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Note that the red circles on this map indicate the warp points that connect two teleportation tiles with the same letter to one another. Once that's done, speak to the man over on the left to receive a level 15 Lapras. And I've seen his Mega Charizard Y. I still don't know what his final slot is. What's Hot. The next destination on this guide is Fuchsia City, since we jumped ahead to Saffron, as following the game's order Fuchsia City should have been taken on before Saffron City. Make your way back through the teleporters on this floor and 7F to arrive back on 3F. Simply hand over the tea you got in Celadon Citys Mansion to the annoying guard blocking your way. First go to Floor 5 and get item A, the Card Key. How do you get into Silph Co in fire red? I'm getting sick of EV grinding before the rival fight at Slph Co. Be wary of the bald guy on this floor--he's the only one to use Psychic-types Kadabra and Mr. I have to rant for a second, so am 16 attempts into a Radical Red 2.3 nuzlocke, with minimal grinding mode. Targeting its lone Bug-type weakness is mostly out of the question, so it is better to use a strong neutral attack from a physical type such as Normal or Flying. Step on pad P and head to the Eleventh Floor and your next challenge! Why can you catch Druddigon so early in Pokemon Dreams? Performance cookies are used to understand and analyze the key performance indexes of the website which helps in delivering a better user experience for the visitors. Note that the guard blocking the entrance to the building won't stand aside to let you in until you've cleared Pokmon Tower. What are the physical state of oxygen at room temperature? Download the new version as all Pokmon have max IV so no need to grind. To get anything else good, you'll need to level it up significantly. Head back to the staircases and up to the next floor. What to do if he just u-turns into Charizard? 5F: Go west and examine the rightmost plant pot to find a. With that, go to Lavander Town, and enter the Pokemon Tower. 10F: Defeat the Scientist (a) standing just by the staircases. Then there's Giovanni, the leader of Rocket. You'll have to use the Silph Scope to do this. To the Rocket's north-west is an opening into another room. Also, check the foot of the bed to the left of the nurse to find a hidden Max Potion. To the west is a locked barrier that leads nowhere of interest, and to the north is another Scientist (W). The cookie is set by GDPR cookie consent to record the user consent for the cookies in the category "Functional". Don't be confused by all the teleporters: The elevator will take you to any floor you want, and you only need to use one series of teleporters to get to the right part of Floor 11. Open it and proceed into the room here, which has TM03 (Swords Dance) tucked away in the south-east corner. Start - Swords Dance, he will U-turn. Red and Blue players will instead fight a standard Rocket (d) to the south. Head back out to the previous Rocket and pass through the locked barrier to his north-west. ***Change Log V3.0***Added hisuian pokemon and new radical red exclusive sevian forms.Added several new post game areas.New \"scaled\" randomizer (name still tentative) to replace the \"expert\" randomizer that no one really played.Fixed randomizer being scuffed (many repeats of same species or move/abilities on it's corresponding randomizers).Now have the option to choose any starter from any generations.PLA's frostbite has been replaced freeze status.Portable pc in the start menu after unlocking dexnav.Move relearner now party menu option (Like in pokemon legends arceus! Because you only receive one, you should save it for a Pokmon that is particularly difficult to catch. At this point boss battles do have EV trained mons so you'll probably not outspeed unless you've done the same to a faster mon. The guy has a Staraptor that I'm sure has MAX Attack and MAX Speed that always kills over half my team with help from Azumarill, which packs a punch itself with Play Rough. Notes: Blue will start the battle with Sandslash, which can frustrate you by decreasing your Pokmon's accuracy with Sand-Attack, although you can switch out to remove the effects if your Pokmon starts missing too often. Head back to the staircases and up to 7F. There are two major routes you can take: Routes #12 through #15, which is south of Lavender, and Routes #16 through #18, west of Celadon City. Now you can open every locked door in the building, so you don't need to try and warp around too much. Trainer AI: Giovanni has a 25% chance per turn to use a Guard Spec. Talk to the police officer. Tap Cheats. Stuck in Saffron City. Luckily, Nidoqueen has several common weaknesses, including Ground, Psychic, Ice and Water, and you've had plenty of opportunities to pick up moves of these types so far. If you make your way to the Game Corner, you'll see a suspicious character hanging around the posters at the back. First, some backstory: this hack was made by koolboyman as far back as 2009 and was highly popular in the hackbase because of all of the added content from new typing to future Pokmon on gold version, a game that didn't get as many hacks for it as fire red/ruby. Or click here to search for specific content. 