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Unlike a standard Glock pistol, in which the polymer-composite frame is the serialized receiver, the OZ9 uses a modular steel receiver or chassis separate from the frame. Shooters then customize their Modulus to whatever they want itand I mean whatever. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. I never experienced that with mine except one time and it hasn't happened again since." Reliability * * * * 1/2 As TTAG reported earlier today, Polymer80 has been raided by the ATF. Tritium Front (yellow) / serrated Black Rear That said, Glocks are overpriced and they do refuse to change their design. Kelly Reilly portrayed the role of Beth Dutton, daughter of John Dutton in the series. The PSA Dagger shares parts compatibility with Gen3 Glock 19 parts, such as slides and barrels. LOL! If for any Neither pistol bit me, thanks to their built-in beavertails, and both performed perfectly during class and ran fine on a mix of steel, brass and aluminum cased ammo. Another backstrap offers a more neutral grip angle like an M&P, and the third backstrap actually comes close to mimicking (almost) the 1911 grip angle. If you just barely move the slide out of battery it comes apart just fine. You shouldnt have to get used to it. LIGHT!! Want more info on the Dagger? Shadow Systems took the feedback they got on their earlier model and have come back with something new. Use the built-in front rail for accessory attachment. It doesnt seem to care whether its a JHP defensive round, light loaded target round or anything in between. The MR920 is aimed at the same use case as the venerated GLOCK 19 with appointments that will make most pistol snobs happy, all while still being compatible with most Gen3 and Gen4 GLOCK parts. Does the Timberwolf frame look a little odd at first? Much appreciated. To back that optic up, you get a set of suppressor height sights for easy co-witnessing. They designed the . The backstrap system is not a scabbed-on afterthought, but rather its built in intentionally. Shadow Systems' barrels are as impressive as their slides and the innovations continue. As a result you can change the point of aim on the gun based on which of the three included backstraps you choose to use. Glock clearly makes excellent pistols, so why would you ever want a clone? Enter the Systems MR920 9mm. All metal components are forming burrs. Well, Glock is a behemoth of a company. purchase helps support my work in bringing you more awesome gun and gear articles. This combination provides the reduced height of a Glock 19 for concealed carry with the increased sight radius of a full-size slide and barrel. $1200 wasted. Visit the Shadow Systems Completion Kits Page As for not having manual safeties imo, if youre military and keeping pistols in molle cordura holsters and subjecting them to all sorts of violent forces, such as explosions, probably need a manual safety or a da/decocker. The frame was exchanged for a current production unit with a slightly tighter tolerance in this area. I agree with uncommon_sense. What I meant was that I only experienced it one time by trying to go with 15 +1. The OG GLOCKs are a lot more serviceable than they are often given credit for. I've got one of the first ones made and of course they were delayed so it was a while before I got it. I cant disagree with most of what you said- except for the grip angle which I subjectively find comfortable- the poster you were replying to was also right. Preyhunter 2 yr. ago. If someone had told us 30 years ago that the Glock would become one of the most popular handguns in the world, we would have been skeptical. We get all the necessary upgrades, including an optics cut, an undercut trigger guard, a beavertail, steel sights, and so on. What started out as an unusual combination of plastic and steel has now become an industry standard. I knew that stimulus check wouldnt work. The P80 Frame Completion Kit includes all components needed to build your PF940C P80 80% Frame. You have to buy aftermarket mags to keep up with SIGs crush on the game. One of the biggest pros of a GLOCK-based platform is the aftermarket thats already there. Recently that same aftermarket has become so big and expansive that these same companies are now producing Glock clones. Shadow Systems includes basically everything you need to take the gun right out and hit the range. The MR920s older brother, the MR918, was released in 2018. Its perfect for defensive use and more than capable in that role. High-strength reinforced polymer frame. "Some people reported they had problems feeding when the magazines were at full capacity at 15 +1 but solved their problem by going