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This has become a great concern for many people who believe the separation of Church and State imagined by the Founders is a solid wall, not a picket fence. With three more Bethel-affiliated candidates running for three open council seats this fall, a win by any two would leave the council with what might be described as a Bethel majority., Thats exactly what persuaded candidate James Crockett to run for the council this election. Bethel members Tenessa Audette, 45, a first-time candidate, and Jack Munns, 64, who first ran two years ago, will now join Bethel elder Julie Winter on the 5-member council. The Legislature banned performing this known harmful practice on people 18 years old and younger several years ago. Thanks to Bethel, Redding is now known as a leader in the field of conversion therapy, the scientifically unfounded belief that LGBTQ people can purposely change their sexual orientation or gender identity using reparative methods such as praying the gay away. Likewise, this new Bethel-hater label could easily lead HR folks to feel pressured just to be on the safe, right side to take action against any employee who says so much as an unkind word about Bethel on social media. Theres plenty of hate to go around. While his two hours weekly at the church are important to him, he said, they have less weight in his life than the forty-plus hours he spends working and interacting in the city. Both Bethels size and its commitment to Seven Mountain dominionism have gained it increasing local influence over the last decade as it seeks to create heaven on earth.. Would your relationship with that neighbor be positive or negative?. Discagem Grtis: Estados Unidos e Canad: 1.855.613.2303 ou 1.800.709.6205 - Brasil: (800) 591 4613 - WhatsApp: (+001) 310.844.0166 San Francisco: (415) 537-9877 - Fort Lauderdale: (754) 702-0257 - Tampa: (813) 803-9457 - Braslia: (61) 4042 1275 - Belo Horizonte: (31) 2342 1207 - Porto Alegre: (51) 2042 0087 - Rio de Janeiro . widely believed to include the idea that believers should take dominion over society to bring more of heaven to earth. But both Audette and Shea say the 7 Mountains Mandate is really about reminding Christians to get involved in the community and find ways to use their skills and resources to make the community better for everyone, although, Shea added, he understands thats not always how the theology is seen. Contact him at [email protected].. Bethel members Tenessa Audette, 45, a first-time candidate, and Jack Munns, 64, who first ran two years ago, will now join Bethel elder Julie Winter on the 5-member council. He later explained his point, that homelessness is a community problem, not a government problem. Independent online journalist Doni Chamberlain founded A News Cafe in 2007 with her son, Joe Domke. Some in the community worry about how the churchs out-sized funding and theological beliefs, including the 7 Mountains Mandate, might impact local political candidates. Frankly, theres an unfortunate campaign trait shared by Vollmers, Hill and Valenzuela: Although they can accurately identify Reddings problems homelessness, crime, water issues, mental illness, housing shortages, etc. ), Similarly, Bethel members, especially Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry students, have a certain look. A dear Democrat friend of mine, whos voting only for Hill out of solidarity with his fellow progressive, said he finds Audette, Johnson and Shea just a bit too zealous for his liking. Lake has claimed the vote was rigged and B.S. and is challenging the outcome. I've searched the names on the ballot and I found James Crockett and Erin Resner are both associated with Bethel. If you agree please share this blog on your social . What about Schreder, Sullivan, and Dacquisto? Email us, or join the community conversation at Shasta ScoutsFacebook page. For some, its one more reason to appreciate the churchs outsized local impact, which they feel is mostly positive. 10ft shipping container craigslist sunsetter awning parts diagram mon bazou cheat menu Not by a Shasta County country mile. But many in the community, including Crockett, feel that a harder look at Bethel-affiliated candidates is valid given the size, funding and theology of Bethel Church. But he lacks endorsements, and his social media pages look like neglected, empty warehouses decorated with some 60s-era posters that fit perfectly with his slogan, Chill with Hill. Methinks this explains wee Patrick's attempt to change the oath for county employees. The last go-round she was running for the Shasta County District 1 race, but she dropped out mid-race, citing a lack of financial resources that would enable her to compete with the other well-funded candidates. Opinion: What is Revivaland is it Happening at Asbury? A non-Bethel incumbent up for reelection was the top vote getter. Add to the information pile the fact that