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However, your blood stockpile drains by half every month, so make sure to spend it whenever you have enough for the effect you want. Asinti's trait means that you will gain absolutely no manpower from conquering these territories through compliance, so be cautious with your ponypower early on. Thanks to Level 2 Light Cruiser and Destroyer technology, Equestria can pick up a fight with the dangerous Changeling submarines, who will surely try to wreak havoc on the convoy trade routes. She owns a chain of fashion boutiques and is a well-known entrepreneur and clothing designer. From time to time brave ponies and griffons from nearby countries band together to try their luck in our lands driven by a variety of reasons. Fancy Pants is an aristocrat and a member of Canterlot's upper class. He naturally became part of the political scene in the wake of the democratic movement after the civil war due to his popularity and reputation for fairness, joining the movement on a platform of simply hearing out his fellow ponies and acting on their wishes. Her magical talent is extremely impressive, yet whenever she faced grave dangers and threats, it was friendship that saved her. The final section has focuses for gaining more factories, improving your air force, and declaring war on Kasa, Gryphus, Austurland and finally the entire River Coalition at once. Together, these creatures form the Pentarchy, the masters of Barrad. Barrad starts with 15k ponypower deployed, consisting of 7 infantry divisions, 6 of which are only 2-width noblepony groups. For details on how to begin the civil war, see Luna Led Reforms. She is the sole inhabitant of the monster-filled Everfree Forest and is a skilled brewer of potions who speaks solely in rhymes. Download the equestria.zip archive, following one of these links. This can be one of Barrad's main strengths, as they are incredibly powerful and can allow the country to catch up fast and punch far above its weight. Wittenland will move to reclaim Barrad in all paths, and the AI frequently manually justifies since they have claims on your land. Luna may give in or resist. See the Lunar Empire page for further information on playing as the Lunar Empire. The army tree is fairly generic, giving a choice between Mobile Warfare, Grand Battleplan and Superior Firepower doctrine, as well as research bonuses. Is there a mean time post-civil war? Finally, his knowledge as a general gives his pragmatic administration great insight into the military and the defensive needs of the nation, essential in the torn and chaotic modern world. One of Equestria's foremost experts on trenches, Thunderbolt Sentinel knows how to hold the line. To realize how immensly powerfull true Viira is, there is also her decision to "pacify" the regions in the Evi Valley and the Riverlands. The two off-split branches focus on magical equipment, artillery and tanks, giving them large bonuses at the expense of increased production cost. However, these paled in comparison to the surprise invasion by the Changelings in 1002 ALB, a race of insect-like shapeshifters from the north who fed on the love of their victims. Anything less will cause the spirit to only be partially removed. The reforms will occur over the next year, and involve three sets of choices. Now that war is on our doorstep, perhaps we can give him a more serious duty to fulfill. This tree leads to a variety of new capabilities - new generals, new command staff and advisers, and new decisions unlocked to change your conscription laws and making it possible to change economic laws instantly. (You get a new focus tree where you unite the nation and perform the principle of verzuiling to maintain the peace. While she's too meek to admit it herself, her talent could be useful for Equestria as a whole. Will Friendship and Harmony still be its mantra? Once Ambrosius finds the truth behind the being in Barrad, the first section appears about finally bringing sanity back to Barrad and fixing Ambrosius' old mistakes. Once Viira has been defeated and the Reactor is online, choosing Asinti to lead will result in loading his focus tree. As for the Gryphian host, I accidentally deleted it from my original draft and forgot to add it back. The Equestrian Army begins with 99.50k deployed ponies, including 1 half-strength Light Tank division, 1 40% strength Light Tank division, 1 30% strength Pegasus division, 2 capable (but only at 20% strength) Onhooves divisions, and 16 poorly trained and equipped Royal Guard and Garrison divisions who pose little to no value when it comes to frontline combat. The central line has power consolidated behind Ambrosius once more, the right path gives you various cultist divisions and the left path gives you the aid of the griffon villages in exchange for either a promise of autonomy or a promise to restore Gryphus when the time is right. Separated by distance