4 Where do you get the card key in Silph? You must reach the top floor and free the company President from Giovanni's clutches. By the time you reach the 9th floor, your team is bound to be a bit worse for the wear. How do you get into Silph Co.? The locked barrier to the south leads to a room containing nothing of any interest, so head down to the south-western room for a fight with a Rocket (b). How do you get past the security guard in Silph Co? The player must obtain the Card Key, which unlocks Silphs doors like a hotel key, on the fifth floor of the building in order to do this. From there, you continue head South to Cherrygrove City to find Eusine. Normal-type Pokmon can usually fit this bill nicely. Another thing to note is that once you have the Card Key from 5F, you can access an area in the south-west corner of 9F which contains a nurse. It has no move above 40 power, so it can't deal much damage, but it could start to annoy you if it manages to use Sand-Attack multiple times. Be wary of the bald guy on this floor, for he's the one of the only ones to use Psychic-types Kadabra and Mr. Check the info in Floor 3 to make your way up to the top! If you haven't played the game it's a 3v3 double battle with you teaming up with Brendon. On the seventh floor, the player can receive a Lapras as a gift from a Silph employee. The cookies is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category "Necessary". I would be fine with that in other games where you have to team up with the NPC, but with Rad Red forcing me to only use 3 of my own pokemon, I feel like I was being punished for having a shitty NPC partner and the lost felt out of my control for the first time in all of my attempts of this game. Earthquake makes quick work of it. In Red's absence the Kanto region has been overtaken by a strange mist that mutates Pokemon into shocking new forms, and the military has instated a . Trainer AI: Blue has a 12.5% chance per turn to use a Potion on his active Pokmon if it is below 20% of its maximum HP. This will warp you to an otherwise inaccessible area on 7F. Answer (1 of 6): You'll find it in Celadon City. Before engaging Giovanni, use Dig to warp back to the Pokmon Center, or retrace your steps and take the elevator up to the Ninth Floor, where the girl by the beds will heal you. From there, you can make your way to the staircases or lift in the north-east corner, drop back down to 1F and finally exit Silph Co. Now that Team Rocket have been cleared out, a few more buildings in the city are accessible, although the only notable ones are Copycat's house and the Saffron Gym. The game still hard but not balls busting hard, Yeah much more enjoyable, although I'm stuck at the silph co rival fight too, the mega blastoise just shell smashes once and then proceeds to outspeed everything I own lol. Next up are two of Exeggcute, Growlithe or Gyarados, depending on your starter Pokmon choice. Charizard has fairly weak moves except for Slash, which will almost always land a critical hit. Having said all that, it's no more powerful than Dig, which was available a lot earlier, but it at least doesn't require a charge turn. He won't u-turn into someone you can set up on. Magneton has pretty pathetic moves, with nothing over 40 power, but can annoy you with the set 20-damage SonicBoom or by confusing your Pokmon with SuperSonic, in which case you can simply switch out to clear the effect. Once the battle is over, don't forget to head north and speak to the Silph Co. President to receive the one and only Master Ball. Use a high power attack on Kangaskhan that KOs it in one or two hits. Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green Wiki Guide, Xbox Game Pass Is Having its Best Stretch Ever, The Simpsons Hit and Run Designer Wants to See a Remake - IGN Daily Fix. Then, after scaring Team Rocket away, you can get the items without opposition. Once on the 3rd floor, go down into the corridor and unlock the door on the left and use the only teleporter. We will only use this address to email the confirmation for this question. A hack based on Roaming Red by TShadowKnight The year is 199X. 5F: Go west and examine the rightmost plant pot to find a hidden Elixer. (not sure if Shadow Sneak kills here, but you take less damage if it does) Azumarill - Kings Shield into Smart Strike. Make your way upstairs and speak to the little girl here, Copycat, to hand over the Pok Doll in exchange for TM31 (Mimic). Trainer