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wester propaganda indeed. Over time, political and economic structures in Africa have changed continuously. Richard, Katherine Schulz. Ibrahim B. Anoba is an African political economy analyst and a Senior Fellow at African Liberty. The AU has clearly had reasonable achievements through its direct contribution and partnership with the international body to resolving and decreasing conflicts in some of the region's . The AU was modelled on the European Union with structures that included an Assembly of heads of state/government, an Executive in which countries were represented by their foreign ministers and the AU Commission which is the administrative branch made up of 10 commissioners and headed by a President. But Swahili only has some 140 million speakers, which is less than 15 percent of the 1.2 billion population of the continent. So each Bloc would have its own Parliament and have unique laws within the laws of the One African State. It hopes to have a single currency, like the euro, by 2023. They threaten interstate and regional stability. The majority of trade unions are independent of the employer. He tweets via @Ibrahim_Anoba. They focused on political, economic, social, environmental and legal issues. China and India are often referenced as good replicas for Africa in this regard, but both countries owe their success to shared ancestral language among their people. The coward never achieve his goals..United Africa must be achieved when we believe in ourselves that we can.. First of all..just because we are black isnt goo enough reason for people to form a country..its like saying Caucasian Europe become one country,or Asia becomes one countryGreat Britain has issues with its union aswel..so did the Soviet Union..and Africans are not just black..the Africans in some islands are more European than sub Saharan African..then Arabs in the North.. Afrikaans,indians.. plus the many tribes,languages,religions..this will bring more problems than solutions..where will the capital be?,currency?do you know how an economic difficult it is to have money flowing across such a wide area,with a problem in this region can cause an economic issue.. everywhereIf this country some how can to be..in less than 5 years.. Africa would be broken into 300 countries Problems are not always there to be fixed.. others are there to show thats not the solution..try another way.. Am happy to hear such discussion from African mouths and I salute sir Ibrahim Anoba for sparking up the agenda. All of these changes cant be stoped as they are tied to time and space. I disagree with the author of the article about India. Its official languages are English, French, Arabic, and Portuguese, but many documents are also printed in Swahili and local languages. People like u are Africas problems. Divide and conquer has been and will continue to be the strategy of the opposition. And dont think just because a leader stays for a long time that makes him or her a dictator our chiefs and Kings used to lead through out their lifetime , also queen Elizabeth for example she is still a leader up until today I dont see any one calling her a dictator. It also brings inflation under better control, compared with most other countries on the continent. Mama Africa unite and innovate for we live in a world that is united against exploiting africa and an Africa that is divided and not United against the existing racist world One leader in control of a big entity with enormous resources, judging by the political history of modern Africa, would be extremely dangerous. Majority being Nigeria ethiopia egypt Drc south africa kenya and Tanzania. We need to stop hating each other ,hating anything African , looking down our own old customs and beliefs Just imagine Al shabab leaving Somalia and not only spreading their terror into Kenya but ll over Africa at will. This essay will validate the effects of colonialism in Africa and how it affected the economy of Africa states which led them to be in the current economic state, furthermore, it will outline how colonizers used their colonial methods to get Africans to change their indigenous ways of doing things. Also in unified government, filibusters would not be needed. Why Join The African Union. If there is $200 trillion in minerals in the soil, I could loan 10 times that to the people, initiate a giant works program building modern infrastructure across the continent stimulating trade making every citizen theoretically 2 million usd richer once done. Am talking about having a common situation that we all find ourselves in regardless our ethnicity, country political ideology etc, that is being a black people continuously oppressed and maimed our economic, critical and abstract regards on how to run our affairs . He appointed a pan-African committee of experts to review and submit proposals for a system of governance for the AU that would ensure the organisation was better placed to address the challenges facing the continent with the aim of implementing programmes that have the . By clicking Accept All Cookies, you agree to the storing of cookies on your device to enhance site navigation, analyze site usage, and assist in our marketing efforts. In the future, the African Union hopes to benefit people of African origin living throughout the world. Even though European countries, like France, Great Britain and Portugal, had very few establishments in Africa, they were constantly trading with them. That is the job of an analyst. Whereas, imposing an alien language on a group, is an attempt to erase their identity. It was only in about the 1930s that they unified their language. However, at the same time, unified government can prove to have disadvantages as the president's ultimate goal is to be reelected which would mean appealing to the moderates. Language barrier problems: The issue of language barriers has proven to be one of the biggest challenges of the Africa Union. Do you want to stay a puppet of France and othets or do you want to die trying? Factor s kicking away unity should be delt with accordingly before uniting . Divided government is the opposite, it occurs when one party controls the white house, and another party controls one or more houses of Congress. Colonialism in Africa refers to the incident which took place during