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Jessie:(looks at seat)Maybe I should have thought this through! Jessie: They ran away! Luke:Oh,now I see why they call it a "Boom".(chuckles). Jessie:My problem is that I'm going to be unemployed if you guys don't stop goofing around. (pushes mask). Jessie: Now get up there,get dressed,and bring me back one of those big soft pretzels! Ravi:I am a wasp. (Zuri is on the phone with Michelle Obama). Now,can we talk about Area 51? Jessie: Wait, dont you wanna ask me anymore questions? Luke:Yeah. It might be kind of awkward to act out our relationship on camera. disney jessie transcripts. Jessie:Emma,do I need to remind you that you are one tardy away from being suspended? I see what you mean about that spit spray. (continues laughing). They have less finger shavings. I can't believe I had to do my homework all by myself! Is this real enough for you? Michelle:(chuckles)Well,there was the time I was giving her family a tour in the White House and Zuri sneaked into the Oval Office(points to Zuri),to ask the President to institute bedtime reform. In India, we just had one kind- melted. They miss you. Luke:Why does Ravi get to do it? (stands up)I'm not going to school,and neither is this stupid mask! Just keep 'em. Jessie:Zuri,you are also in charge of set design. (Tony runs away while holding ripped pants). We need to shoot the scene where Chantal meets Toby. And at least Mrs.K apologizes by leaving a rat at your door! Most of all on special occasions. Zuri:Tourists? Zuri:That's because no one else is playing. Going outside before noon is against everything I stand for. I'm going to, uh, get Mr. Kipling a snack (Ravi puts his headphones back on while Jessie goes to feed Mr. Kipling. Zuri:So,how exactly do you play Bugle Hero? You're a survivor. :) Subscribe via Email. Christina: (to the Ross children)hey guys, we missed you so much! thumb|250px|link=File:New_york_new_nanny_-_jessie_and_bertram.jpg. Emma:We just got text reminders! Taylor:Mrs.Obama,thank you for bringing my mom home for my birthday. Where's my leaf project? Can't even afford to download one of his movies. Zuri: Whatever. Emma:On the other hand,if Blake and I get married someday,this will be our baby: (heavenly music plays,screen turns brighter), (Emma and Jessie stare at the screen and sit down). Ravi:Oh,yo-yo! repeatedly). Taylor:I missed you,too. (shakes spatula). Did she say anything before she left? No,thank you. The door closes behind her.). On the bright side,at least your outfit matches the teacup! So was my dad! That always keeps them together. No! These ought to ward off the wedgies. Do you happen to know Tom Selleck? You are what we in the plaster business call "mold gold". Bertram: Ravi! disney jessie transcripts. (Stands) I came to New York to follow my dreams, cause this is where dreams come true! Jessie:Well,at least we're finally alone together,Toby. Emma:Why don't you hire Nicolas Cage? This is a full transcript of New York, New Nanny,made by MessrSkoonyfootseven. Zuri's New Old Friend 7. Luke:Me neither! Jessie:You've had 3 husbands? Emma: (walks down the stairs) Jessie,major crisis! Emma:I don't care who wins. (Jessie tries to stop the fighting, and grabs Luke), Jessie: Uh,hey! They're far away from eachother, right, but they have a gravitational pull. Taylor:Yeah,I don't really know this song. Ravi:I know! She later becomes Buzz Lightyear 's girlfriend. Zuri: But I'm not allowed to have a pony?! Absolutely buzzworthy! Wasp mascot humor. 825 Topics 825 Posts Last post 05x24 - Jailbreak. And she'd get really mad when I won. Something is flushing those toilets. (walks away), (scene changes to kitchen,bus leaves in 15:35), Ravi:Now,I am going to carefully pry the mask from your face. Pillow fighting resumes on the floor next to the couch.). Me! You have a little human in your hangs. The children are laughing.). (Zuri and Emma help Jessie from injuries). Disney Animated Feature transcripts. Jessie: (To cab driver) So then my dad, who's in the marine corps, practically blew his flat top when I told him I was moving to New York, but he chilled when I told him I had a great job. Am I getting warm? Luke:He's not getting his face back until I get the rest of mine! So please don't tell the "Loneliest Snowman" story. (shows a box decorated with water pictures with a water faucet on the top). Emma:Ten bucks says the battery in the camera dies before we get this. I thought we were being punished! Thank you so much for bringing Taylor's mom home. Jessie:(serves plate)OK,kids,chew as quickly as you can,without biting your tongues off. Luke makes her uncomfortable. You may have the moves,but I have the power of words! (Dusts a picture frame). Jessie:I'm not going to yell! I will always love you. Zuri,I think it might be time to call in that big favor from you-know-who. Luke:What's to know? Watch episode clips and more from Disney Channel's Jessie, starring Debby Ryan. (stands up) Hey,did I ever tell you kids about the time I did a triple somersault at the big homecoming game? (Everyone cheers, and Emma jumps up and down). Zuri:But I haven't even told you what the favor is yet! Bertram:Well,judging by the fact that there is 8 hours of footage,I don't think Ravi ever stopped the camera! Bertram: I have no idea, but I say 'well done!'