and already overextended, Equestria declined to provide substantial assistance. You can only form one or the other, so choose wisely. So, here's what I've seen so far and wanted to find out what I'm missing. This path contains a Tenochtitlan State University, granting an extra research slot. Granny Smith is the oldest living member of the vast Apple family. Her leadership and organization skills means she would do an excellent job at guiding the magical research department, and she is excited to take the job, even if it means she has to temporarily step down as the headmare of the School of Friendship. Centuries passed, and Celestia rarely spoke of Luna's banishment and the times before it. Today we venture deep into the cursed woods of Barrad, where science and magic both mingle with the dark arts. This is a great space to write long text about your company and your services. Each has a resource count which can be increased through various means, and can be used on their decisions for buffs and decreasing the negative effects of Outdated Industrial Sector. It is fast and provides quick bonuses, hinging around simply having too large an army for the River Coalition to fight. Air Force Commander Silver Star will be able to instantly deploy forces straight from creation, so taking advantage of his large ponypower pool is recommended. A good enough plan can survive contact with the enemy. Zombie caste system ensues. Ambitious creatures from all over the world came to join him, but only four rose above the rest. Meanwhile, Luna grows more comfortable in her role as ruler, and has created an ambitious proposal to heal the ancient rift between Thestral and Pony. ), Have the social-democrats win and you get your focus tree (You are a social-democratic state, you can even work together with Equestria. The decisions take twenty days to complete and drain PP while active. Twilight and her friends restored the Crystal Empire's Crystal Heart and drove off Sombra, this time keeping the Crystal Empire intact. While Leopold gets no direct war goals in his tree, he does get access to raiding decisions on all of his neighbors. She has now worked at Manehattan's "Rarity For You" store for years and has grown quite skilled at managing a business. While it is obvious today that the tales speak of the Royal Pony Sisters who rule Equestria, few, if any concrete facts are known about their history. When he isn't putting cadets in their places, he's just a big softie. Silver Ascension-Horse wins immortality, loses all the good looks he had. Thanks a bunch m8. Equestria at War is a Hearts of Iron IV mod that seeks to recreate the Thank you for going through all the trouble of writing this down. Perhaps too quickly. Once you start the reactor (as shown in the focus tree), an RPG-style battle GUI will appear with you fighting as whoever you sided with, the Pentarchy or Viira. However, you will also gain a decision once you have annexed Wittenland to claim the crown for your own, coring all of their territory and renaming your nation. Despite the Diarchial power structure, Equestria has always been ruled by Celestia, leaving Luna to assume a supporting role. Biographies for all five members are available by pressing Ctrl + P to open the Pentarchy menu. She lives as a hermit, keeping to her zebra traditions. Graced by their millenia-old wisdom, the ponies feel safe and protected. An ancient land whose exact origins are shrouded in myth and legend, Equestria is the nation of ponykind, of the three equine races which unified to face a hostile world. 4 After the civil war, once you complete "Glory to the south-east" As Lavender Berry. However, it may be smart to save some in case unforeseen events occur. Barrad: a place of dark magic and mysterious curses, where even its name can strike fear into the hearts of creatures. We t. However note the 119 day completion time - don't take it just before a changeling war. If the player has chosen only peaceful options in the events prompted during the path, then she will always succeed in resisting Nightmare Moon. The nation has faced many recent threats and prevailed with the Power of Friendship and Harmony. Stagnant. Spitfire is the captain of the Wonderbolts, a famous group of flight experts. Fast Clip is a member of the Wonderbolts and acts as a drill instructor, training cadets for the Wonderbolts Academy. Equestria at War is a Game Mod for Paradox Interactive's Grand Strategy Game Hearts of Iron IV and a Fan Game of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic that blends the detailed World War II and political simulation of Hearts of Iron IV with a modified, grimmer version of the My Little Pony setting and storyline. Ambrosius rules as a single dude. Though uptight as many Canterlotians are, he has occasionally shown a softer side such as his favorable business dealings with Rarity and forgiveness to the aid of Princess Twilight Sparkle after a