whole course being shot at each of the record status classification events which we hold each month on the 4th Sunday. Find an Archery Club in the UK | Archery GB Safeguarding Become a Member Get Involved Get Involved Become a Member Archery for Beginners Disabled archery Range Returners Archery in Schools Project Rimaya Soft Archery Judging Volunteering Archery Activity Partners Competitions Competitions Find a Competition Levels of Competition Then find your club on the map and click the link to visit the club's website. Inc. is Recognised as the controlling body for the development of Field Archery in Australia. Founded in 1979 Kings Forest Bowmen is a thriving field archery club set within beautiful Suffolk woodland, just a few miles from Bury St Edmunds and Thetford. NFAS: National Field Archery Society 12 different shooting styles primitive bows, thumb draw, flatbows, longbows, recurves, compounds and crossbows The home of unmarked field archery in the UK over 6000 members and over 160 clubs Society News 50th Anniversary Merchandise Merchandise Order Form NFAS Webby 17 Feb '23 Field Archery is practised in woodland shooting over an unknown distance at targets, which may be pictures of animals, or 3D life size targets. Please follow the MEMBERSHIP link below. 1Jan'22. South Wilts Archery Club is based in Salisbury and covers South Wiltshire and the surrounding area. The title "field archery" is slightly misleading, as most field archery courses are set in woodland or forested areas, so not really a field. By continuing to use this site, you accept our use of cookies. The Scottish Field Archery Association [SFAA] was formed in 1966 and is a founder member of the International Field Archery Association [IFAA] and is their recognised National Governing Body for the sport in Scotland. Our membership fees are modest, due on 1st October each year, young persons (under 18 years) must be accompanied by a parent / guardian who shall also be a member. A guide to the different types of archery available and the bows you can use. We have 12 different shooting styles covering all different bow types. Long Eaton Field Archers are a Field Archery Club that shoots in a wood near Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leicestershire. Our introductory day will quickly teach you . Current start times for September will be staggered from 9-10:30, but this may get earlier at the later shoots.It is 10 per archer for non-club members and further details can be found on here: Guidance from the EFAA regards Classifications & Guidance for Classifications at Merlin Field Archers. Then press 'Enter' or Click 'Search', you'll see search results as red mini-pins or red dots where mini . Please do not contact champs admin with questions, there will be further announcements later this month. Many of our members are long established archers who are always happy to provide advice and guidance to the new member - or to help with excuses for the occasional missed shot! We are proud to say that our club continues to be regarded as very friendly and relaxed. The club is primarily a Field Archery club but will welcome archers who only wish to shoot indoors. Note: By contacting White Mark Bowmen, you consent to us processing supplied information in order to correspond and handle your enquiry. Course Open Tel: 01603 435207 Location:Suffolk Win & Win Black Wolf Bow - Riser, Limbs and Access. One Nation Archery Club. Venue: Scottish Borders near Newcastleton, Venue: Parton, Castle Douglas, D&G, Scotland, Venue: Black Arrow Wood, Coleorton, Nr Ashby de la Zouch,Leics, Venue: Revesby, between Horncastle and Boston, Lincolnshire, Venue: Idrigehay, Derbyshire.

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