Valenzuela, one of the youngest candidates at age 30, is one of three Redding City Council candidates recommended by Kathy Stainbrook, a notorious ultra-right Red, White and Blueprint supporter, and Leonard Moty recaller. Slight segue, but Vollmers and Valenzuelas distrust in the election system begs the question: If the women win, will they accept the election results as valid? Kind of like Dacquisto. To donate, click here. Church News. At worst, based on your weak analogies, a person belonging to one of these Facebook groups could be in danger of being fired, if chamber HR members whove read your blog post now feel justified in handing out pink slips to those who belong to Facebook groups youve characterized as Bethel-haters. In reply to R.V. The City of Redding, incorporated on October 4, 1887, is a general law city formed under state legislative statutes and governed by a body of laws in the State Constitution. Prayer Meeting for Redding. The church was established in 1952, and is currently led by Bill Johnson.Bethel has its own music labels, Bethel Music and Jesus Culture ministries, which have gained popularity for contemporary worship music.The church runs the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry with . Theres more evidence of collaboration between The Stirring Church and Bethel Church, but you get the idea. Access to MinistryWatch content is free. Jesus instituted it as an army that brought transformation to society, starting with salvation and continuing with seven spheres of influence: Church, family, education, government, media, arts, and commerce, they wrote. Yikes!! Bethel attendees represent approximately 10 percent of the City of Redding and Bethel is listed by the Shasta Economic Development Corporation as the 8th largest employer in Shasta County. Second, Bethel Church and its infinite number of horizontally networked sub-ministries has raked in hundreds of millions of dollars during the past decade and hasnt been shy about spreading the manna around. Both the Redding City Council and the Shasta County Board of Supervisors, egged on by mysteriously funded opposition groups, unanimously opposed the Redding Rancherias casino expansion project. Colossal understatement. Bethel Church is a charismatic megachurch in Redding, California, that is primarily known for their popular . The feds will ultimately approve the casino, the tribal members of the Redding Rancheria will get their due, but one cant help wondering: Is this virtue signaling by the council and the supervisors just another case of whites speaking with forked tongues, or is a certain megachurch concerned a big fat casino might cut into its grift? Mr. Scheide welcomes your comments and story tips. He was an instructor at Fuller and Denver seminaries and the U.S. Air Force Academy. Some of them have been doxing you. North Haven: 2.5 inches. Members volunteer and serve throughout the city. Members of Bethel the 11,000-member northern California megachurch famous for elaborate healing services, Bethel Music and musician Sean Feucht's nationwide worship protests against COVID restrictions now hold the majority on the Redding City Council after November's elections, according to nearly complete vote counts.. Bethel members Tenessa Audette, 45, a first-time candidate . Incumbent Michael Dacquisto posted on Facebook a photo of his completed ballot marked with just two Redding City Council selections. Is a scam or a fraud? Im not down with cancel culture. For example, when The Stirring held a preachers conference, among the slate of speakers were BSSM staff member Hayley Braun, and Pastor Tinasha LaRaye, a frequent Bethel speaker and performer. She lives in Redding, California. Shasta County Supervisor Kevin Crye (252), Win-River Casino Expansion: One Step(4,632), Gateway School District Update: Clif(3,529), Comment on Against Ad Hoc Committee Advice, New State California Secessionist Chriss Street May Be Countys CEO by Jolly, Comment on Against Ad Hoc Committee Advice, New State California Secessionist Chriss Street May Be Countys CEO by George Winship. Now pretend you also own a tiny apartment over a garage behind your old legal office in downtown Redding between the railroad tracks and Court Street. Hates a strong word. Absences: Dacquisto has missed a number of meetings, including closed session meetings, joint session meetings, RABA, Library, Housing, Capital Services, and Successor Agency meetings. Great! Again, its not necessarily hateful to notice this. (Click on names for more information about each candidate.). Youre committing the fallacy of composition here, mistaking the part for the whole, missing the forest for the trees. Hmm! But Shasta County is anything but normal. Redding will lease its civic auditorium to Bethel Church for up to a decade. Youre on your own., Like many evangelical American churches, Bethel teaches that homosexuality is sin. All rights reserved. Theyre threatening to