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I knew then that I would never try it again. Police do not necessarily believe there was foul play involved, according to an interview Rueca had with KRON4. Hello Tony, so sorry for my belated response. West's family urges anyone with information about the case is asked to contact Scott Dudek, their investigator, who can be reached at 925-705-8328. She was at Crissy Field, near the bridge. I think this message needs to be made more clear and put in ads, etc. There is only a 4ft safety rail separating the sidewalk from the void, and 98% of suicide attempts there have succeeded. My hope for others feeling like that is they tell someone who can help them. It is wonderful that having children seems to have inoculated you against suicidal thoughts. She was last seen around 6:45 am when she was dropped off by a rideshare driver. SFGATE news editor Amy Graff contributed to this report. The articles abstract states: Following the interventions, there was an 86% reduction in jumping suicides per year at the sites in question (95% CI 79% to 91%). Throughout the years, Ive engaged in self-injurious behaviors. When I woke up a day later, my depression had greatly improved. Sydney is considered at risk due to depression, said SFPD Officer Robert Rueca to KRON4. And its been a long term plan, for 35 years, but become refined in that time. Your email address will not be published. I wanted to distance myself from it as much as I could so that people would leave me alone. Golden Gate Bridge, suspension bridge spanning the Golden Gate in California to link San Francisco with Marin county to the north. User account menu. She struggled with being so far away from her parents and sister, who reside in North Carolina. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. My husband killed himself 6 weeks ago at home to put a closure on our marital problem. (felt good to be honest for once). Precious few people survive such a fall; the water about 200 feet below acts the same as concrete when a person lands on it at high speed. Sure if youve got someone/s to bail you out after your attempt, yeah youve got a reason to live. Challenges, extreme challenges. I still think about suicide, although not as often. All 29 people who survived their suicide attempts off San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge have said they regretted their decision as soon as they jumped. Or, at least, balanced! According to her family, a private investigator has followed up on dozens of tips, but none have led to West's whereabouts. Once her gap year was over, she moved back to California decided to attend U.C. For example, upon hearing me take total responsibility for the failure of my first marriage a gifted woman who is a counselor and pastor said, I typically find that both parties share responsibility equally. Dr. Freedenthal also is an associate professor at the University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work, and a psychotherapist and consultant in private practice. I feel fortunate and very grateful that so many individuals take their time and devote energy to sharing what they have experienced in their lives-it is so difficult for most people to understand in its wholeness-the value of life ..the science of every day living and the extreme depth and mystery and solstice to human beings, but one way to start understanding why people: innocents commit suicide is to acknowlege the exact factors of why a healthy person would just turn off the switch to existence. Those two have shown some effectiveness at reducing suicidal ideation and behavior. : The Fate of Suicide Attempt Survivors, A Follow-up Study of Suicide Attempters from. I am so very grateful now to be alive and I hope to find ways to assist others going through the deep abyss that can sometimes take over your entire being take another breath, and another. YEAH? I am literally living day by day and full of guilt, regret and anger. . The entire bridge in covered with CCTV cameras monitored 24/7, and footage is retained for 6 months as it is federal land and monitored by Homeland Security. All clues so far, the family has revealed, have not been fruitful. I blame myself 100% for her suicide. Im about to be 22, medicated trying to live normal with constant suicidal thoughts. Upon its completion in 1937, it was the tallest and longest suspension bridge in the world. Sydney West's parents confirmed she was last seen on the Golden Gate Bridge. This research, though 35 years old, still holds true. It turns out that I had, and still have, many misconceptions about myself and the people in encounter. There were probably signs that you had a drinking problem from the very beginning. It was a startling revelation. "Folks that have seen anything that resembles Sydney, we really want to collect information.". [This comment was edited, per the Comments Policy. Has he tried cognitive behavior therapy? Thanks for sharing your story here. The Golden Gate Bridge is the number one suicide site in the world. Construction of the Golden Gate Bridge suicide net, a coarse web of steel designed to catch and cradle people who jump, is two years behind . She took a ride-share service. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I wish everyone could receive this gift, and I am grateful that you and others have done so! The Suicide Deterrent System, also known as the Safety Net, is being constructed to keep people from jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a serious, intentional attempt to end my own life. Key to my recovery was becoming realistic about my part in creating the calamity called my life, but also needed to recognize others responsibilities as well. Its unfair. "I just want to reach out to all the folks that have been supporting us over the past almost month now, communicate that the support and the love that we get is just absolutely amazing," Wests dad, Jay West, said in the clip. I am suicidal have been for the past week. That is so sad, Julie. Andrew was formerly a Creative Executive at Westbrook Studios. Your Privacy Choices (Opt Out of Sale/Targeted Ads). There was a 44% increase in jumping suicides per year at nearby sites (95% CI 15% to 81%), but the net gain was a 28% reduction in all jumping suicides per year in the study cities (95% CI 13% to 40%).. We dont like living in pain, and we look for ways of ending that pain and, being creatures of habit, we do it in old familiar ways because thats what we know. At times I hate myself. BERKELEY, CA The parents of Sydney "Syd" West, a missing person who was previously a University of California, Berkeley student, have divulged new details in her case and are asking anyone with information to come forward. You provide inspiration to others who still are stuck in that hopelessness and despair. PLEASANTON, Calif. (KRON) Nearly a year has gone by since a Bay Area college student, Sydney West, vanished in San Francisco. She has blonde hair and blue eyes, and was last seen wearing a sweatshirt, dark-colored shorts and blue Vans sneakers. I often want to jump off the bridge by my apartment. Confessed to my dad and got shipped to a hospital. The night before she disappeared (Sept. 29) she and her father Jay West had a lengthy phone conversation according to her family. He had a gun in the house that he never used, was trying to sell, I didnt even think of it during this time. Obviously, I failed. The tragedy of suicide is indisputable. You can learn more about me here. And there ended Rhodes four-years-in-the-making attempt to wow crowds and find fame by jumping from the bridge into the bay. Copyright 2013 Stacey Freedenthal, PhD, LCSW, All Rights Reserved. Growing up Sydney was described as a sweet and goofy girl who wasnt afraid of being herself. That is no way to live, but that is the reality. Your pain matters. 18 I held a gun to my head in my backyard w my finger on the trigger. I agree with you completely, Anonymous. I wonder if you might benefit from talking with like-minded folks at ChronicSuicideSupport.com. The Golden Gate Bridge came to be recognized as a symbol of the power and progress of the United States, and it set a precedent for suspension-bridge design around the world. Even though a prior suicide attempt dramatically increases the risk for future suicide, studies have demonstrated that most people who survive a suicide attempt do not go on to die by suicide: There are different possible reasons why people who attempt suicide, or try to make such an attempt, might choose afterward to stay alive. Her parents,Jay and Kimberly West,said their daughter liked visiting that bridge and would go to nearby Crissy Field to exercise. Keep pushing on. If you enjoyed this article, subscribe now to receive more just like it. I had my suicidal thoughts since I was a child I lost my mum when I was 9 years old she took her own life and even now after my attempt I still dont know how to feel about what happened to her and what I have done to my self but I know I will have to find a way to live with the impact of my attempt and hopefully find a way to some sort of happiness, Please seek help, therapy to work through your trauma, it must be so hard to have lost your mum in this way and your nine year old self could only feel abandoned, not enough to have stopped her. After he was rescued, he continued to live, and lives still, serving as a suicide prevention advocate at the national level. I am sure your mum will be watching over you, so sad that she caused you so much pain, please seek help, you are precious, with love xxx. West took a rideshare service to the Golden Gate Bridge; the driver cooperated with San Francisco police and is