. Jessie View source TBA Others like you also viewed G.I. Two different guys just asked me to the Walden carnival this afternoon! OFFICIAL Best List of Porn Jessie:Well,I thought it was awkward for you playing my boyfriend. blockbuster store still open near haarlem. Oh no. (scene ends,advertisement break for TV viewers). Ravi:At leat you do not have to keep peering through this camera for hours! Jessie:That was not the reaction I expected. (nods), (bus leaves in 5:25,scene changes to living room). I just have to hit Send within 5 seconds. "Jessie was an integral part of our production team during her time at . I want a producer credit for that. It's funny sped up,too! So I couldn't board the plane with four ounces of shampoo but he gets to carry on a velociraptor! Get more losers out here! Remember out trip to the Pittsburgh Powertool Festival? Jessie: I cannot believe you kids actually went up in a helicopter! Say goodbye to the wife and tater tots. (runs upstairs). You worked really hard on this, you should be proud of yourself! That force is gravy. (Tries to take it from Luke), Luke: I'll show you a moon! Haven't you guys ever wondered why you have revolving nannies? Jessie:You know,Ravi,I could coach you in the fine art of mascot-ary. I don't want a party. Jessie:No,they're all spinach,painted different colors,none of which occur in nature. It stands for "Pointless Exercise". Do it! Jessie:Why not? You see,both the President and I know how much you and all of out military children do for our country. I'll do it! And evil! Emma:I know,but after that is when I get all my meetings and trendsetting done. Give me back my moon! But thank you for staying up all night to help fix what Luke broke Jessie: Oh, guys, your lunches! (Grabs Zuri and Ravi, and Luke follows them. (Bertram walks faster,Jessie sits down and uses her tablet). Luke:Then you're going to hate the sequel! I am on you like stripes on a tiger! You're hired! Bertram: Don't know, don't care. No,no,the Martha Washington vase is not a chew toy! You just left! Luke:(runs to stage excitedly)Coach Penny! So! (points to a blue planet on her science project.). (episode begins in the penthouse kitchen). (walks away). Coach Penny:Whatever keeps him off the playing fields. And since I can't afford a cab,I'm just going to run and fall. It's adorable. Emma:And Ravi,the cheerleaders thought your rap was so good,they want to make you the first ever male cheerleader in Walden history! Jessie:Oh,well,someone was bound to do it. Remain perfectly still and please remember,skin grows back. We're gonna have games,and decorations,and Bertram's gonna make a huge cake. But I don't even know your name! Coach Penny:The crowd is on fire! Ravi:Luke,please do not break the mask! Zuri:I had to stop hula-hooping. Your eyes remind me of a full baboon. Are you writing this down? disney jessie transcripts. (Jessie opens the front doors of the building) Oh, they're out there, somewhere! You are old enough to get up,pick out your clothes,do your homework and not rip off your brother's eyebrows without me having to yell at you! Jessie:I don't know what's worse,the deafening noise or the spray of spit. (Grabs Jessies hand and Jessie grabs her purse.). Jessie: Whoa! Tony:Jessie,I'm really sorry about quitting your movie,and for letting you down. (shows mask), (Luke looks at the mirror,creepy music plays), Luke:(screams loudly)(realizes that he has no eyebrows)(runs to the balcony to drop his mask). And by the way,my birthday is next month. Jessie:finding this family is the greatest love story I could ever tell. Jessie:I know,and they're lovely,it's just that you have a slight flea problem. Emma:So,if Michael and I got married someday,this would be our child: (kid that looks like a troll with glasses shows), Jessie:Ew. Tony:No,I'm talking to you,Jessie. Tony runs over to Jessie.). Luke:Jessie,we know you're upset,but you can't just sit around and drown your sorrows in fro-yo. Jessie:Oh,no! These would cost him 200 bucks downtown! Oh,this is perfect! Galactopus 2: This Time It's Personal, Scene 36, Take 1. I know this seems like the end of the world! Jessie:Hey! Christina: Nanny Kay quit? Emma:(runs while pulling Zuri)I'm sorry,but it took me forever to get her to wear this. Zuri: You should've given me that advice