to 14 +1. Inspired from the tv series Yellowstone, this Kelly Reilly Blue Coat is poncho-style outerwear. The P80 PFS9 and PFC9 full size and compact chambered in 9mm are available with either 10-round magazines for restrictive states or standard 15- and 17-round Glock magazines. The Nomad 9 frame is different enough in size and shape that a pistol so assembled may not fit in all holsters. MSRP: $799 to $1049 depending on options. Gear Expert, MSRP for the MR918is a bit steep but it actually represents a good value. As part of our P80 frame completion kit you can find the Shadow Systems Elite Trigger our top-rated flat-faced machined aluminum trigger. However it is never available. $69.99. Hunter, A Glock Clone can give me a dedicated optic footprint not reliant on the less than stellar Glock MOS system. Customize This * * * * * Internals are Gen 3 parts, and most are compatible with aftermarket Glock goodness. ZEV also went with the 18-degree grip, which aligns the grip and frame more with a 1911 than a Glock. The flutes, while looking cool, also seem to do a good job collecting fouling so that slide velocity stays high. A consumer nowadays has to look long and hard to find a modern pistol thats not influenced, at least in part, by Glock. Frame is splintering away inside at rails and flaking off next to my trigger mechanism. Polymer80 has a different grip angle. My S&W M&P has no safety. You might get an email response from them if you wait 3-5 weeks. I want to take a minute here. The frame also follows the same grip angle as a 1911 with a bit straighter frame design. Shooters with large hands or those who obtain a very high grip have probably experienced slide bite at one time or another. The RM920 optic cut bucks the prevailing wisdom on mounting dots. We saw the aftermarket continuously upgrade the Glock platform, pushing the design from high-end race guns to perfected defensive firearms. They are also extremely popular in the hands of concealed carriers, home defenders, and competition shooters. Lets face it; Glock is clearly on the way to becoming the AR-15 of the handgun world, and why not? Its not exactly a Glock clone in that some of the small parts are not interchangeable. I need to write 200 characters on this pos. Its clear that plenty of thought went into the design of the frame. I just bought my first pistol after looking at several, and when I saw it and held it, I had to have it. Our Pistols. The gun is so well set up from the factory I imagine were talking about holsters predominantly, but if you felt the need to swap out any parts, you certainly could. Purchase will require a Form 4473. Its unlikely well see the world of Glock clones slow down anytime soon. Never liked them. And of course there are the usual "haters" that grumble about it. The enlarged mag well adds little additional length to the pistol and pairs nicely with the base pad used by Magpul on the GL9 15-round magazine. These pistols are Glock 19 sized and come factory ready for gettin Gucci. gear. Las Vegas, NV 89120. Since I detest the Glock trigger, my recommended guns would be S&W M&P, Sig P320 and Walther PPQ. This provides shooters who experience slide bite with some relief by keeping the web of the hand out of the slides path. Everyones sticking comps on their guns these days, but that makes the pistol longer. That being said, those who prefer using a pistol with a light attached will likely find that a holster made to accept a Glock 19 with light attached should work properly with the Nomad. A consumer wanting combat sights or a beavertail grip safety made these additions with aid of a gunsmith. I enjoy the grip angle and TBH, never found any extreme differences between the couple different handguns I own. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Just kidding? Even when I tap my holster to check for its presence, I think, No safety!. Absolute garbage. Adopting a Glock 19 size, its carry-friendly. Remember Gaston Glock had no experience with firearms design or manufacture when the Glock 17 was introduced in 1982, and that is showing today. The receiver has extended slide rails, which increases surface-to-surface contact for a more stable and efficient cycle. The best thing pistol manufacturers can do is make guns that accept Glock mags so people can move on. Between my crippled up hands, shoulders and elbow, if I can ever get it out, Ill shoot your arse! Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. Modular hole pattern on the back accommodates a variety of mounting options. However, there isnt much Id change. What should the discerning collector look for in a potential buy? Which is just one of many reasons I love mine so much. Unless of course you are contributing to , in which case, have at it. (, We noticed that you have previously logged in with your, Check what do you get by creating an account, Bookmark and compare your favorite firearms, 8 Best Custom Glock Clones: Glock 19 Alternatives. The frame has aggressive texturing on the front strap, backstrap, and sides for increased traction. This engineering marvel starts as a compact Glock clone but can transform via conversions to a Glock of any size and design. Hay mucho dinero! Anyone regularly using a pistol in the military nowadays, is not using a nylon holster. Springfield Hellcat Micro Compact vs Shadow Systems CR920 Elite Dimensions Length L Height H Width W Weight W Springfield Hellcat Micro Compact 6 in 4 in 1 in 17. polymer 80 vs shadow. I wish all manufacturers would get on board with the gun rug program instead of the black gun Caboodles that just take up closet space. The pistol comes in a black zippered pouch that includes two Magpul magazines, an owners manual and the three grip inserts. Once the pin is removed the inserts can be exchanged to accommodate the users hand. I ran both pistols with and without a weaponlight attached. Failure to eject, load and lock slide on empty mag. One of my favorites on any revolver I own. Capacity: Two 15 round magazines (PMag GL-9 15) Barrel Length: 4 (unthreaded) 4.5 (Threaded) Faxon is well known mostly for the ARAK 21, awesome barrels but go ahead and add the FX-19 to that list. September 13, 2022, by While the magwell makes the pistol easier to load, it also tends to print more, but it attaches and detaches easily. We dive into the best Glock clones on the market to help you decide if one of these custom Glock 19 competitors is right for you! Theres always a race in the comments to suggest getting new sights, an extended slide stop, sticking on decal grips or getting a stipple job, and adding some whiz-bang trigger parts to make the trigger useable. The enhanced frame really shines when run rapidly. Shadow Systems started out making Glock barrels, slides and small parts as well as offering custom work to existing Glock pistols. A tap on the rear of the slide would send it home. Retention is adjustable using screws along the edge of the holster. Take, for instance, the new Colt King Cobra, which has a great trigger. The beavertail and undercut are winners. Agreed. Somehow the message I wrote months ago is not listed. Can you? They offer a standard GLOCK-style backstrap replicating the grip angle of a stock GLOCK pistol. The PFS9 and PFC9 also feature an actual Picatinny rail in spec and not Glocks own weird OEM rail. The trend caught on and an entire industry introduced 1911-style handguns with the ergonomic and cosmetic features that had previously only been available via a custom gunsmith. LOL! The ZEV OZ9c mixes high-tech design with ZEV stylings to produce one helluva Glock clone. The biggest downside is that PSA seems continually sold out of these pistols so its going to take some time before they are easy to find. Get 10% Off - Subscribe to Our Email List, Toll-Free: +1-800-504-5897 The pistol also comes with an add-on magazine well thats held in place via the grip insert mounting pin. The more things change, the more they stay the same. But I've put several hundred rounds through mine so far and its been a solid performer. Honestly, its cheaper to buy a fully customized Glock than to customize a stock Glock piece by piece. You get cranky without one. Shadow Systems LLC 1001 Los Rios Boulevard, Suite 100 Plano, TX 75074 USA. What if you wanted a Glock for every occasion but also only wanted it to be one pistol? I agree that staying away from proprietary components is probably the best course of action. Incomplete receivers or frames, also known as blanks or 80% lowers, are not regulated as firearms. If your OEM pistol breaks, Glock can easily fix the problem and ship it back. ABSOLUTELY NO WTB/WTS/WTT POSTS. As a guy with big hands, Glocks also take a bite out of me. A Glock clone allows you to buy the Glock-style pistol with the features you want. The Canik TP9SF is also a good Glock alternative and has a great trigger. Frame texture is very finely grained but effective and provides good traction. According to federal law, the receiver or frame is the regulated part (i.e., the legal firearm). Frame issues are normal. Gear Expert, ANY time I touch my EDC, the first thing on my mind is, No safety!. These cuts reduce weight and recoil via mass reduction. Review. Unlike a polymer frame, these gas pedals are more than just cuts but rather forged pedals allowing for more pressure and, therefore, more control. Head to the range this week with American Rifleman staff