the 1800-1960s where European states came into Africa and exploit resources. Everyone would have equal treatment under the rule of law, ensuring that you are tried by a Jury and not the police. Change stops only when time stops (Premise two). If Malema wants Africans to reject English and French because they demean their identities, then he should not be guilty of the same. Internal conflicts would be brought about but by rotating leadership with a period of a year for every countries best interest and using federalism this subsides. Africa saw its independence as meaningless as long as a part of it remained under colonial tyranny. You wont need to worry about regional ethnic differences . Its leaders were seen as corrupt and unconcerned for the welfare of the common people. Nigeria, for instance, has over 250 ethnic groups, just like there would be in the United States of Africa. I love what you saying cause it makes sense, Malema didnt say you should forget about your mothers tougue, If Africa were to unite there is one question you must ask. Its goal of integration has fostered one identity and has enhanced the political, economic, and social climate of the continent, thereby giving hundreds of millions of people a healthier and more successful future. He proposed the elimination of borders created by colonialists and the promotion of tolerance among Africans. Africa has the population to influence geopolitic in Europe and China. If Malema wants Africans to reject English and French because they demean their identities, then he should not be guilty of the same.. Put in more . These include fighting in the Western Sahara, conflict in the Maghreb region involving the Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, the Somali civil war, and the Allied Democratic Forces and Lords Resistance Army insurgencies in Uganda and the DRC. Financial practices like free trade, customs unions, and central banks are planned. Before getting into this point, let us introduce how Just Eat works. we are ready to learn anything that is needed to unite as including languages as well as essential things to live together. The good thing about a free trade area is that it encourages competition, which consequently increases a country's efficiency, in order to be on par with its competitors. This should be the norm. Different tribes have specific attitudes toward the economy. The African continent is working towards not only in peace as well as security, but is also blooming in areas such as culture; education; trade both in and out the African continent and continuing to place importance on the growth and empowerment of women. University of Pretoria provides funding as a partner of The Conversation AFRICA. The distrust among members comes normally as a result of differences in political ideologies. You can never archieve unless you try . If we set out mind to it, we can do all things and nothing is impossible. Can South Africans Depend on the 2020 Budget for Property Rights and Freedom? The AU now pays more attention to international development cooperation and relationship with international partners than has hitherto been the case. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HV-RtBRZbfQ But my job is to solve the problems of those who dont. We have some of the best leaders in out continent as a whole and if we move beyond our own difference we can make Africa great once again. The African Union, or AU, includes every independent African country except Morocco. And yet, sixteen of the worlds poorest countries were identified as being in sub-Saharan Africa as of 2013. Africa covers a staggering 11.7 million square milesalmost three times the size of Europeand it is deeply pluralized. We would also have a congress (council) that would make the Nations laws. Wish some great black minds can come together for this. Secondly, Larger African economies like South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya and etc have their own internal problems and economies they are dealing with then to allow other africans to add their problems into their countries problems. Prominent conflicts by non-state actors include the Tuareg separatist and jihadist insurgencies in Mali, Boko Haram in Northern Nigeria, jihadist and militia insurgencies in Burkina Faso, al-Shabaab in Somalia, and the ethnic war in the Central African Republic. This is one of the disadvantages of union involvement, since groupthink is essential to union success. Mr. Paul Kagame, President of the Republic of Rwanda, was appointed to lead the AU institutional reforms process. Since then, four Summits have been held leading to the official launching of the African Union: Vision of the African UnionThe vision of the African Union is that of: An integrated, prosperous and peaceful Africa, driven by its own citizens and representing a dynamic force in global arena. This vision of a new, forwardlooking, dynamic and integrated Africa will be fully realized through relentless struggle on several fronts and as a long-term endeavour. disadvantages of african union. African countries gain economically from hosting foreign military bases. President Woodrow Wilson established Americas goal for joining World War I as making the world safe for democracy. At the conclusion of the War, President Wilson declared fourteen principles for peace to be used during the Paris Peace Conference, called the Fourteen Points. Some of the major problems or challenges facing the African Union include the following: Language barrier problems: The issue of language barriers has proven to be one of the biggest challenges of the Africa Union. The African Union's democratic principles have gradually reduced corruption and unfair elections. The main investigative branch of the gov would be the (United Lands Federal Guard). I strongly believe in the Unity of our countries as it would give everyone an equal chance at freedom, prosperity, Justice, The African destiny and the trial by jury and many more constitutional rights. The rest will inevitably change one way or the other. However, at the same time, unified government can prove to have disadvantages as the presidents ultimate goal is to be reelected which would mean appealing to the moderates. guildford school of acting auditions; gilroy google font alternative; cuisinart steamer insert; Blog Post Title