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In a small section to the right of the stage behind a green railing are two Big Thunder Ranch Lanterns (6/30). Two more Fantasyland Lights (19/35) are hanging over the Pinocchios Daring Journey sign. Turn left and follow this path. Return to the fork and go left. Exit out the far end of the eating area. Return to the road and along the outer edge on this side are three more Multi Lights (8/10). Continue down and when you get to the fruit stand on the left, turn into that side street. There are two more Splash Mountain Lupins (15/15) [Secret 16/16] near the tree in the middle of the road past Brer Bear. At the fork in the road, keep left and squirt two Matterhorn Lupins (31/35) in the grass near the photo pass. Go into the inner circle. Cross the street and squirt the two Matterhorn Lupins (33/35) near a lamppost behind the telephone booths. All the fishing spots are back at the central hub so walk down Main Street and turn left to go to the entrance of Frontierland. Immediately on your right is a brown doorway with a Wall Lamp (7/25) hanging from the top. Exit this area to see a Manhole Cover (2/6) in front of you. Look near the building to the left of Eeyore for Treasure Chest (4/5). Walk past Karen to find three more Island Flowers (6/9) around that tree. Head down the road to the left to find a Manhole Cover (6/6) [Secret 7/19]. On each side of the exit gate is a Haunted Mansion Light (7/7) [Secret 10/30]. Head to the traffic circle with Mickey and Minnies house. Directly across the street is a small staircase left of the shop. Secrets Fantasyland Secrets Blaster. Turn around and go into the round garden area. Follow this wall around as it goes behind the stage to find four more Terrace Lights (6/10). Walk left around the flagpole to the next edit. Another Horse Post (3/20) is on the other side of the stairs to the train station. (The parasols on your right are not zappable.). Activating additional items in a group doesnt serve any purpose. To the left, the bank has a Wall Lamp (21/25) on either side of the door. Behind them is a Trash Can (3/10). Shout at the Tree (1/40) directly in front of the building. There is a Standing Lantern (10/15) on either side of the bridge itself. To the left is a Main Street Trashcan (15/15) [Secret 4/33]. Exit and cross the road to the statue in the middle of the circle. Note that most item groups have extra items in them. On the left at the end of the street is a Central Plaza Tree (1/10) and another Horse Post (15/20). Look across the street to the right of Karen for Hundred-Acre Light (9/10). Go into the back corner past the store for Fishing Spot (2/2) [Secret 9/16]. Exit the ranch and on the main road, look for a Vulture (3/10) near a red awning on the right. Wand a Trash Can (15/20) near Karen and a Manhole Cover (4/7) in the middle of the street. Exit north to find a Manhole Cover (6/6) [Secret 6/30]. Note that adventures you did earlier would have already gotten some of these wand secrets, but well repeat them of them dont require specific actions to have been collected. Follow the path behind the old cart and zap the two Haunted Mansion Lights (3/7) on either side of the exit. Go into the corner and turn right to see an Outpost store. These are different hanging lights than the ones you shot earlier. Behind Pluto, in the back left of this area, is a Treasure Chest (3/5). Fast Travel to the entrance to Toontown and walk forward. There is a Pirates of the Caribbean Light (1/8) next to the staircase behind Karen and two Pirates of the Caribbean Lights (3/8) on either side of the walkway. On the third grassy island, blow on the Tree (5/40) by the monorail support. Another Tree (26/40) is behind Peter Pan. Turn around to find five Toontown House Flowers (19/20) in the grass. Walk to the entrance to the Haunted House area that is closest to Critter Country. This guide is here for those who want 100% completion or would rather collect wand secrets in this area because they are having trouble elsewhere (or just like this part of the park better). There is a Treasure Chest (5/8) by the last support pillar that is not among the tables. To the left is another Tree in Main Street (2/20) on the edge of the road. Secrets Adventureland Secrets