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I hope you enjoy it, warnings/tw: a little tinybit of suggestive but only if you can spot it, request:Hi! You laughed loudly at his jokes, beaming at him. His every intention, his entire heart unfolded unto you in the sunbeam covered paradise of your bed in the early hours of the morning when youre both up far too early to start your day, yet without enough time to fall back to sleep in each others arms. A t-shirt marketed by Vivziepop's website lists the locations for Verosika's Hell Tour, most of them being cities in the Seven Circles of Hell: Pentagram City, Pride; LDS Satanio, Wrath; Beelzehaven, Gluttony; Mint City, Greed; Crystal Stadium, Lust; Levitowne, Envy; Dreamsville, Sloth; and finally, Florida. He didnt have a strong desire to go somewhere, but it was better than staying at the base alone. by Cheonsa~ 6.8K 199 9 . He was looking forward to seeing you on stage, When the show started, he was quickly mesmerized by your singing. He liked spending time with you. Verosika takes a liking to a little sinner working backstage tip: "uchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto" angst kudos>10, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Rape/Non-Con, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death, Rape/Non-Con, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (5), Blitzo (Helluva Boss)/Original Female Character(s), Moxxie (Helluva Boss)/Original Female Character(s), Loona (Helluva Boss)/Original Male Character(s), Millie (Helluva Boss)/Original Male Character(s), Verosika Mayday/Original Male Character(s), My Blitzo: Various Yandere Helluva Boss X Female Blitzo Reader, Loona (Helluva Boss)/Original Character(s), Vortex & Original Helluva Boss Character(s), Mrs. Mayberry (Helluva Boss)/Original Character(s), Apple/Coco (Helluva Boss)/Original Character(s), Asmodeus | Ozzie/Original Female Character(s), Vortex (Helluva Boss)/Original Character(s), "Stormy Nights and Cloudy Days" (Hazbin HotelXReader) & (Helluva BossXReader), Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Octavia Goetia/Original Female Character(s), Bombproof | Striker's Horse (Helluva Boss), Blitzo My Darling: Various Yandere Female Verse Helluva Boss X Blitzo Reader, Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss One Shots and Scenarios, I pretty much made this for me because Im a fucking simp, Angel Dust Being Angel Dust (Hazbin Hotel), Psychiatrist In Hell: Various Yandere Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss X Reader. He didnt want to appear weak in her eyes. Steal their car and run three rings to Wrath and max my credit card on shitty horse-riding lessons? Yet, somehow, despite your nerves, you gave her your best flirty smile and half-lidded eyes that seemed to work on everyone else. Between the pulsating music and the sweet taste of honeysuckle residue on his tongue. Now a Killer is stalking around, the circus grounds. Months of fresh hell as he learned how despised and disconnected he could be from a forced lover, only to find moments of reprieve in a blue-eyed owl who let his stomach fill with butterflys, even if just for a moment. Tempt mortals into sexual acts (ongoing). The main purpose of this blog is to spread news from the life of my YouTube channel and from my own life. But they later broke up after Blitzo left Verosika to pay for their hotel room, joyriding her car three times and cashing out her credit card for horse riding lessons. Odd. Now, Blitzo find himself married. Ah, Hell. He didnt have much time to talk to you that night, but you got a chance to get to know each other better when you met at a bar the following week, He came to the bar to relax, but when he saw you, he felt his heart skip a beat. On days like these, he felt out of place. WARNING!! Thank you so much to the lovelies who contacted me about this in regards to my post! He works at I.M.P. His intentions poured from his eyes and seeped into your skin as declarations of his adoration for you pooled onto your neck and shoulder with every sweeping, feather light brush of his lips on your skin. Whenever your lips would touch his, even for the briefest of moments, to pull him from whatever depths of his minded been settled in. I don't have much motivation in life so I draw mostly lego people and hot demons don't ask. You brought him into the living room, sat him down on the sofa and made him tea. you can do this shit on your own, cant you? girlxgirl helluvaboss xoxo +7 more # 3 Fate's Impression (Verosika X Read. Idk what goes on after that. You smiled looking at her confused face. It was for this purpose that she went to the cabaret club. He could feel his heart pounding wildly as he tried to keep his words straight. Works and bookmarks tagged with Verosika Mayday/Male Reader will show up in Verosika Mayday/Reader's filter. He was angry and confused. Thats it, enough talking, lets watch the movie, Agent One x demon!Reader Oneshot When will you finally leave me alone?!. He didnt immediately understand the reason for this, but you quickly saved him from having to guess. You have been appearing in his dreams for quite a long time, but for several months you have been in reality. As the I.M.P group killed their targets as many as possible, Verosika appeared on stage at her concert and her demons started to have their way with the crowd. He often talked to you and you gradually began to understand what he was saying to you. Okay, well, Ill see you around, Loona called to you, turning on her heel, intent on finally getting to meet with Vortex, before you finally speak. Hello, my name is Mina, the Angel of Hell! You need something? she asks, crossing her arms in front of her chest. Verosika mayday and her crew were assigned to hit the smith family house only to discover a animatronic spring lock suit and now they will be friends. *update*Sorry but I'm discontinu What happens when a