February 26, 2018. Some of these RECs, such as the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), the East African Community (EAC) and the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC), have been quite active in exploring possibilities to harmonize budgetary and fiscal policies and for a monetary union on the basis of a common currency. At the time of the declaration, Africa had disproportionately high levels of conflict. The most important of these points was the final point: a general association of nations with the guarantees of political and territorial independence and security. We just need leaders with a backbone, like Mugabe and Gaddafi. Dying as a free man is better than living as a slave. Now how about listing the commonalities and framing our difference as our strength. The fact is that many African countries don't have enough laws in place that protect patents, inventions and new processes. The Bloc would have similar laws and culture and would make the country easy to administer. To make some headway the African Union needs to recognise this, and design solutions to conflicts that are informed by the need to protect human rights. I love the idea and love these discussions. Going about making all the laws uniform will take us centuries before we unite. He counts forty five (45) provinces and thirteen (13) regions and divided in three (3) climatic zones: Sahelian zone in the Northern part, Sudano-Sahelian zone located between 11 3 and 13 5 latitude north and Sudano-Guinean zone in the south as shown in the figure 3.2. we need to get rid of the mental shackles that are still in our mind, making us to believe that other races are great and supreme than us!! Perhaps, they are deliberately neglecting the fact that contemporary African countries are struggling because of the bad arrangements by colonialists. Lets come together and unite Africa into one, Rise African child Arise. The remnants of the colonial powers 4. I suspect you white, If we use one currency as Africans we speaking the same language and most definitely will get along. My brother do be plo-albino yet you are not. Conflicts orchestrated by non-state actors accounted for over 75% of conflicts globally. Trade was one of the few things that brought them together while they always respected each others identity. The African Union has improved stability and welfare, but it does have its challenges. The Portuguese began colonizing Angola in 1575 and the people of Angola were unable to regain their independence for four centuries. Instead, I kept mine and learned new way of life. My dear brothers and sisters United we conquer but divided we fall Nigeria and the African Union (AU) are good examples. This doesnt mean that in the aftermath they cant exploit us. Peace and Security Council (PSC)By decision AHG/Dec 160 (xxxvii) of the Summit of Lusaka, July 2001, a decision was made for the creation within the African Union of the Peace and Security Council. Unrealistic goals and ambitions set by African leaders. it will happen through thick and thin and commitment of the people who believe its beneficial to our people. The author is doing his job, addressing a huge issue and making it as contentious & controversial as possible. Colonialism is when a country or state overpower a particular state by a use of propaganda for them to agree with their terms without the targeted state or country saying anything to the above-mentioned terms (Ocheni & Basil, 2012). I will even add that if it wasnt for Nigerias 99% Christian south, Nigeria would have turned into another Somalia. The purpose of this paper is to analyse the positive and negative impacts of colonialism. In addition to the prospect of building a career within your field of expertise, working with the AU can offer a fulfilling environment that gives you satisfaction by providing the platform to . Pessimistic people will go no where in life, have to WANT to be great in order to be great. Each state was to have equal powers and in most ways was to be independent of the other states. Poverty is still a tremendous problem. We would also set high tariffs on imported goods inorder to support our own manufacturers. Other African leaders stated they would study the proposals implications, and re-discuss it in May 2009.} that can only be achieved by having a sense of pride within ourselves, and that means bieng one, so that whenever you see a black person, you see an african, and that infact happens in other countries outside africa, when they meet a black person, they dont see a Nigerian, they dont see a Kenyan, they dont see a Libyan,instead they see an AFRICAN. 20 years from now the poverty might increase by 1.5 and we will keep saying we are educating moving to a brighter future but are we?the livelihood of the new born of the poverty stricken may stay that way for generations. We have been raised in a way that everything we do , we always fall short or fail but i believe that if we can bring some of Africa best minds together this can be done and done with excellency. Not through another catastrophic political unification. Citizens of some AU member states are apprehensive about the consequences on their personal well- being and livelihoods of growing Chinese presence in their national economies. The African Court of Justice works to ensure that human rights for all Africans are respected. Enough is enough.., LETS MAKE OUR AFRICAN Because we can. My question to those who against unification. TRADE AND INDUSTRY (Trade, Industry, Customs and Immigration Matters)7. The African Union can intervene militarily and has sent peacekeeping troops to alleviate political and social disorder in places like Darfur (Sudan), Somalia, Burundi, and Comoros. Its very important that Re unification happens, and the sooner the better for Africa. One day in the future Africa will be able to be successfully regionally integrated, but as it stands as of now, Africa faces a few obstacles that are hindering the success of the integration: 1. My brother GADDAFI died for a reason that will live other than living for a reason that would died. Your email address will not be published. The idea of freedom, lead them to create a common language among themselves to communicate. There equally cannot be a parliament comprehensive enough to accommodate every tribe that makes up the