Blaster. When you reach the bridge, shoot the four, round Splash Mountain Lights (6/20) hanging down. There is lattice on the walls and planters in front of them. Full list of all 49 Disneyland Adventures achievements worth 1,000 gamerscore. Continue towards Main Street and turn right towards Snow White. Look at the statues on your right shout at the Haunted Dog Statue [Secret 20/30] which is the last one on the left. Every secret should be listed here (which would put your completion at 100% for every region) but the achievements only require 50% completion. Cross the street again to find a Trash Can (13/20) right of Karen and a Manhole Cover (5/6) a little bit further right. Go into the ranch here. Further back into the caf are two more Harbor Lights (5/5) [Secret 8/16] that looks just like the one at the entrance. Fantasyland Explorer. Disneyland Adventures allows children, families and Disney fans of . In the rocks behind the fence on the left are six Mountain Flowers (9/25). Go to the City Hall area. Continue down the main road and squirt five Matterhorn Lupins (29/35) in the grass on the left. Walk forward towards Karen and turn right into the covered area just before her to find Treasure Chest (7/9). On the other side of Stinky Pete, near the photo pass sign, are six more Mountain Flowers (21/25). Across the street from Peter Pan are two Trees (28/40) on either side of a curved pathway. Turn around and follow the road. Disneyland Adventures cheats, codes, walkthroughs, guides, FAQs and more for XBox One. There is a mailbox on the wall here for Magic Item (5/6) that you likely already wanded during your adventures. , , ? Turn around and blow on the Vulture (10/10) [Secret 19/30] on the No Claim Jumpin! sign behind Stinky Pete. On the far-left side of the seating area is a Treasure Chest (1/8). There are also Fantasyland Lights (35/35) [Secret 24/36] on top of the gate posts just to the left. Follow the path out towards the plaza. On a pole in the rocky area on the left is a Standing Lantern (7/15). Turning around to face the caf, there is a French Market Flower (4/6) right of the large tree. Equip your megaphone and walk to the Tiki Room entrance. Walk into the restaurant past Woody and follow the path all the way to the back. Dressed to Impress. Walk towards the Splash Mountain attraction. Look in the back of the area behind Brer Fox for a Treasure Chest (2/5). As you face the stage, walk towards the tables on the right side of the ramp. Around a pair of benches are three Green Parasols (3/10) and a Central Plaza Trashcan (7/10). Cross the bridge and look for the Vulture (9/10) on the ground in front of the boarded up mine entrance. Continue past the entrance with the BBQ to find one more Standing Lantern (6/15). Follow the wall around the mansion until you reach a gateway in the wall. The fountain in the middle of the circle is Fishing Spot (2/3). Just past the car on the right is a set of four Big Thunder Ranch Lanterns (12/30). Finally, look behind Tigger against the wall for Treasure Chest (5/5) [Secret 13/16]. Continue around the flagpole to the exit that faces the train station. However, there are enough listed items to complete every group. Turn right and wand the Trash Can (9/20) at the entrance to the eating area. Just ahead is a Manhole [Secret 1/16]. There are three pairs of Pavilion Lights (10/20). The water on your right is Fishing Spot (3/3) [Secret 10/18]. Two more Treehouse Flowers (4/15) are on the next grassy area to the right. Continue ahead to the main road to find Manhole Cover (13/20). Giveaways! Go into the castle and look left against the wall. Go around the carousel to the front to find a Dancing Castle Lamp (2/10) and a Fantasyland Trash Can (3/15). Continue around to the left to find two more Poohs Corner Flowers (9/10) and go around the corner to find a Poohs Corner Flowers (10/10) [Secret 14/16]. Exit out past Woody and on the path to the right is a Trash Can (9/20). Doing it by region first minimizes the amount of running around you have to do and grouping things by item keeps you from having to switch constantly between items, even though it does mean walking back-and-forth across a region many times. Head towards the traffic circle and bear right. At the end of the street is Central Plaza Manhole Cover (1/7) in the middle of the road, Dancing Lamppost (10/15) on the left and Central Plaza Trashcan (1/10) and Dancing Lamppost (9/15). Turn around and look at the fountain. Head a little further right to find the last two Treehouse Flowers (15/15) [Secret 15/15]. Blast the Jungle Cruise sign for Bengal Signs (6/9). The other side of the tropical imports store has a Trashcan (6/8). Go behind the Dumbo ride to find a Fantasyland Flower (16/35) on the left. Zap both Trash Cans (2/25). 