boycott not just Bethel businesses, but any business represented by the chamber. His fellow senior leader Bill Johnson has also compared the COVID vaccine to the mark of the beast. Theyre not telling you what to do, or how to do it or keeping track of what you do. Shea said he would represent all citizens in office, irrespective of their sexual identity, race, color, creed, religion, social status, housing status, or national origin. Bethel wields immense local influence: of Redding's 90,000 residents, 11,233 are Bethel members, according to a report from northern California magazine A News Cafe. A casino is more honest about stealing its customers money, pays its taxes and rakes the cash in 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Dacquistos now-predictable Partin endorsements usually include Dacquistos mention that one of the reasons he endorses Partin is because Dacquisto is sick of being on the losing end of so many 3-2 or 4-1 votes. Candidate Alex Sheaalso confirmed that he attends Bethel Church. The problem with this rigid strategy is that generally speaking, once Bethel and Stirring-related candidates are removed from the playing field, the remaining choices are inoffensively OK at best, and stunningly out-to-lunch at worst. . The four have disagreed over everything from land issues and staff raises to homeless solutions and even holiday lights at Turtle Bay Museum. (He probably knows it.). R.V. This site uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. She cited the churchs involvement in bringing funding to the city to help secure a daily flight from Redding to Los Angeles on United Airlines, the half-million in funding given by Bethel in 2017 for local police staffing, and Bethels decision to form Advance Redding, a nonprofit that was awarded a contract to run the citys Civic Auditorium. You then assert the same sort of hateful things are being posted, with Bethel taking the place of Blue People, in Bethel Affiliated Business, Investigating Bethel and numerous other Facebook groups you say are devoted to hating Bethel Church and its members., You write, Any of these posts would create a huge issue in the human resources department of your business and perhaps land the author in court for libel, defamation of character, or perhaps even a hate crime.. Now Im not, Listen to Sheas story, and then tell me youd reject this former Wall Street finance expert, Northern Pygmy Owl Whiskeytown Nat. If youre suggesting the chamber supports LGBTQ rights, you should know Bethel Church actively opposes LGBTQ rights at the local, state and national level, and spends a lot of money doing it. 2018. Two closed Facebook groups the 960-member Investigating Bethel Redding and the 1,800-member Bethel Affiliated Businesses monitor and critique the church. I certainly dont advocate boycotting, doxing or threatening anyone. Ive never made such an inquiry, but it really is starting to look a lot like Clearwater around here. We break down why. When Crockett quips that hes attended more city council meetings in these last few years than incumbent Dacquisto, that line always gets a laugh, but its no joke. Looking to find the non-Bethelites running for city council. Both candidates said despite that teaching they would not discriminate against the gay community in any way in their role on the council. Is it appropriate to scrutinize candidates religious beliefs or the church they attend? Methinks this explains wee Patrick's attempt to change the oath for county employees. Do you support free online news in Shasta County? Scheide. In reply to R.V. Patrick "Hacker" Jones He knows a thing or two about hackin', lemme tell ya. Obviously, Jake, you didnt do that. Annelise Pierce is Shasta Scouts Editor and a Community Reporter covering government accountability, civic engagement, and local religious and political movements. Votes NO without offering any solutions, vision, or alternative direction. I just hope they dont stop there. Members of Bethel, the 11,000-member northern California megachurch famous for elaborate healing services, Bethel Music, and musician Sean Feuchts nationwide worship protests against COVID restrictions, now hold the majority on the Redding City Council after Novembers elections, according to nearly complete vote counts. With 10 city council candidates competing for three seats in the Nov. 8 general election, its a contentious game of political musical chairs. Redding residents are divided on the churchs impact on their city. In fact, in most places it would be considered impolite and inappropriate to ask about candidates religious lives. 