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This free website and paid guide are a collection of the strategies I have used myself while winning the Business Strategy Invitational multiple times, seen work by my competitors at the highest level of play, and implemented on dozens of teams Ive personally coached. On initial input of the change there was a big boost to my numbers, but when I left the page the game suddenly dropped my numbers below my original ones. Business simulation games allow you to experience certain aspects of running a business in a completely virtual, consequence-free environment. From experience Id say tho that it is already too late to adjust to my strategy presented. update them with tips and food for thought from the paid guide. SAVE TIME & PASS YOUR CLASS Amplify Your BSG Online Score: Derek's "Pass Your Class Guarantee" . 4. I only ever paid attention to my profits and I never ever sold capacity. From the desk of: a Business Strategy Game Grand Champion. The information is these guides is laid out, and displayed, in such a way . A business strategy game is an exercise that requires critical thinking and problem-solving skills, similar to what an entrepreneur may use while running their daily operations. Play the game multiple times and try to refine your strategies and entrepreneurial skills with each attempt. And should I do stock repurchase this year? It can be very beneficial for you. Company operations are patterned after Some business simulation games actually put you in the position of a business owner, but others have varying storylines or themes that let players hone these skills in . Taking up stock offering is a cheaper alternative to loans in case of an expansion, but caution should be practised as this move might lead to a drop in the cost of the EPS. But again, thanks! Do not worry about me skipping the Internet Marketing, Wholesale Marketing, and Celebrity Endorsements pages. You need to get confidential,accurate,comprehensive, andreliablyup to dateinformation from a trusted andPROVENBusiness Strategy Game source. Learn a little more about the theoretical concepts behind the game in our Free MBA course. Hi Fin, Thanks for the detail post and the screen shots. It didnt matter how competitive they were, how motivated they were, or whether they were Industry Champions. Business Strategy Game Espanol (Spanish BSG Help ), Ayuda En Espanol Para La Simulacion Glo-Bus (Spanish Glo-Bus Help), Business Strategy Game En Franais/French, En Franais Business Strategy Game Assistance (French BSG Help), Business Strategy Game In Het Nederlands/Dutch, In Het Nederlands Business Strategy Game Help (Dutch BSG Help), Business Strategy Game Auf Deutsch/German, Business Strategy Game Auf Deutch Assistenz (German BSG Help). MyNewVideo Guide leaves nothing to the imagination. Heres What You Get in The Ultimate BSG Solution Monster Package: The Ultimate BSG Solution Guide was written by an old established BSG Grand Champion. After you have decided to which region to ship your shoes to, go ahead and set your Superior Materials Usage value and your Enhanced Styling / Features value. I will walk you through each page chronologically. Theres not right amount of capacity you should purchase. I worried that another team would have stumbled onto your blog, but few people Google tips it seems! How would you like to acquire every secret I have about the Business Strategy Game? This decision page deals with your plants. And profit is what the game is all about. You can decide to sell or purchase available capacity, upgrade your plants, build new plants in other regions, or add capacity to already existing plants. If youd like an overview of the content we publish, take a look here, and if youre interested in Glo-bus, start here. In the first few years, this will be pretty difficult to determine. Dont blindly waste recourses on a celebrity tag; be strategic to make sure you will get the return on investment. This is probably the most important decision entry page in the game and you will be spending most of your time here. We give you. By clicking on the Purchase Capacity button, you can see whether someone else did the mistake and sold capacity. Displaying corporate citizenship in a responsible and socially acceptable manner for not less than 4 years. You should pay attention that your S/Q Rating of Branded Pairs Produced matches your value on the Sales Forecast page. With the high-quality shoes + low model strategy, the only thing you care about is your PROFIT. I include tons of free information to give you a leg up on your classmates on my blogroll. I am having trouble getting my company back into the positive ending cash after taking out a loan. and why do I want it? No spam. You are almost done for the Sales Forecast decision page. If you will not be able to get a return on your investment over the remaining period, it might be a good idea to forego the upgrading process. It makes sense; the more ads you run, the more your celebrity endorsement will be seen and the more effective it is. This is where consumers get the best quality of footwear at the lowest possible price, therefore ensuring value for their money. I promise you my techniques and tips are fully replicable and have kept me