1: Fast travel to the entrance and go around the bend. Near the exit in the corner is a Treasure Chest (5/5) [Secret 12/15]. The three grassy areas behind hold a total of four Central Plaza Lupins (6/20). Go to the last path on the right and squirt the two Small World Lupin (14/15) in the grass on the left of this path. Turn right when you see Karen and ahead, against the fence, is Fantasyland Trash Can (15/15) [Secret 12/36]. Walk down the road towards the Tiki House. Disneyland Adventures is your ticket to the magical world of Disneyland right in your living room. Turn right and make a U-turn around the building. Exit the ranch and at the base of a tree are three Frontier Trail Flowers (3/15). Turn left and head towards Chip n Dale. (There are more than that, but not all of them count for some reason.) Across the street at the fork is a waterfall for the Matterhorn. Facing the entrance, turn to the left and look in the grassy area. Go behind the ride entrance and follow the path to the end to find a Trash Can (8/20). At the next walkway is a Central Plaza Trashcan (9/10). Go past Stitch into the back area near the Space Mountain attraction entrance. Across from the phones is the large Moon Liner [Secret 13/19] next to the Pizza Port. Go forward to the photo pass sign and shoot a Matterhorn Lupin (12/35) on the right side of the road. On your left are a pair of Frontierland Flowers (17/20) and behind the benches in the median on your right are three more Frontierland Flowers (20/20) [Secret 28/30]. Behind the benches along those islands are three Standing Lanterns (15/15) [Secret 15/30]. Turn around and return to the fork. Return to Karen and go into the small eating area behind her. In the back near the piano is a large, red, Frontierland Parasol (7/7) [Secret 6/30]. Kinect Disneyland Adventures is a 2011 open world video game developed by Frontier Developments and published by Microsoft Studios on Kinect for Xbox. Turn around and walk past the eating area and under the other monorail track. Shoot the small Dream Suite Lights (12/15). Turn around for another Hundred-Acre Light (8/10) near Pooh. The grassy area next to it contains a Main Street Lupin (9/10). Continue up the road and shortly before the riverboat dock is Fishing Spot (2/5). Help us fix it by posting in its. Exit the ranch and turn right. Go back inside Frontierland and look for a Standing Lantern (11/15) over a bench on the left. Across from Woody are three Frontierland Flowers (15/20) at the base of a tree. There is a Central Plaza Manhole Cover (3/7) in the road and two more Blue Parasols (5/15) flanking the next sidewalk turn. Walk past a few sets of stairs to find a Small World Trash Can (8/10) near a photo pass sign. 2. :) If you want the other locations, then check out my other guides at the bottom of this . Follow that row of grass right and the last Tree (4/40) on the next island can also be shouted at. There are three Splash Mountain Lights (16/20) across the street: two on the Hungry Bear restaurant and a third to the right on a lamppost. You need to do a little more walking because things are spread out, but its not as bad as you might think. Go out of the park and shoot the Toontown Street Lamp (35/35) [Secret 9/18] on the wall at the corner. Return to the main road and wand the Trash Can (11/20) next to the Aliens. Follow under the monorail track until you get a dead end. Just past the main entrance to the eating area is a Fantasyland Flower (6/35) on the right. Go down the path between Donalds boat and Goofys house and shoot the two Ornate Lamps (10/10) [Secret 7/18] on the right railing. Straight ahead is Trash Can (8/20) at the trolley station. From where you are at the end of the waterfront, go into the small dock area that is between the