AI: Juggler has a 25% chance per turn to switch his active Pokmon out to the next unfainted member of his party. Press J to jump to the feed. Once you have it, head to Copycat's house first, which is the building in the north-west corner of the city. Head to the third floor. The room to the west behind the locked barrier contains a Protein to pick up. Alakazam has high Speed and Special but very low Defense and HP, so a solid physical attack from a Pokmon with decent special bulk and no weakness to Psychic-type moves is your best bet. If you know where to go, you can make it to the top and save the President quickly and easily. All you need to do is take the elevator up to the fifth floor (you'll need to go the warp spot, then head back to 5F to get to it) and grab the Card Key in the narrow corridor in the southern part of the room. Web Media Network Limited, 1999 - 2023. When you need to heal your Pokmon, look for a woman at the bottom-left corner of the ninth floor. Simple Walkthrough II. The companys president reveals that the top-secret development project Team Rocket was after is the Master Ball, which can catch any Pokmon without fail. There are tons of teleporters that take you places -- and guess what, most of them are completely superfluous. Go all the way to the top. After you busted up his racket in Celadon City, Giovanni moved his base to Saffron City. First take warp tile G, then come back though the same warp tile, and follow the path to the right and you'll find the Card Key. Swords Dance's distribution is also a bit odd and many of the game's premier physical attackers sadly can't learn it. To his south is a locked barrier. THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT THE GAME There is No Sevii Islands Some Legendaries can be found at Level 6 Dynamax Dens Level Caps are added More Difficulty Auto HM/TM Mega Evolution Dynamax (only in Raid Battles) TABLE OF CONTENTS I., Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReportAd. Hell give you the Porygon as thanks for all youve done. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. You'll come across a Scientist (O). Just the quality of life features it offers would be enough, but Radical Red amps it up a notch by increasing the difficulty severely, being updated to Gen 8 in terms of movepool and Pokemon, and a very improved AI that . Step on to the teleporter to be warped to another floor and then simply step on to the teleporter you just arrived on to come straight back to 5F. Once on the 3rd floor, go down into the corridor and unlock the door on the left and use the only teleporter in this room. A pokemon with Ice Shard is enough for Jumpluff. For Azumarill idk for certain (I only played Radical Red starting with Squirtle so he didn't have Azumarill for me). Earthquake is a damage-dealing Ground-type move with 100 power and is one of the best physical moves in the game. Then, what you need to do is find a way to get into the Silph Co office. Use Dig to warp back to the Pokmon Center, or retrace your steps and take the elevator up to Floor 9, where the girl will heal you. It can easily fly while gripping a small Pokmon. Return out of these two rooms back to the area by the staircases. Ask a question for Pokemon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition, Can you provide the answers for fellow gamers questions, + Add Your Cheats and Codes / Ask a question. ).In game cheat code if you talk to the NES in your home(\"DexALL\" \"Woyaopp\" \"SO2Toxic\").Some people ability changes also bug fixed.Game FeaturesCFRU features.Much higher difficulty.Physical/Special split + fairy typing.All pokemon UpTo gen 8 are obtainable.Moves UpTo gen 8, including some of the isle of armor dlc moves!Updated pokemon sprites.Mega evolution.Abilities UpTo gen 8.All important battle items (With some exceptions).Raid battles.Reusable TMs.Expended TM list.Additional move tutors.EV training gear.Ability pop up during battle.Gen 8 exp share.Hidden abilities.Day \u0026 Night.Dexnav.Even faster turbo speed.Ability like magma armor have field effect like recent gens.Destiny knot. You should get the Silph Scope. Ferro with Chople Berry (from raids) covers some damage from CC and allows you to set Rocks while doing some damage with Iron Barbs. Before stepping out of pad O, make sure to bring a wide variety of Pokmon types to exploit his party's weaknesses and ensure that your Pokmon are at least level 35 or above. Saffron City is another big one, which the huge Silph Co. building in the centre occupied by Team Rocket after youve cleared them out of Rocket Game Corner back in Celadon City as well as both Sabrinas Gym and the Fighting Dojo, a kind of mini-gym, to tackle too. Lapras comes at a very low level of 15, making it very impractical to incorporate into your main team. Registration allows you to keep track of all your content and