theundefeatedall theseYears! Hello. It will be very helpful for us and will be very grateful Do you still have your upload reports of all your years ? Is there a strategy that will always win? In Y12, I paid early payment 12,000k at 8.5% and continued borrowing 70,000k at 4.5% for 5-year). As already mentioned earlier, not every decision has to make sense. This is very helpful. Helped me get to the second place! There are tons of possibilities in the Business Strategy Game, and the wrong strategy in the wrong circumstance willCOST you the game. Selecting the members that will form your team is very crucial as you will be working together to ensure the success of your company. Its not too late to do that yet. This Reddit is dedicated to help undergraduate and graduate students excel at the McGraw-Hill Business Strategy Game or BSG-Online. I have encountered two successful strategies so far: medium-quality shoes (S/Q rating of 5-6 stars) paired with high number of models (250-350 models) and high-quality shoes (S/Q rating of 8-10 stars) paired with low number of models (50 models). (0 for both stock issues and stock repurchase). You need the capacity for the private label market. Is this guide guaranteed to make me win? The Business strategy game offers a unique hands-on experience for participants grouped in teams, to run a virtual footwear company and go head to head with other competitors to see whose business strategies win. I recommend having a pen and piece of paper next to you so you can write down your net profit and compare when plugging in different values. Those are LEARNING REFERENCES written bycommonplace Industry Champions, which teach you how toplay. Paying off these loans in advance has the advantage that you will pay less interest over the coming years. We had a bunch of copycats in practice year 12, but nobody has figured our profit-maximizing, low-cost strategy, and now theyre pursuing higher models in the real game. If you have any questions, feel free to come back and ask them. I followed your recommendations, and I have a good rank. Free shipping will most likely not increase your profits. . For only $35, get instant access to the Business Strategy Game Guide. It will be, trust me. However, after 3-4 years, your competitors will settle and changes will be more predictable. Concerning changing others values, I recommend reading my initial post where I have explained everything in detail. I am on my second year and I have negative income right now, any tips on how to get in the positive? This is actually typical of almost every single Business Strategy Game Industry, as it takes only 1 greedy person to get the ball rolling. I was a poor undergraduate college student, too, at one point, and I understand your unwillingness to pay for an additional book. I will talk about the Celebrity Endorsements page later. It has not only won recognition and awards from top gaming media such as IGN and PC Gamer, but also from world-leading media including CNN and Discovery Channel. Then, just like you did before, plug in different values for your internet price and see, which price yields the highest net profit. is a proven guide (written by a Business Strategy Game Grand Champion) on how to win, not just how to play. Even though this game is said to be a business simulation, get rid of the thought that all decisions have to make sense and be logical. Hi! Thats one of the things you should never do because you can always use capacity. If it is 0%, that is fine as well, do not worry about it. Thanks! I recommend building additional 1,000 capacity for the North American plant in the first year, if your cash balance allows it. However, keep in mind that your regional endorsement value should not be higher than 400 in any region. Choosing the correct financial approach, among other things, made a huge difference. Do not worry about the Plant Capacity / Upgrades page. However, when pricing your shoes, keep in mind to set the price at least $5 below the wholesale price average. If you see little action on the celebrity market, go ahead and get your celebrities for the lowest price possible ($500). Does it hurt any other factors? What should I do for year 12 and 13? Which wholesale are you referring to? So, should I decrease pay dividends here to $0.15? Learn tips & tricks, from a BSG Grand Master! This will enable you to tap into the different unique abilities of each of the members thus strengthening your team. if you have left over inventory, you should either work on your numbers as I described in my post or put the left-over shoes into private-label. After you read the free Business Strategy Game Tips Guide, I recommend checking our Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube channels. Here, you are treated like a star. How can I increase my game score? You are now done with your private-label decisions and all significant decisions that affect your net profits. Write down each regions reject rates and add them up to the regions estimates sales volume. Ship all the other shoes for the Europe-African warehouses and the Asia-Pacific warehouses from the Asian-Pacific plant. Again, maximizing net profit is all you care about with our strategy determined at the beginning. This will lead to greater visibility