Columbia and the Pirates Lair. Turn around and follow the fence on your left to find several Dancing Castle Lamps (10/10) [Secret 6/36] and a Fantasyland Trash Can (9/15). Cross the street and look just left of the shopkeeper for Treasure Chest (3/5). The camera takes pictures of things and was covered in the previous page while the baton is used for certain music mini games. Another Trash Can (18/20) is near the Space Mountain entrance. Pond by the front entrance to Adventureland; Magic Wand The other Tree (15/40) growing in the street is also shoutable. Continue through and enter the eating area. Blast it for Bengal Signs (4/9). Turn right and go down the dead-end for Main Street Manhole Cover (5/10). Further down the street are two Jalapeno Flowers (40/50). You should be near Beast when you find the last one. Return to Main Street and follow the sidewalk on the left past the caf to find two more Horse Posts (17/20). Directly ahead are two Fountain Flowers (8/8) [Secret 25/30] on either side of the large tree. Walk towards Goofys back yard to find two more Goofys Playhouse Flowers (8/8) [Secret 16/18] along the side of the main road. Turn left and follow the main road. In front of the main entrance to that building is Treasure Chest (4/4) [Secret 33/36]. To the right, wand the Trash Can (4/20) in front of the fountain and another Trash Can (5/20) against the back wall. This guide is organized by region first, and then by the item in that region. Walk up to Stinky Pete. Turn right at the fork and just before you pass under the monorail track, there are a set of phone booths that you can shoot for Magic Item (1/2). Continue forward and look at the desert area across from the BBQ food stand. Continue to the large teacup and go up the small path on the right. Turn towards the water and shout at the Trees (6/10) on either side of the staircase. Use your squirter to water the two Central Plaza Lupins (2/20) in this grassy area. The Treasure Chest (2/9) is by a bench near the photo pass sign. As you turn the corner and go by the old car, there is a Manhole Cover (10/10) [Secret 4/30] in the middle of the street and a Trash Can (19/20) on the left. Past this is a Dancing Lamppost (5/15) on the left and a Dancing Lamppost (6/15) and Main Street Trashcan (13/15) on the right. New Orleans Square. In the grassy area on your left are several Island Lights (9/20). Turn around and follow the path towards Main Street. Turn around and go down the path with the old car. Follow the sidewalk around the path. Near the lighthouse is Hanging Light (5/8). Walk towards the its a small world ride and follow the road past it (to the right of the ride). Behind Brer Fox are three more Splash Mountain Lupins (8/15). There is a Central Plaza Lupin (7/20) in the grass on the right. Across the street, there are two Fantasyland Flowers (22/35) in front of the store behind the giant teacup. Inside here is Treasure Chest (4/5). Starting from the central circle by the statue, shoot the eight Central Plaza Gas Lights (8/8) [Secret 15/33] that surround the statue. Note: This is an absolute nightmare if you do not keep a tally, because there are two different kinds of "Hanging Lights" and one of them is glitched. A few steps inside is Manhole Cover (9/10). You should be at the plaza. Turn right and walk back into Adventureland. Follow the ramp up and over the Pirates attraction to reach a Trash Can (3/25). In the tunnel on the left is Fantasyland Light (23/35). Turn left and wand the Giant Teacup [Secret 1/36]. Turn around to see a New Orleans Flower (1/10) in the grass area to the left. Exit south towards Karen and Main Street. Walk past the Queen of Hearts to find two more Small World Trash Cans (10/10) [Secret 10/36]. It looks just like the ones on the ride, but its sitting along the path. Walk forward and just past the split in the path is a Manhole Cover (1/4) and a Trashcan (1/8). Behind Chip n Dale is a Trash Can (16/20). Return to the small alcove behind the shop to find Treasure Chest (3/5). You can also shout at the Tree (8/10) at the entrance to Goofys back yard. Use your megaphone on the Trees in Main Street (4/20) on either side of the door. Anyone know what's happening?.., Disneyland Adventures Answers for the Xbox One Sun, 05 Feb 2023 21:28:08 Game