notable debacle while she was attending other business. Once you choose one, the focuses following it will grant reduced production cost of infantry equipment, buffs to magical equipment and a large bonus to combat on core territory. You can do this by killing Asinti by collapsing his temple, killing Leopold after the Titan fight and killing Silver Star in his library if you have 1000 resources while searching it. She is brash, competitive and very talented, being the only pegasus capable of creating a Sonic Rainboom. Trigger events manually. Always increase fascist popularity so the Junta wins the battle. The coring mechanics remain the same for this path as well. Her knowledge on rocks means she knows very well how to use terrain to our advantage. With the power of their love, Shining Armour and Cadence managed to thwart the invasion and repelled the Changeling forces out of the country. There are also Thestrals (also referred to as Batponies), who are night-dwelling cousins to the Pegasi, and are occasionally considered the fourth equine race. But Sombra, bitter with his imminent imprisonment, cursed the Crystal Empire, locking it away along with him. Shocked by the crackdown and ensuing violence, Princess Celestia withdrew Equestrian Forces from the region, and fired the Captain of the Guard. In her youth she was a regular unicorn filly and dreamt of enrolling in Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, but then an ursa minor attacked her and broke her horn. It provides an unpredictable variable which can seriously help or hinder you as you play. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. The first is forming the Grand County of Barrad, which will give +0.25% compliance gain and allow you to core Kasa and Gryphus, utilizing the war goal decision you get on them, with Gryphus' being if you chose the relevant focus in the first section. ), Just let either the fascists or commies win for their respective focus trees (The commies can go democratic socialist, vanguardist or national socialist. With these qualities, he is a natural choice for a leader that the traditional elite are content with, though some ponies may not agree with his strongly orthodox methods and policy. Wielding powers most can not even dream of, possibly the most powerful being on the planet, she has access to an even greater number of spells than her other path. Now that war has come, she has joined the army to defend her home and family and quickly climbed through the ranks. Ksa Free State can attack fairly early with certain leaders, and Austurland will be able to as well once their political situation is dealt with if Kasa does not exist. Viira, for all her immense power, still has her limits. After a brief fight between the two, Twilight intervened and saved Tempest's life, and she in turn joined with her and ultimately defeated the Storm King, turning him to stone with his own magical artifact. Otherwise, the chance varies from low to almost-certain. Check the Pentarchy Window (CTRL+P) for detailed backstory and information on each member. These technologies can provide very substantial bonuses to Barrad, but require the corresponding member to be alive. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. Easy to mass produce, these special battalions can be outfitted with magical infantry equipment instead and will support Leopold himself in warfare. The avatar reaches enlightenment through the last focus. The first segment is about establishing order and your rule in Barrad, giving divisions and removing The Pentarchy national spirit. In this very community Equestria is blessed with the leadership of Princesses Celestia and Luna, guardians of the heavenly bodies. It also contains Viira's journal, which will change as you progress down the focus tree. Note, however that killing Silver Star will decrease your resources, similarly to destroying Asinti's temple. Yet I never get a decision or focus to decide her fate and when I tag switch back to Equestria and reconquer the Empire, no dice. The fascists can go nationalist, military rule or monarchist.). Ponies rejected her dark talents and she has been betrayed by her old pony friends more times than she can count. bolton council houses for sale [email protected]; F-237, Phase 8-B, Mohali Lead by the Pentarchy, a group of five creatures free to pursue their aims with no oversight or qualms, the ponies that live in Barrad are treated as nothing more then experiments. View submissions made for community contests! He is also very prejudiced against anyone who is not a pony, openly referring to non-ponies as "creatures" in a dismissive manner. Ruthless in his business tactics though perhaps not the sharpest at governmental administration as demonstrated by his first and only term as Mayor of Ponyville, his skills at the trade floor translate well to the negotiations table in economic matters. Equestria at War Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Hailing from the wide, warm open plains of southwest Equestria, Maxos Eternal was part of the last generations of rural frontierspony and later a successful landowning rancher. The economic tree will gradually increase your science base and decrease your illiteracy and poverty, and you can increase your development by taking the Improve Society decision that should appear. Politically Connected protection clothing examples / example of localization in teaching / equestria at war dread league and an ample amount of political intrigue. A member of the Pie family, Limestone is Pinkie Pie's older sister. She passes the rule to Ambrosius, the rightful king of machine gods or something. The continent of Griffonia was discovered, and contact with the long lost Eastern Ponies of the Riverlands was reestablished. You can raid nations. For Cyanolisia, remain Non-aligned and lose all but your Capital state to Asterion, then surrender with a decision. The final section has wargoals on the griffon nations in the Evi Valley and the River Coalition. Neighsay is strict and conservative, preferring to do things by the EEA guidelines. The guide below will help you install the mod manually, if you wish to do so. Any tips on how to blitz equestria as the changelings so that I can get to the ELF without having changelings at the end of the tech tree waiting to nuke me? ), Do the convention until you get the event Suspicions, pick the option Thats nonsense., The fascists will win the convention and an eventchain surrounding Povner will start, In the event The Showdown pick the option Or id rather not. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. (You will take revenge upon the Griffons and salt/burn their lands so they may never rise again.). Taking the focuses relating to the fate of the Pentarchy will grant a research slot and largely depend on the past relationship Leopold had with the other members. Building up power and influence, one day he finally made his move. Office Address : Address :35-08 Northern Blvd Long Island City, NY, 11101 USA Phone no. The lower half branches into two paths, with the left focusing on military modernization and doctrinal advancement, and the right granting a research slot, even more factories, resources and a way to fully remove the Outdated Industrial Sector development. Otherwise, it works similarly to the Fallen Pentarchy path: working to secure Barrad against its enemies. Biography: Myths and fables tell of two regal sisters who ruled together, creating harmony for all the land. Equestria has been inhabited by ponies for thousands of years. Only in this tree, the effects you receive are much stronger. equestria at war barrad guide. Travel Loans: We pay for the travel ticket ahead of time The bottom-left branch will further expand your industry and allow you to achieve Modern Society, while the bottom-right will have doctrine choices between Grand Battleplan and Mobile Warfare, as well as an event between Gas Weapons or Biological Warfare. The right path increases your scientific capabilities, granting two research slots, research bonuses and an upgrade to your scientific base. After a major war, ponies, shocked over the radical destruction and transformation of their peaceful life, will question the wisdom of the Princess's rule, and advocate democratic reform. The agency was originally dissolved when a bugbear managed to escape from Tartarus, but has now been re-established in these uncertain times. Any country with the same original tag as. with a bleaker setting rife with both nuances and its own plentiful Equestria at War Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. The second segment grants increased research speed, a research slot and war goals on Austurland and Kasa. ), Do the 'Finis Omnarium Vitarum' focus and wait a long time, Once the event 'Will to Carry On' triggers the eventchain starts (You'll eventually find out that the windigos are behind most of your tyrannical actions. Trying to take on all three members is highly difficult and ill-advised, and it is recommended to have killed off at least 1-2 other members before igniting the reactor. Her own talent is almost unsurpassed, and she has many ideas about improving our doctrine of aerial warfare. Option 1 is safer but more expensive. Ever since she has a reputation of being second to none when it comes to naval warfare, especially at night. Leopold Ascension. It removes The Pentarchy national spirit and has a large bonus to recruitable population, later giving factories and reduced consumer goods. Should you have defeated the Titan by digging the mine shaft deep enough previously, Leopold will be buffed further, turning him into a truly unstoppable force. He crowned the Alicorn Sisters Celestia and Luna as Princesses of Equestria, tasking them with ruling and protecting the land from harm.

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