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On June 23, 2021, the woman who allegedly arrived for a job interview at his Nashville residence on April 13, 2021 testified in court, making her the 19th woman to accuse him of a sex crime. But your last name isnt Men. Its Mentouri, isnt it?, Keefe asked. According to the Tennessee State Health Department, in August 2020, Mentouris license was revoked after the department found him guilty of sexual conduct, sexual activity, or sexualizing behavior. The document goes on to say Mentouri had failed to properly drape clients to ensure the comfort and safety of the therapist and the client., Cochrane told police afterward, Mentouri had sent her several emails claiming to know where she lived and would reach out under fake Facebook profiles in order to phish for information.. After exchanging pleasantries, Eidson says she cut off all communication with him. We deeply respect and appreciate the patience and support of the many victims in this case. In 2018, Cochrane had contacted police claiming Mentouri had sexually assaulted her. Judge concerned by former massage therapists behavior but rules he did not violate bond, Morgan Wallen livestreams free concert, heres how to watch, First Alert Forecast: High Wind Warning through tonight, First Alert Forecast: Clear, sunny weekend, Cyntoia Brown-Long making most of second chances, RELATED COVERAGE: Second Georgia woman files police report on former Nashville massage therapist, RELATED COVERAGE: Massage therapist charged with rape uses fake name to get media attention in Atlanta, RELATED COVERAGE: Judge concerned by former massage therapists behavior but rules he did not violate bond, Public File: [email protected] - 615-353-2260. RELATED: How robocallers get away with it. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. When asked why Mentouri changed his denial, his attorney, Joseph Morrisey, had no comment. Mentouri pleaded guilty to three felony counts of sexual battery, two misdemeanor assault/provocative contact charges, and one misdemeanor charge of criminal impersonation. Another text now on file with the court said, Im in the process of setting up my home massage studio again.. Chatri Sityodtong This isnt the first time Mentouri has sought out media attention. Mentouris defense attorney successfully argued that any monitoring software could pick up privileged communications. But his real name is Tarek Mentouri. The woman testified that the only place to sit was a massage table, and Mentouri asked if he could massage her feet. Eventually the man turned on his electric stove and oven in an attempt to heat the apartment during the sit-down interview in the sparsely furnished living room. The womans testimony came during a hearing in which Mentouris lawyer asked for a bond reduction. Click here to inquire if this case is eligible for expungement. At first he called himself Isaac Miller, she said. As friends and families of the d. 66. "Because if it could be a deal breaker, then maybe ask on the front end, politely, hey, do you have any pending charges or anything that would show up on a background check?". 17 votes, 17 comments. I knew that he was being inappropriate with my feet, said Julia. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. UPDATE: Special Victims Division detectives today arrested Tarek Mentouri, 33, on a grand jury indictment charging him with eight counts of sexual battery, five counts of assault (offensive contact), two counts of harassment, rape, and kidnapping involving nine adult female victims who had either gone to his Glade Street residence for a massage appointment or to apply for a job that he had posted for an assistant. As Mentouri made his way into a Davidson County courtroom, he was first asked to remove his colorful mask, and then listened as the undercover Metro Police on his case took the stand. WSMV4 Investigates has been investigating Mentouri since 2020, revealing that despite women filing police reports and contacting the state health department about accusations of sex crimes following massages or job interviews, he was not arrested nor was his license suspended. TN Map Quiz: Can you find where you live? Here are 13 more things about him: Tarek Mentouri (Metro Nashville Police Department) He has Aspergers, according to his former attorney Chase Rudd. Tarek Mentouri, the former massage therapist accused by 19 women of sex crimes, pleaded guilty Tuesday morning to six crimes. Eidson said she was looking for a platonic friend, but Mentouri kept asking if he could practice massage on her. We interviewed our tech expert, Jaime Vazquez, to learn more about accessible smart home devices. Now both women tell us they were happy to see him arrested, but fear more accusations could be on the way. BREAKING: Jeremy Finley, an investigative report for WSMV in Nashville Tennessee is reporting that Tarek Mentouri has been arrested regarding more that a dozen reports of sexual assault during massage appointment with the former the massage therapist. The most serious charge, rape, was dismissed as part of the plea deal. A subscription to PACER is required. On January 14, 2022, prosecutors argued that he should lose all internet access because of his behavior towards a Duluth woman in December 2021 but Judge Jennifer Smith ruled he had not violated the terms of his bond despite her own concerns about his actions. The Behavior Panel is a non-partisan group, looking to educate and entertain the public with their interest and expertise in nonverbal communication, body language, deception detection, interrogation, and resistance to interrogation. Georgia News about Nashville TN USA. I felt his hot breath on my toes, and then I felt his tongue touch one of my toes, one victim told News4 Investigates in 2020. MORE FROM THE REVEAL: 'Theyve been open in plain sight. August 17, 2020 by tamaratattles 45 Comments. Access this case on the Tennessee Middle District Court's Electronic Court Filings (ECF) System. NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - Tarek Mentouri, the former massage therapist accused by 19 women of sex crimes, pleaded guilty Tuesday morning