continent. The ULA gov would invest heavily in uniting the country through road,rail and air. To be honest, all Africans should be willing to give up something for the sake of unification. It also wanted to promote peaceful solutions to conflicts, ensure sovereignty forever, and raise living standards. In fact, traditional Africans often broke away from their original tribes to form new communities for self-realization and freedom. Its goal is to establish a single market which promotes Intra-Africa trade, allowing free movement of people and investments. Though domestic, most of these conflicts tend to be cross-border in form. This is due to the fact that gov owned industries are always corrupt and not profitable for the common good.. My brothers and sisters,we are blessed.Our continent is full of minerals,oil, Rivers, Lakes,Oceans, Forests,wild animals,cool climate and many more benefits.But why is it like being born in Africa is a curse especially in rich-land Congo?why are the westerns benefiting from our land and not our or its children?infact the West should depend on us,not us to depend on them.They use our minerals to create missiles, nuclears and other atomic bombs and restrict us from creating armaments.They use our oil to run their industries,to fuel their rockets,to manufacture goods and sell back to us.The worst thing is that they use free minerals,free oil and free anything else they need from Africa.They achieve this through choosing their own leaders for Africans, deceptive aids which comes through neo-colonialism and mainly keeping Africa divided and always in civil wars.The only way out is a United Lands of Africa.Boundaries were set up by them, different languages french,English,Spanish,Italiano,,,these languages can not be barriers to unification,they were established by them, different economic activities isnt a problem.Infact that is what we need for employment for millions of children of the land.The greatest weapon against these people is our mind. Free trade amongst member countries. Nevertheless, its been reluctant to do so. The CommissionComposed of the Chairperson, the Deputy Chairperson, eight Commissioners and Staff members; Each Commissioner shall be responsible for a portfolio. I am an Ethiopian American who migrated to the U.S.A many years ago. Agenda 2063 is the blueprint and master plan for transforming Africa into the global powerhouse of the future. In conclusion, the African Union comprises all but one of Africa's countries. 1804 Haiti becomes the first black country independent and the second country independent in the new world. However, trade unions do try to develop close relationships . Before the international. This rhetoric of Africa has lasted over decades, with a substantial amount of aid being given to African countries to rectify this problem. But more would come. I am an inventor, an engineer, a business owner, I work in all the fields necessary to know how to solve problems. It works to improve transportation and communication and promotes scientific, technological, industrial, and environmental advancement. The African Union promises to protect Africa's rich cultures, some of which have existed for thousands of years. In July 1999, the Assembly decided to convene an extraordinary session to expedite the process of economic and political integration in the continent. I really dont think you know what you are talking about my fellow.Please before accussing the two leaders you have talked about,why dont you just do a research on your own,it wont take you long.Then you will realize if Africa had a leader,it was him,Muammar Gaddafi.I would like to talk about him but no time for that in writing,do a research and stop going for that which was exposed by the westerns,They did so to find a reason to kill him and his dreams for Africa and to extend their interest to Libyas oil and other minerals which they couldnt get when the lion was there. You have highlighted culture,language and customslook at the United States of America,there are Germans,French,Jewsbut due to intermarriage the Kids only know they are American not German or Italian ancestrySwahili is an African languageif you can learn English or French,you can learn SwahiliJulius Malema aint saying forget you mother tongue learn Swahili hes saying lets leave the language of the former Colonists and adopt our own, look at the corruption in The mineral rich Congothat kind of corruption can only end with a federal government keeping an eye on the resources and the Taxes.But once we have negative people who only see what we cant achieve,friend we can never take a step foward. Promoting Africas growth and economic development by championing citizen inclusion and increased cooperation and integration of African states. We thrive on diversity. Did Musician Naughty Boy Win The Lottery? Unfortunately, Africa still is under the drip of those oppressors. RURAL ECONOMY AND AGRICULTURE (Rural Economy, Agriculture and Food Security, Livestock, Environment, Water and Natural Resources and Desertification)8. Tel: +251 11 551 77 00 The central, or national, government had very limited powers. However. I walk onto a property and people let me work my magic. The AU offers exciting opportunities to get involved in determining continental policies and implementing development programmes that impact the lives of African citizens everywhere. If you truly want something, you will find away. Albinos are great because of us why can we also be great because of ourselvies(pan-africanist signing out). Noteworthy among these are: Advent of the AUThe OAU initiatives paved the way for the birth of AU. The majority of people in the 13 states feared that a strong central government, such as the one they were fighting, might limit the freedom of the separate states. Advantages of a customs union. This went against its own rule that bans coup leaders from occupying political office. Hi my name is Jackline Celestine Kitale from Tanzania and I would like to say that I agree with almost everything you just pointed out but I think that shouldnt be the reasons that stop the union of Africa. Either way, the geopolitical structure of the continent would not allow for such unification.

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disadvantages of african union

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