comments, save bookmarks, and post in all our forums. Finally, while it is not recommended, you can skip most fights by following the instructions detailed in the Fifth Floor section. In Red and Blue, it's Kangaskhan, and it has decent stats save for bad Special, so special attacks can work well. It comes in handy in tougher fights, as stronger Trainers often have a weak first team member to set up on and many team members after that to use boosted attacks against. If your Pokmon are healthy enough for the final showdown, continue on from Garys position to face the following trainers: In Generations I, III, and VII, the player can navigate the inside of the building by using warp tiles in order to reach the board room on the top floor. First up is Nidorino, but it has weak moves and is no match for Earthquake, Dig or any Psychic-type moves. The most damaging move it could muster is Comet Punch if it hits all five times, which is unlikely, but otherwise, its moves are all pretty average in terms of power. Thankfully, it takes quadruple damage from Electric-type moves, so if you have a Pokmon with Thunderbolt it should make quick work of Gyarados. To get into the Silph Co. Building in Saffron City, you must defeat Team Rocket in two places.First, defeat them in their underground lair below the Game Corner in Celadon City. You're only allowed to use 3 of your pokemon. So far the game has been the hardest game I have nuzlocked (I haven't played EK yet), byt everything so far has been somewhat manageable if you have the right planning and a tad bit of rng in getting a few good encounters. Giovanni is tough, but easily beatable if you make use of type advantages. By the time you reach the Ninth Floor, your team is bound to be a bit worse for the wear. 8F: There's a Rocket (U) just by the staircases here. But unfortunately, being an RPG can take a massive amount of time for you to have access to everything it has for you. Welcome to Silph Co. which is currently being attacked by Team Rocket! TM09 could be bought at the Celadon Department Store infinitely, so you could have already had this by now. There's are some story events on 7F that require using a teleporter to access, which this guide will get to later. (You can Kings Shield first if you feel insecure about taking just the smallest bit of damage), Electrivire - 2x of Kings Shield into SD, then 1 last KS into Smart Strike. Notes: Three of Giovanni's Pokmon are largely the same in all versions, with only his Normal-type Pokmon changing significantly in Yellow. Once you've sent Giovanni running, the President of Silph Co. will be ecstatic that you interrupted his "meeting" with Giovanni. All you need to do is take the elevator up to the fifth floor (you'll need to go the warp spot, then head back to 5F to get to it) and grab the Card Key in the narrow corridor in the southern. But you'll need to take Route #12 to get the Super Rod at some point. Also, Silph Co. is one of the very few buildings that you can use your running shoes in. Voila! However, its low Attack leaves most of these underwhelming, and its lone special attack is the weak ThunderShock. When you need to heal your Pokmon, look for a woman at the bottom-left corner of the ninth floor. To the left, you can battle a Team Rocket Grunt who has three level 33 Koffings. To the west of this room is a one-tile wide corridor passing to the south, which you should take. Sandslash also has the powerful Slash, which has a very high critical-hit ratio, giving it respectable damage output. 2023 GAMESPOT, A FANDOM COMPANY. Nidoqueen is a Poison/Ground Pokmon that is weak against Water, Ground, Psychic, and Ice. You could make a beeline for the story events and avoid most of the Trainers here, but as always this guide will leave no item behind and no Trainer undefeated. If you are getting through the rest of his Pokmon and left with just Charizard to take care of, a Lycanroc Dusk will easily solve your problems. I hear Giovanni has a sand team and I'm wondering if it makes sense for me to EV grind now with my current team or if I need to build a different weather team after I beat my rival? Ground is a great type for dealing with the multitudes of Poison-type Pokmon in this game and Earthquake has no drawbacks, near-perfect accuracy, high power and even a decent 10 PP. Cloyster has very high Defense, so you are better off attacking its lower Special. Rock-type Pokmon can resist every move it has. You can now head up to 9F by returning to the staircases in the north-east. You will now fight your arch nemesis, Gary. Yeah, you can't work around that. Your Pokmon are going to be overleveled, making things even easier. Other uncategorized cookies are those that are being analyzed and have not been classified into a category as yet. The only real threat is getting poisoned or paralysed which is more of a nuisance than anything. How do I get a bike on Pokemon yellow I know there in cerulean but no .. How do you get past Snorlax. 