to six crimes, including felony sexual battery, as part of a plea deal that will place him on the sex offender registry and sentence him to prison for six years. Dr. Phil asked Mentouri about a photo showing a supposed identical twin. He was 33 years old when MNPD officers arrested him again on May 13, 2021. Local police first learned of his case in December, when they were sent to his mothers apartment by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. Keefe reported that when he began to research Issac Men before the interview, he could find no record of anyone with that name living in Georgia. By looking at the gestures, facial expressions, micro-expressions, and context around what people say, this group of nonverbal behavior experts reveals the possible truth and deceptions. BRAVE Combat Federation When talking about the heater issues, Isaac Men had told Keefe that he owned the condo. Eidson heard from a group moderator that Isaac Men was using several different names and believed he was actually Tarek Mentouri, currently out on bond for alleged sex crimes. In light of this communication, chambers has directed the Clerks Office to update the Pro Se parties new address where he is being housed and to re-mail all the docket entries in this case to Mr. Tarek Mentouri by USPS. The satisfaction of the client is their utmost priority, and their mobile massage service allows clients to be pampered in the comfort of their own homes or hotel rooms. According to police, Mentouri had continued to operate his masseuse business after his license was revoked in August of 2020 following sexual misconduct allegations. Despite being a graduate with four college degrees in Education, he opted to open . Georgia-born Tarek Mentouri is the founder and the lead massage therapist of Metro Mesmerizing & Medical Massage. His bond was set at $500,000 after his indictment by the Davidson County Grand Jury. Nevada Mentouri asked why 11Alive doesnt have a policy in place to ask interview subjects if they have any pending charges. Well if I did have a twin, hed be the horny one, because Im not over-sexualized and this is not me, Mentouri responded. For safety, Keefe decided to do the interview over Zoom. He sent several text messages to Keefe asking that we limit use of his name and photo in this story, so it wont show up high in Google searches. Im satisified as I can be with what we got, Peyton Parker said. Copyright 2022 WSMV. A more recent docket listing He questioned. Mentouri had reached out to the Dr. Phil show in late 2020, hoping to prove his innocence after his massage therapist license was revoked. Mentouri claimed it was done in error, and officers left after finding no one in distress. But youve got to take what you can.. I think hes going to continue to do whatever he can to get women into his house, so he can assault them.. Phil to prove his innocence and appeared on a two-part episode that revealed he failed a lie detector test. All rights reserved. New Jersey A former North Nashville massage therapist was jailed Tuesday on charges of impersonation of a licensed professional. Years ago, Mentouri also appeared on an episode of the MTV show Catfish.. His trial on the sex crimes was set to begin next year. Get the Android Weather app from Google Play, Man dies after being hit by metal carport in Kentucky, 12 weeks of paid family leave proposed by lawmaker. A year-long News4 Investigation reveals that a former Nashville massage therapist was able to keep his license and avoid criminal charges despite more than a. Tarek Mentouri's next court hearing is set for May, when a trial date could be set. Former massage therapist accused by 19 women of sex crimes pleads guilty. He obviously did more serious crimes, and it would be great if he had been convicted of those. When Keefe asked him about the 21 criminal counts for which hes currently awaiting trial in Tennessee, Mentouris phone started tilting toward the ceiling so his face moved further down the screen on the Zoom call. "[Mentouri] wanted to come to my house to do this because he said that his place wasnt ready yet.". Use the links below to access additional information about this case on the US Court's PACER system. Mentouri lured them into his home and business. Our office fought vigorously for every victim on this case. Even then, just the fact that it feels good relieves stress, and is extremely relaxing is already reason enough to drive people to book a spa appointment. Kentucky Brazilian MMA fighters Colorado All rights reserved. The blocked websites and apps include Craigslist, Facebook, Instagram, and OKCupid. COVID-19 (LogOut/ Mentouri lured them into his home and business. Disclaimer: Justia Dockets & Filings provides public litigation records from the federal appellate and district courts. NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - A Davidson County judge has revoked the bond of former massage therapist Tarek Mentouri after ruling he had violated the terms of his probation. Ultimately, we have to weigh the evidentiary strength of each case and a large part of that assessment is victim cooperation. Local police in Georgia are not involved in tracking him. Tarek Isaak Mentouri is an employee working in GWINNETT TECHNICAL COLLEGE, according to the data provided by State of Georgia, Georgia Department of Audits and Accounts (DOAA). Tarek Mentouri, the man accused of multiple sex crimes, appeared in Davidson County Criminal Court on Friday. Hot Chicken, Disc Golf, Music, Traffic The mans home office and computer were in his bedroom, so thats where Keefe set up a few cameras for the demonstration. Then, it was Isaac Men.. It was an older woman with the last name Mentouri. We mourn with the family of Tarek Mentouri, we understand how . Click here to inquire if this case is eligible for expungement. He was booked into the Davidson County jail on a $500,000 bond. One woman, Julia, asked us not to reveal her last name or where she lives out of fear of retaliation from Mentouri. Subscribe to Justia's Free Newsletters featuring summaries of federal and state court opinions. 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