Questions & Answers. Right next to Karen (across from Brer Rabbit) is a Trash Can (6/10). Equip the megaphone. Head to the small courtyard with a fountain to the right of Aladdins Oasis. Turn around and look into the woods to see two Splash Mountain Lights (10/20) hanging from the same pole in the woods. Walk back across towards the Space Mountain attraction entrance behind Stitch. Go through the tunnel to the ticketing area. Turn around and return to the main road towards the entrance. Turn right and walk to the end of this boarding area to see a Frontierland Parasol (3/7) and a Trash Can (11/20) on your left. Walk around to the main entrance to the Pirates attraction and shoot the two Pirates of the Caribbean Lights (5/8) on either side of the sign. On the left is a Trash Can (20/20) [Secret 7/30]. On the way out, wand Manhole Cover (3/7). Fishing Spot (5/5) [Secret 18/30] is located here. As you gained levels, you got magic items from each of the characters. Zap ten of these Pavilion Parasols (10/10) [Secret 11/33]. The central building is surrounded by seven Town Hall Flowers (7/15) and one Toontown House Flower (20/20) [Secret 17/18] hidden among them. Turn around and walk the length of the waterfront to the last small dock near the Columbia. This ramp is near the ticket area for Astro Blasters on the left if you walk from Buzz Lightyear into Tomorrowland. On either side of the path are two Fantasyland Flowers (29/35). Past Mickeys house is his car which you can shoot for Blast (3/6). In the middle of the road is Manhole Cover (18/20). Each pole has five lights each, but you can only shoot the top, central light. This is the part where I will explain where to find the hidden mickeys in Mickey's Toontown! Behind Mowgli are six more Treehouse Flowers (13/15); three on each side of a small stream. Wand the red and white Carnation Plaza Parasols (10/10) [Secret 3/36] found here. Ball Lights (5) In front of "It's a Small World" Castle Front Lights (6) Basically on Main Street at the castle entrance; Dome Lights (20) Dumbo Ride Lights (20) It is the sequel to 2011's Kinect Disneyland Adventures. Follow this path forward to find three more Mountain Flowers (25/25) [Secret 25/30]. Our achievement list contains a full list of all secret achievements in Disneyland Adventures. Go past the snack carts to a bridge with two Harbor Lights (2/5) on the left side and three Splash Mountain Lights (20/20) [Secret 7/16] on the right side. At the end of the restaurant on the right are two Fantasyland Flowers (8/35). Cross the main entrance to find another pair of Pavilion Lights (18/20) and on the other side of the cart are two more pairs of Pavilion Lights (20/20) [Secret 16/33] flanking the side entrance. Backtrack, taking the next highest path from the water. Exit the area and shoot the two Splash Mountain Lights (2/20) on the attraction sign. As you pass by the Penny Arcade on the right, shoot Esmerelda [Secret 19/33] who is a secret all to herself. Along the curved railing in the back is Fishing Spot (5/7). Walk to the waterfront and turn right towards Frontierland. Price Match Guarantee. Go straight ahead to the bridge over the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. Shout at the Tree (1/10) to the right of the entrance. Follow the path to the end and turn left. Above the trash can, on the second floor, is a magic carpet hanging out the window. Shoot the First Aid Lights (6/6) [Secret 18/33]. Dont go down the stairs to the Queen of Hearts but turn left instead and at the end of this area is a Small World Lupin (15/15) [Secret 34/36]. Turn around and after you pass the photo pass sign, look for Matterhorn Lights (7/7) [Secret 22/36] along the right fence all the way up. Turn left and at the next fork on the right, there is another Shop Light (5/7). Wand the shop door just left of the trash can for Magic Item (5/9). On the left side of this area, between Pluto and his doghouse, is a Trash Can (13/20). Turn right and shoot the two Dome Lights (2/20) on the right side of the stairs and the two Fantasyland Lights (2/35) on the left side of the stairs. Continue to the front of the park and walk towards the flagpole. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up.

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