human, despised by the entire world, goes to hell by the will of God himself? I'm still a novice at writing mature content, so feedback . You had a delicious meal and were able to chat. Reader by MoonSorsha 112K 2K 13 I know I usually do human reader books, but this time you are a demon. You put down the pen and gently took her palm in yours, then kissed her palm. As if the feeling of your lips on his body could solve him, could fix him, could make him into something worthy of you. He hurried to you to pick up the bird, but you told him with a soft smile on your lips that everything was fine. Be it male or female reader, you are the 4th employee to be hired by the over energetic (and full of himself) Blitz. He was well aware that many people paid attention to your appearance, but he just relaxed listening to you sing, You wouldnt have met Medic if it wasnt for Archimedes. Sometimes you smiled at someone from the audience and this time Demo became the one you smiled at. I mean, how do they even survive day to day!? However, this only seemed to make her laugh. A life of his own desire was torn from Stolas once Stella was officially married into his name. Now featured on TVTropes! But deep down, he wanted to succumb to your charms for once. Youve been working with her for several years as her manager. Please consider turning it on! While Blitzo drives Loona, Moxxie and Millie to work, a car cuts in front of him and takes his parking spot. Thats just thats what the others do too, right..? 76.6K 1.2K 25. warnings/tw: mentions of arguing parents/divorce, but that is all! He could firmly declare that he liked you and he didnt want to let others make you uncomfortable, Pyro was not someone who often visited the city and even more so visited various establishments, but when he had a day off, he paid attention to a bright poster. You were friendly and polite. Her true form is a sinister-looking shadow demon. Helluva Boss (Loona, Octavia, and Verosika x Hell Hound Male Reader) Humor. At first, he didnt expect anything special until he saw you on stage. You stuttered as you greeted her, sending her a shy wave as you silently cursed yourself for stuttering. He understood that most likely this performance would be very different from the music he was used to listening to, but he was ready for a little variety, Your performance caught his attention. And with that, Loona slung an arm around your shoulders and began to lead you away from the thumping music, desperate succubi, and cluster of arguing imps. He tried many times to banish you back to hell, but it was all to no avail. She was talented and you appreciated it. It deepens with too many disturbing and profitable jobs for IMP. He has been going through the motions. He really got your attention. I remember when I was little, my father and I also went to collect candy, Well, that time when I came to you to do a school project together, a couple of years ago, and you had to go talk to your mother, your father then came in to tell you something, but in the end we had a nice conversation and he even showed a couple of your childhood photos, Dont worry, you looked really cute in those photos, I will need to come to you and look at your baby pictures, Of course, my parents will be happy to meet you.. blitz has found a way to see verosika, only to bring her truly down farther than hell itself. Pyro was ready to come to your every performance and listen to your singing for as long as he wanted, Demoman went to town with the others when they had a day off just to keep them company. You ask for it, and I'll start working on it! > gender bending You couldnt miss this opportunity. You were glad to see him and hear his compliments. And Ive shouldve known youd be here when I heard the Amber Alerts.Verosikas reply when Blitzo spots her. He was trying to sort out an old book that he found. Aint it a place. This story contains some sibling incest and taboo. - anon. But never got rid of the form of the werehog. Dr. (Name) (Last Name) is a young doctor of 25 in the field of Psychiatry. And thats when it hit you. This is Thesecret1070. ! He shyly handed you a napkin on which he drew a cute picture. So, we have chips, crackers, sweets, cookies, I even bought nachos and literally a bunch of different sauces, several types of soda, water, and there is coffee in the kitchen if you start to get sleepy, and how are you progressing with the choice of movies?, Well start with a few classic horror films, then there will be a few films that came out last year, and finish with a couple of little-known horror films. He neve You are part succubus, part imp. Alien really. Kang the Conqueror (Marvel Cinematic Universe). He was a prince of a neighboring kingdom in hell and life was carefree until one faithful. However, one kind of Heavy scared the person unpleasant to you and he hurried away. His hands, the rough yet persistently warm palms that slide over your arms and over your waist each time he sees you always held a welcoming sense of security and love that youve learned to call home. Verosika smiled. For someone in such chaos and dysfunction as Blitzo, he could always seem to pinpoint the constellations and the memories that came with stargazing. You listened attentively to his stories despite some bloody details that did not bother you at all, He suggested that you meet again next weekend when you both have free time. This take place where the final battle. So dont be surprised if sometimes, when you least expect it, as the tvs running in the background creating white noise as you both drift off to sleep, or if youre washing dishes and feel his palms press into your hips, or perhaps even as youre wishing him good luck and safe travels just before he heads off to work, Aki comes to halt, cups your chin so that your eyes meet, and ask you to kiss him breathless just one more time.

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