for your company and thus a boost in the image rating. Hence, it should be your goal to price your shoes lower than everyone else and take their market share so that other companies will not sell any private-label shoe in this region. These are the tools you need to win BSG. After you have plugged in your numbers for both plants and your Branded Pairs Available for Shipment matches your Total Branded Pairs Shipped from each Plant, go ahead, click the Save Decisions button, and move to the Private-Label Operations page. Its not too bad, no worries. You will also receive a copy of Currency Made Simple. I would like to ask you about the Dividends. On BSGTips, we have an email service and forum to handle any support issues you may have. To be a Business Strategy Game Grand Champion, you have to firmly understand every nitty-gritty little detail within the Business Strategy Game Manual. Hello, thanks for the great strategy, it is working (1st place) ! However, it will also decrease your ending cash. Sometimes thats cutting expenses, sometimes thats increasing expenses (even though it might not make sense at first). It has two components. Here's a free video of things to watch out for while you are running your shoe company and competing in the BSG. For only $35, get instant access to the Business Strategy Game Guide. You can either take out a 1-year, 5-year, or 10-year bank loan. I feel you. If this is still not enough, add the missing shoes to the other plants Branded Pairs to be Manufactured in Year XX number. Right now I am doing the second year decision, Im doing star 8 and 100 models, did 7 stars and 100 models in first round and the result was not very good. You can still ship pairs from LA to somewhere else if needed. Every single member should be given the venue to express their thoughts clearly. By employing the best cost strategy. More than often they drone on and on about BSG, to the point, its barely relevant toimpress you with abunch of words. So for the last year I didnt stick to the rule that the internet price has to be 40% higher than the wholesale price. Okay! You almost can never have enough capacity because what you dont sell in branded, you can sell in private label and dumb prices there and take away your competitors market share. You said that the internet price should be 40% above wholesale. Dave Mar You might have the highest profits with 0 advertising budget. I started with paying $0.05 dividends and increased it by $0.05 every year. Sorry for the late reply.. Been starting my new job and working a lot lately. Aim for a higher credit rating of B+ or above. You basically do the same thing over and over again, for every decision round. These games often involve managing resources, making . In this video we go over these five Business Strategy Game Tips: Price elasticity and why most athletic footwear companies don't understand how it is really computed. No worries, this is logical and you did nothing wrong. Whether a member is suggesting a different. When starting the BSG, you have two long-term loans; one for 5 years, the other one for 10 years. and A-P plant, focus on your Total Branded Production Needed to Achieve Year XX Sales Forecast section on the lower half of the page. No worries, it will be easier after the first few years. Here are factors to be considered before picking a celebrity. Personally, I would do a higher SQ to start things out while you are building capacity to match the low quality-high model approach. If this scares you, it should. If you reach the last decision round, comment down below and I will give you some hints on how to boost your net profits for the last year and gain some extra points. With this, they raised the global capacity to 30,000 when the potential global demand (including private label) is only 24,218. Hi You have to base it off the HIGHEST wholesale price, just to be safe Like that, all 4 regions are guaranteed to be 40% above wholesale price. Okay. Skip the fancy words so many other guides drone on about BSG, andget down to real execution of business strategy. 5. Created Oct 30, 2013 Restricted 753 Members 5 Online Moderators Moderator list hidden. Switch between different advertising budgets to see which strategy will be the most cost-effective to capture the target market at the best price. The accumulated knowledge I have over the Business Strategy Game is on an unrivaled scale. Yeah I had that in the first weeks as well. The BSG Ultimate Solution isTHE ONLYGUARANTEEDone-way ticket to winning the BSG. Learn how to set your prices right by orchestrating your branded market efforts with my intense market advertising and a retail support campaigns that will ensure company stability for years to come. Wow, you are done! Is there anyway to increase the demand for my shoes in the internet/wholesale markets? I believe it varies based on your games situation. Based on the kind of approach you will use, you might find it useful to keep some of the costs low. Furthermore, I spent all my cash on hand for dividends and stock repurchase to increase my ROE and EPS as much as possible. Emerging on top of this simulation can be quite a challenge. And then I would just follow my tips and adjust all other values to maximize profits. Dont be fooled by cheap