not believed to be a suspect. But overall, the evidence is that prevention is not simply a temporary delay of death. Its impossible to know but something to consider, in case youre only considering the set of possibilities for which you blame yourself. They understand the battle with weight loss and a zillion other things but not suicide. She had moved in with friends in San Francisco, where she was living when she disappeared. But I have. Its always women telling men what we should be. Had medical intervention on the second. The decision collapsed Rhodes sister's claim that her brother was murdered as cameraman Guzman should have been in a boat to pull her brother out of the water. "We know that there was a lot of pedestrian, car and bicycle traffic on the Golden Gate Bridge the morning Sydney disappeared. "Jump." That's the word Kevin Hines heard in his head on September 25, 2000, as he stood on the Golden Gate Bridge. SF]. On the morning of September 30, 2020, Sydney took a ride share service to the Golden Gate Bridge, where she often went to jog, practice yoga, and exercise in nearby Crissy Field. Public File for KBCW-TV / KBCW 44 Cable 12. Its great to hear that things are going well for you now. My failure as a person was responsible for my extreme step. But 10 years later, Im there again. PART OF AUDACY NEWS. But the cameras lost sight of her because of heavy fog, making it impossible to know what happened. You cant will people to live. Why Prevent Suicide? The instant regret of jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge did not result in instant mental health recovery once Hines survived. I address the myth of inevitable suicide in this post. Saving Lives at the Golden Gate Bridge. She is an amazing musician. But he didnt and will never know that what he had actually solved only his own problem- feeling/depression. Here I thought I just occasionally drank too much. The most intuitive reason is that suicidal crises are, by their nature, temporary. But what if you dont want help? I tried commiting suicide and ended up brain dead Then after I got out of the coma, I was put in rehab for 11 months where I kept trying to break my neck and die because I missed my fiance so much (he wasnt allowed to visit me because he had attempted suicide with me too since he didnt want to live without me). Im wondering if youve seen the post If Only: Self-Blame After a Loved Ones Suicide. As of 2013, it is estimated that 34 people have survived after jumping. Anyone with information is asked to contact private investigator Scott Dudek at (925) 705-8328 or [email protected]. She was carrying a black backpack and her light brown hair was pulled back into a bun. I fully expected to talk to her the next day, Jay West told KRON4. Cookie Notice r/redsox. Car plunges off California elevated highway, 3 people killed. 15, 12, by Americaoncoffee. Afterward, I was disgusted and angry. Sydneyhas light brown hair and blue eyes. The sad thing is that, as I say in my letter, some of what your friend thinks and believes may actually be true, but his mind is probably also shutting him out of other truths that could balance out his pain. A. I am a suicide survivor from India. As a person who has tried countless times to end my life, even shooting myself in the head, we are stuck living with yet another feeling of failure when we fail and continue suffering. It is always wonderful to hear from someone who made it out to the other side. Although severe depression led him to jump off the bridge, Kevin Hines has stated: "The very second I let go, I knew I had made a big mistake." I find myself returning to that time in my life and wondering if this is the way Im supposed to go, or if the survival instinct will continue to win. A missing person case has also been launched in Orange County, North Carolina, where West's family lives. About his dads suicide, your article helping me a lot to help. A vigil was held last week for West in Pleasanton. Sydneyhas not used her phone, social media or bank accounts since she disappeared. The Golden Gate Bridge crosses the Golden Gate Strait and connects the City of San Francisco and the County of Marin to the north. I was driving toward the Hoover Dam bypass bridge from Memphis over 4 years ago to jump off. Camera footage has been reviewed and interviews have been conducted among West's friends and acquaintances, but there are no leads. Her disappearance was every parents worst nightmare. He says he fully expected to speak with her the next day and became very worried when she didnt return multiple calls from him. There is a strength within you. Joshua Bote is the tech editor at SFGATE. If you havent already joined a support group for other suicide loss survivors, that might help you; such groups are available in person and online. 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