1 How do you get into Silph Co in fire red? Continuing around and passing through the final locked barrier will force you into a battle against Giovanni, which will be your last battle in Silph Co. It turns out that Silph Co. is being forced to produce advanced technology for Team Rocket. 4F: In the room to the south in a Rocket (H). You must reach the top floor and free the company president from Giovanni's clutches. The first floor lobby is eerily empty, so just advance to the stairs in the back. Follow him and make your way through the Team Rocket hideout. This strategy guide is also applicable to your Radical . The final Trainer on this floor, a Scientist (E), is in a room in the south-west corner behind a locked barrier. per Pokmon. What happens to atoms during chemical reaction? Pokemon Elastic Emerald Simple Custom Move Implementation Showcase: Perplex Dance (Spinda's Signature Move) ChatGPT can be insanely useful for ideas for your Pokmon ROM Hack development. After that, this guide will clear out each floor one by one before proceeding with the story events and final few battles. Radical Red is a unique fan-made Pokemon game that's been building up momentum within the community for some time. I have more fun in Pokmon games doing Nuzlockes because I enjoy using Pokmon I wouldn't . Fairy types for Electivire maybe since he have Electric, Ice, Fire and Fighting moves. You'll have to use the Silph Scope to do this. With that, you can open any of the locked doors. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. In just a few seconds it gave me a decent story, and it can also give you any kind of input if you are specific enough. It's not typically a great choice, since it takes up a turn you could have used to attack, but in rare cases can be useful on Pokmon with bad movepools to give them another move option. Get inside, and, you need the card key to reach the Boss. For Charizard you can use Lycanrock (the form with Accelrock I forgot the name). Next, grab the Card Key, which will open every electronic door in the building. The other thing to consider is that most Trainer Pokmon have pretty bad moves to choose from, which often makes Mimic a waste of time. Pokemon Radical Red is a rom hack of, well, FireRed, that is currently making the waves in the romhack community for being, well, one of the fucking best rom hacks out there. This technological wonder will catch any Pokmon without fail, so be sure to save it for a special occasion (such as Mewtwo). AboutPressCopyrightContact. 2 1 More answers below Garcello Visit the woman in the lower-left corner of the floor to fully recover your Pokmon's HP and PP. Welcome to season two of Spectrum, my Pokmon Prism Nuzlocke. The prime candidates are the remaining Legendary bird PokmonArticuno and Moltresas well as this game's most powerful Pokmon, the Legendary Mewtwo. When you defeat the Rocket members at the top of the tower, you will get the Poke Flute (which is used to wake the two sleeping Snorlax Pokemon found in the game).When you beat the Rockets in those two areas, you'll have access to the Silph Co. Building. Make sure you have a Pok Doll on hand, which you can buy on 4F of the Celadon Department Store if you haven't already. This page was last edited on 3 May 2022, at 20:57. Mime. Take Down is hardly ever useful unless your Pokmon desperately needs a Normal-type coverage move and the TMs for Body Slam and Double-Edge have already been used up. A lucky burn from Ember or repeated uses of Fire Spin to keep your Pokmon bound might annoy you, but ultimately Flareon too is very slow and so you should once again be able to KO it quickly with supereffective moves such as Earthquake, Rock Slide and Surf. If you roust Giovanni, you won't have to defeat the rest of Team Rocket's agents individually. There are also a few Pokmon that can't learn Dig but can learn Earthquake, most notably Nidoking and Nidoqueen, who both appreciate this as an excellent STAB move. Dig or the recently acquired Earthquake should make quick work of it. Complete Gang Beasts Controls Guide List For Xbox, PlayStation, And PC. Level 31's Ice Beam and level 49's Hydro Pump are fairly strong and you can teach it Surf once you get HM03 from Fuchsia, which is decently powerful, so it should fill in some holes in your offensive line-up. I made it all way to Silph Co, only losing a couple of pokemon on the way till I reached the double battle on the 11th floor vs Executives, and man that fight was straight bullshit. Where do you heal your Pokemon in Silph company? For example, you can check the order of your Trainer Card badges. Finally, if you want to pick up the excellent TM26 straight away, you can take the lift directly to 10F and head to the south-west corner of the floor. ), so it is