imitations by common Industry Champions thatgloss over the obvious. I put $1.00 pay dividends, which turned out 20,000k in total. One time, I was able to increase my net profit by lowering TQM / Six Sigma Quality Program to $0.20 and increasing Percentage of Superior Materials to maintain my S/Q Rating. So having understood what the image rating of a company is based upon, how can you improve it? If you have more cash available, go ahead and spend it for either one of the other options. Yes, I would definitely do plant upgrade option C! However, I would recommend not taking out any loan if possible. I am in Y12, and I am adjusting for Y13. Well some Industry Champions have such an easy time winning because the people theyre going up against simply didnt care about the BSG. So I would recommend you to decrease your models to 50 and remain at 8* for most of the time, if not even for all the remaining game. congrats on your success! honestly i started with 150 models at 6 stars and went to 200 and 7 stars, 8 in private label. You will get the hang of it after the first few decision rounds as it is always the same procedure. There is a huge difference of learningHow To Winand learning the basics of the game. So for our strategy, it should be 7 stars at the beginning. I have experienced different behavior with bidding on celebrities. Be objective in your approaches from the beginning of the simulation right to the end. However, you can successfully apply most of the following tips to either strategy. Paying dividends will increase your stock price and your ROE. The first time I played, I did exactly what you are doing: researching the internet. If you happen to end up with a large surplus of shoes the next year, lower your 1.2 multiplier a little bit to 1.18. A celebrity endorsing your product offers a big boost to product awareness, helps a brand penetrate new regions thus acquiring new market shares, and can drive up sales. The Business Strategy Game is a PC-based exercise, modeled to reflect the real-world character of the globally competitive athletic footwear industry and structured so that you run a company in head-to-head competition against companies run by other class members. You Get ALL This For The Extremely Low Price, I understand that it only takes 10-15 minutes to put theMagicYear 11. numbers in the right spot to make me Industry leader Instantly! Every game in the Business Strategy Game starts out the same. For many students, winning the Business Strategy Gamecan be the difference between PASS and FAIL. When there is a change in any aspect of operations it should be implemented upon approval of all the members. Should I continue expanding NA or AP and by how much? Especially with our high quality and low models strategy, this will be very beneficial and will safe you some money. Business Strategy Game player with a career stretching back to 2006 and throughmultiple versions of BSG. While +2% might now always be spot on, I have made the best experience with it so far. Your Delivery Time should be set to 3 weeks. Also, I suggest not decreasing your dividends. total sales volume estimate into the Branded Pairs to be Manufactured in Year XXslot for North America, write down your reject rate and add it to your previous total N.A. With remaining the cash on hand, try to buy back stock, pay off your loans from the beginning of the game, pay back dividends, and upgrade your plants. like should I just follow your tips through all because I kind of get on a bad start. you should repurchase stock whenever you can. The closer your actual numbers are to your estimates, the more likely it will be that you earn bonus points from the Bulls Eye Award (be within a 5% range of the estimates). Increase models? From this highest whole dollar amount, I plug in every possible value around it and find the price that yields the highest net profit. For long term celebrity contracts and endorsement, bid for them in the early stages of the simulation. Dont let them beat you to it or you simply wont stand achance. Here, you will decide for how much your shoe is going to sell. Year 11 might be over for you. My group and I are about to complete year 17 for the game. Order today and you will beprivyto every secret, technique, tip, support, and help I can provide you with thatwill surely secure your SUCCESS and VICTORYas a Business Strategy Game Player. Hi, Do not worry about those numbers, they will just show you whether your investment is profitable or not. I usually go ahead and plug in whole dollar amounts for the wholesale price and see how net profit changes. I now have another question about capacity. If youre like most students though, you just want to win the Business Strategy Game, be crowned Industry Champion, get the grade, and move on with your life. Once you have enough capacity then switch to low SQ approach. If after putting the above measures in place and your image rating lowers, consider increasing the S/Q of the shoes and indulging more in corporate citizenship behaviour. If you demand for branded production is met, put everything else into private label to make sure you dont have unused capacity. Automated page speed optimizations for fast site performance, Capsim Winning Strategies and Simulation Tips, Leadership