2023 It says so right in the Bible. Copyright 2023 Shasta Scout | Powered by Indiegraf Media, Privacy Policy | Subscriber Agreement | Terms of Use, Subscribe to get our latest articles and investigations sent straight to your inbox. I spend just 2 hours at Bethel each week and 45+ hours in the community, helping unlock funding for real estate deals, putting my financial skills to work, and investing in our local nonprofits. Toll free: (866) 364-9980, Christian Musician Sean Feucht Held Defiant Seattle Worship Protest After Concert was Banned, Sean Feucht Protest Worries Los Angeles Homeless Advocates, Sean Feuchts Finale Worship Protest on the National Mall Included More Politics Than Usual, Andrew Wommack Urges Followers to Take Over Colorado City. However, as much as some members of The Stirring church might like to distance themselves from Bethel Churchs dramatic spiritual feats, its indisputable that The Stirring and Bethel Church are Christian kissin cousins. . One Bethel Church elder, Julie Winter, is already on the Redding City Council, with two years left in her term. Disclosure:Annelise Pierce is a former member of Bethel Church and a graduate of the first year of BSSM. However, Munns does have one interesting detail that sets him apart from the rest of the candidates: He spearheaded in Reno an award-winning homeless-assistance program that he believes could work in Redding. Some in the community worry about how the church's out-sized funding and theological beliefs, including the 7 Mountains Mandate, might impact local political candidates. We are on the edge of the greatest revival of all time, says Bethels website. Hes also the brother of Jeremy Edwardson, the director/producer of the Red, White and Blueprint movement/docuseries that helped splinter the already heavily conservative Shasta County into ultra conservative take back Shasta County factions. My heartburn worsened after watching Audettes guest appearance on Bethel top-gun pastor Kris Vallottons podcast, where Audette discusses, among other things, Gods role in government and if politicians should Christianize a nation. Scientologists have bought most of downtown and the chamber of commerce. At stake is whose vision of downtown Clearwater will prevail: the city councils or Scientologys? Your tax-deductible gift helps our journalists report the truth and hold Christian leaders and organizations accountable. When the Redding Civic Auditorium faced closure, Bethel created the nonprofit Advance Redding to lease the facility. Some people even draw parallels between Councilman Dacquisto and his broken website address. To make a donation,click here. Candidate Ian Hill says he's running to to shine a spotlight on city needs and bring together resources and people to act on what's important. . His work has appeared in the Tenderloin Times, Sacramento News & Review, Reno News & Review, Chico News & Review, North Bay Bohemian, San Jose Metro, SF Bay Guardian, SF Weekly, Alternet, Boston Phoenix, Creative Loafing and Counterpunch, among many other publications. You know the difference between Bethel Church and a casino, Jake? Give a gift of $30 or more to The Roys Report this month, and you will receive Escaping the Maze of Spiritual Abuse by Dr. Lisa Oakley and Justin Humphreys. They are young. Below are excerpts from Johnsons post of accusations against Dacquisto: City of Redding insiders describe incumbent Dacquisto as weary and worn out. Yes, Audette and Shea are Bethel Church members. Some say the church has helped the city in many ways: Members volunteer and serve throughout the city. Like the $500,000 Garden of Lights project dreamed up by Redding City Council member and Bethel Elder Julie Winter and recently passed by the council. There are three primary reasons members are concerned about Bethel, not all of them shared by all members. But Shea said that voter concerns about his attendance at Bethel are part of what running for office entails. And Redding City Council member Resner decided to run for the Shasta County Board of Supervisors District 1 seat being vacated by Supervisor Joe Chimenti, who opted against running for re-election. Were here to discuss the Redding City Council election. Between both departments, they set a goal of selling 500 signs (250 for each department), with all profits (about $4 per sign) going to a fund to buy an AED all-weather enclosure, along with AED for installation. I cannot vouch for that number, but its probably close. They are predominantly well-coifed young hipster men dressed in skinny jeans and designer t-shirts with that preternatural glow that comes from a ramen starvation diet, abstinence from sex, cigarettes and alcohol and countless late-night sessions getting drunk in the spirit.. As a reader-funded outlet, we rely on donations to fund our work and keep our content paywall free. At first you are thankful, but you feel like it was a bit invasive. Bethel withdrew from the Assemblies of God in 2006. This article, which originally appeared at MinistryWatch, has been corrected to accurately state details of a Facebook group. Have I done the research? He said in his speech to delegates 'They are pressing and saying, 'no peace without the Jewish state

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