covered first. Apparently they updated to Darmanitan with flare blitz coming out instead of electivire. Also, this is where you can receive a level 25 Lapras from the person standing at the other side of the room. 4th Floor: Full Heal, Max Revive, Escape Rope, 10th Floor: Carbos, Rare Candy, Ultra Ball. From StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki,, Ultra Ball (Hidden in the bottom plant of the southwest office), Protein (Hidden in the middle plant, among the plants in the southeast corner), Iron (Hidden in the bottom right plant of the southeast room), Full Heal (In the left room, unlocked after obtaining the Card Key), Max Revive (In the left room, unlocked after obtaining the Card Key), Escape Rope (In the left room, unlocked after obtaining the Card Key), Protein (In the northwest room, unlocked after obtaining the Card Key), PP Up (Hidden in the central right room, in the top right plant), Elixir (Hidden in the central left room in the bottom plant), HP Up (In the southwest room, unlocked after obtaining the Card Key), X Special (In the southwest room, unlocked after obtaining the Card Key), Carbos (Hidden in the northwest room, in the plant on the left), Calcium (Around the southwest, near the scientist), Zinc (Hidden in the top room on the east side, hidden in the bottom plant, unlocked after obtaining the Card Key), Nugget (Hidden in the east room, in the top plant), Max Potion (Hidden in the room to the right of the beds, in a space beside the boxes), Calcium (Hidden in a room on top of the one containing the boxes, in the plant on the right), Carbos (In the southwestern room, unlocked after obtaining the Card Key), Rare Candy (In the southwestern room, unlocked after obtaining the Card Key), Ultra Ball (In the southwestern room, unlocked after obtaining the Card Key), HP Up (Hidden in the northeast room's plant), Zinc (On the east side of the floor, reached by taking the elevator up), Revive (Hidden outside of the President's office in the middle plant), Master Ball (Given to you by Silph Co.'s President after defeating Giovanni). Something like Eviolite Clef or another one you can get hold off with a strong fairy move. 3F: To the south-west of the staircase is another Rocket (F). Web the silph co. Has the rock priority move accelerock. The first floor lobby is eerily empty, so just advance to the stairs in the back. The Silph Co. Office Building, based in Saffron City, is an eleven-floor skyscraper that is effectively a giant maze. Tap Cheat code, enter the code, then tap OK. It will courageously challenge foes that are much larger. (You can Kings Shield first if you feel insecure about taking just the smallest bit of damage) Electrivire - 2x of Kings Shield into SD, then 1 last KS into Smart Strike. The only way to get into a fight on Route Seven is to walk through the patch of tall grass above the path you need to take. Its other moves are nothing to worry about. He can only use one Guard Spec. Ghost-type Pokmon could wall it completely, and Rock-type Pokmon resist everything it has except Double Kick in Yellow. This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. You and your rival will then have to face a. Once again, a single level 43+ Kadabra can take care of them all. Let's evolve Pikachu, add Bruce officially to the team, and get EVERY ITEM in Silph Co. That's everything on 2F, so head for the staircase up to 3F in the north-east corner of this floor. Has the rock priority move Accelerock boosted by Tough Claws that will OHKO Charizard. If you have leftovers (findable with itemfinder at Snorlax locations) the fight becomes unlosable, so it's even good for a nuzlocke! It's a mediocre 90-power Normal-type move that causes the user to take recoil damage equal to 25% of the damage dealt to the target. 11F: Head south-east and fight the Rocket (c). The Master Ball is a unique item and catches any wild Pokmon without fail, save for the Pokmon Tower Marowak. On the 11th floor, Yellow players will have a skirmish with the laughably weak Jessie and James, and Red/Blue players will have to deal with one more Rocket. 6F: Fight the Rocket (N) immediately to your south. Defeat Giovanni's Nidorino, Rhyhorn, Nidoqueen, and Kangaskhan (or Persian, in the Yellow version) to rescue the Silph Co. President. Exit back out of this room and take the long one-tile wide path heading south, then follow it to the west until the area opens up again. Next up are any two of Magneton, Ninetales and Cloyster, depending on how your rival chose to evolve his Eevee. Web here's how to beat giovanni (silph co.) with only 3 pokemon in pokemon radical red 3.1 hardcore mode. Leech Seed and PoisonPowder could chip your Pokmon down, but realistically they won't be able to deal too much damage before Exeggcute falls due to its many weaknesses and low stats.

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