a week ago! Oh,and don't worry,there are enough freckles to go around! My grandma loves mashed potatoes,so do you mind of I take a few of these? Christina flips her hair). Jessie:Yeah,I'm not sure what you said,but if it means you shouldn't dance,I agree. Jessie: (Sarcastically) Oh! Man: You're not that little. (walks away). Emma:Yeah,who do you think zips him into his costume? Zuri:Look,I know you're slammed at the office,but I have a big favor to ask. Ravi:Ooh,how exciting! Taylor:Uh,no thanks. Join Backstage to access jobs you can apply to right now! Am I clear? We're gonna play Pin the Stars on the General! (throws rope,crashes) Sorry,Zeus! (takes picture with phone)(chuckles). Christina: Okay, Daddy and I will be back tomorow in time for your science fair, but first we have to fly to the set of Galactapus 2. Jessie:You know,there is a park across the street! (The children laugh.) Creepy Connie Comes a Callin 8. Jessie :I had nothing to work with! (hugs Jessie and howls). Jessie:Uh,could you try to panic from the neck down? Whatever it is,I can fix it. You may have charisma,but I was born to look goofy in public! Tony:Of course. (scene changes to balcony,time changes to night). Coach Penny:Hey! I love asking my old roommate from Indiana questions that the friend would have no answers to. Coach Penny:(amazed)Outstanding! Potato Head. (Bertram and Zuri enter from the elevator). Aladdin and the King of Thieves/Transcript. Zuri:Jessie,it's a metaphor! And look, the H in 'hick' is backwards! Luigi is see flying with a cape as he slams his feet on to a parademon, then . Itdemonstrates that even against massive opposing forces, one stronger force can keep everything together. While she's gone,my grandma's watching me. Jessie:(stands up)Hey,look,I know I've been really stressed out lately,and I'm sorry if I've been a little too harsh on you. Coach Penny:Ugh! Double digits! This page is the category for Transcripts. Jessie:Wait a minute,that shouldn't be on film! Ravi: All of them. Are You Cooler Than a Fifth Grader? gemini and scorpio parents gabi wilson net worth 2021. disney jessie transcripts. (to Jessie) The first step is admitting you have a problem. Ravi:Oh,joy! It's yours, Morgan. Bertram:Your misery is even better in (deep voice)slo-mo! (pause) Just don't mess up my pep rally! Taylor:You got me a play date with Michelle Obama? Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! (Emma,Luke,Ravi and Zuri using their phones). (pauses) Doesn't that sound fun? Emma:Well,according to the Applause-O-Meter, our new mascot is Luke! Michael's a preppy,but Blake's a leather jacket kind of guy! Luke:All right,all right,all right,cheer-ladies. Bertram:Oh,so then you can fail 3 times! You saved me just in time. Luke: Yeah, Ravi's giant, razor-toothed lizard. Jessie: All this, and all I have to do is take care of one, cute little girl! (Emma hits him with a pillow) To heck with the non-violence! (stops hugging) And I love you more than O-positive. (walks up the stairs)If you need me,I'll be upstairs,trying not to hurt your sister. Emma:Right? Any suggestions? Once again, you are first on the Naughty Board. She only eats rats that are slow-roasted in an heirloom tomato reduction. Or,an hour,that fazool binds you right up! She takes a job as a nanny for a family of four who live in the world's most expensive penthouse on the Upper-West Side. Action! Emma: It's okay- don't worry about it. Do it! Zuri:If I eat that,I'll be stationed over the toilet. Oh! (yells suddenly)Hurry up! Jessie:That was before I was in charge of her. Jessie:OK,you know what? Zuri:I'm finished,no thanks to you! Jessie:I'm so happy my misery brings you joy. Bertram is dusting the piano. does not count. Jessie:Oh,thanks,Emma,but I want to wear the exact outfit I had on when I went on my first date with Tony. She sucks on him for a beat then proceeds to pound the toy repeatedly against the rail of her crib, forcing some of his parts loose. Emma:(as poodle,enters the scene)Hi,hi,hi,hi! Jessie:Never mind. (Laughs again). Jessie:Emma,just pick one! It's too strong to be broken. Jessie:I'm exhausted,but I'm (finishes typing) done! My dad taught me how to hotwire a car with a paperclip and a penny. I know you were bummed when you didn't meet the weight requirement for towel boy. Whatever your name was (Turns to Jessie) Hey, Jessie, wanna be my new nanny? Emma,you're the School Spirit Coordinator! Tony:That's actually pain,you're standing on my paw. Jessie:So,having my face chiseled in Mount Rushmore is out of the question? Ravi: (while playing the videogame)that is very kindbut Mr. Kipling is still a seething cauldron of anger. Bertram:If we leave now, they may not notice for at least a month. Emma:I don't know why he's so cranky!

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