and Management Assignment Help. Players must make decisions to build brand loyalty by improving . Im play a new version of BSG ,we have already completed year 17 and now our team have a problem with struck in the middle stage that cost cant decrease more and this year other company in the industry have a high SQ star and low cost (price war) that we cant fight them because our cost is too high. Although the big news for 2020 has obviously turned out to be the effects of the COVID19 coronavirus pandemic outbreak, many business students still have to struggle with the difficulty of playing the Business Strategy Game to get a good grade to graduate. Always Have A Backup Plan. The knowledge to exasperate competitor weaknesses and curb competitor strengths lies in the strategic knowledge in the model. Beat the Business Strategy Game. Contact the Grand Championand Learn more about the BSG. Hi. Private label will help you dominate your competition. So the question is: would you recommend for my team to still increase capacity despite this fact? I adjusted a little bit and the forecast is now close to previous years. Im giving away adeadly secretinsideMagic Year 11 Secrets Revealedthat will make a person number 1 almost no matter what. The best part is that, after it is in place for 3 or more rounds of play, the effects become almost irreversible. You cannot afford to followsimple techniques and fail! Is there a system to beating the game? You can ignore the Internet Marketing and Wholesale Marketing pages because they will just reflect your internet and wholesale decisions that you already plugged in on the previous pages. Thank you, Fin! Business strategy games are a type of computer or board game that simulates the decision-making processes involved in running a business. Thats a game changer!! It is all about trying out all possible combinations. A free section gives the casual reader some tips and tricks in class and a paid guide for people who are behind and need to catch up or students who want to save themselves the headache and win. I would still go for the 50 models and make sure to buy or build capacity so you have enough for your private label. Hi! In any Business Strategy Game, including BizMAP, you will not get it 'right' in the first attempt. as I described in my post, Id go with the low models, maximum profit strategy as it is easy to follow and you determine the market. I will just adjust it first and see what happens, thanks a lot:). I dont know why the game suddenly changed your numbers but I recommend using every last bit of your capacity. Start off with the values that you know for sure: For the high quality, low models strategy, I recommend starting off with a S/Q rating of 7 stars and 50 models available. The Business Strategy Game is a real world - real life management simulator where students BSG login to learn about essential business concepts like cost focused strategy, broad differentiation strategy, generic strategy, focused differentitation strategy, and low cost strategy. So do you mean although we sell exactly same shoes it does not matter even my rivals price is lower than mine so long as i can maximize my profit? you can SUCCEED in the Business Strategy Game by following my SIMPLE tips, advice, and strategies. Buy Now with PayPal. In my opinion, I believe the other teams are thinking on exploit the private label. One week they might increase, the other they might increase by just a little or even decrease. havr the highest stock price, image rating at 90, A+ still, and double digit EPS. Thank you so much for your reply! Chances are it would be a piece of cake right? Here are a few things to give you confidence in us: Our guide & coaching took every customer to 1st or 2nd place utilizing the guide. If you are completely new and your projected performance box is not showing yet, you have to click the Save Decisions button on the upper right-hand corner for the projected performance box to appear. You are playing the BSG but do not want to read the 35-page Players Manual? Weve solved EVERYTHING for you. This manual provides actual numbers to use as guidelines, has many examples from real games, and should make your life so much easier than mine was! Those that havent played the BSG Online yet and are researching online for every advantage they can find. I daily (thank you, Hootsuite, for making it so easy!) You should slightly increase your dividends year by year. And he also purchase 4000 capacity in the first year but no advertising expenses. Looking at the North America column, you now have to plug in your values for Wholesale Price, S/Q Rating, Models Available, etc. It is definitely around 1.2 though and I recommend starting off with this value. Always keep that in mind when formulating your strategies and leave room for adjustment where necessary. Deciding whether to buy an already functioning plant or build one from the ground up will depend on; whether the geographical region you want to set up has a plant you can buy as well as the time that is available for you to set up a new plant. I personally would not bid higher than $5,000 $6,000. Do not worry about your market share percentage or any other value than your net profit.

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