as they discuss a trim little repeater from Savage Arms that comes chambered for the .22 WMR cartridge. Both opt for a P80 frame, notable for being more ergonomic than the stock Glock frame. Got no problem with Glock as long as it isnt in my holster! Despite the rumors on the internet, the Gen5 GLOCKs are notably accurate for a service pistol. The world is yours. Maximum Width: 1.25 When people suggest otherwise they are simply making clear they have no idea what they are talking about. Height: 4.75 I never experienced that with mine except one time and it hasn't happened again since. In addition, the slide has front and rear charging serrations, allowing you to rack the slide even when its wet and slippery. Tell us where the bad Glock touched you. Glock wasnt the first polymer frame pistol, but they were the first successful polymer frame pistol. Its higher than most of the Performance Center S&W revolvers, and much higher than most of the Ruger double action guns. Now, they tell me they are modifying my slide and ejector. That, and clones are often a generation or even two generations behind Glock OEM pistols. With respect to reliability, the RM920 Elite runs about like youd expect a GLOCK to. Yes. I actually had to beg them to let me send mine in for them to inspect. Yes, of course, you can easily make all kinds of changes to the Glock. Looking at Ruger because of their reliability and price points. At We the People Holsters, we manufacture Kydex and leather holsters for various Glock handguns full size, compact, and subcompact pistols. While the Polymer80 complete and kit weapons are designed to replicate the ergonomics of Glock firearms, there is an important difference: In standard Glock pistols, the grip angle is 22. I never experienced that 15 +1 thing again because I went back to my normal 14 +1. All parts fit the replacement frame without drama or issue and the pistol proved as reliable and accurate as it had been on its parent frame. Safariland ALS holsterOne final note on the Nomad 9 frame: This is a complete frame thats ready to assemble and is not an un-serialized 80-percent lower. Every year it seems like more and more companies introduce new clones. The Shadow Systems MR920 represents a killer value if you appreciate the features that it offers. Even so, Glocks design isnt perfect for everyone. Hopefully, . Weve eliminated the trigger housing pin and locking block from this kit since your P80 kit includes those parts. Its personal preference, but many folks prefer that more American angle on their pistols. If you pull the slide out of battery like a GLOCK, the tabs wont work and youll have to keep pulling until the trigger resets. As part of our P80 frame completion kit you can find the Shadow Systems Elite Triggerour top-rated flat-faced machined aluminum trigger. Not to mention, the slide features its own serrations for easy racking and press checks. They are simple, reliable service weapons. Fax: +1-866-534-3097 The trigger system is a GLOCK Safe Action based on a Gen3 trigger bar, but uses the popular Taran Tactical connector and an aluminum trigger shoe that has a mostly flat face. IMI Defense Polymer flip-up sights - Rear and Front IMI Defense FSG1 Front Support Grip Provided with a designed bag Allen key Sling QD Port Owner's Manual Repair kit (detain pin, spring, locking pin) Overall kit weight (g): 3400. This year, H&R announced an expansion of its AR-15 lineup, bringing additional "retro" models to the market, including a 9 mm Luger-chambered Colt SMG clone, an M16A2-styled rifle and the carbine-size 723. The Shadow Systems MR920 is a competition-ready and optics-compatible Glock 19 clone. I like it. We'll send you the latest guides and training tips geared In the first Build or Buy a Glock video, I showcased my budget Polymer80 pistol build and discussed whether you should build a Polymer80 or just buy a Glock.. If a firearm does not fit how you want/need to carry it, then its not a good fit and you shouldnt buy it or get used to it. If youre interested in an optics-ready handgun, Shadow Systems has its own patent-pending optics-mounting system, which it describes as the strongest direct connect system in the industry.. The Beretta APX isn't a clone of a Beretta APX, it is a Beretta handgun. Yes. With over 35 years on the United S Springfield Hellcat vs. Hellcat Pro (Similarities and Differences), The Universal Elastic Mag Carrier: The Perfect Solution for Carrying Your Magazines. Shadow Systems . Dont forget the threaded barrel for compensators or cans. Its grip features a massive undercut in the trigger guard and aggressive beavertail to maximize control and improve comfort. And the MR920 is pretty fun to shoot fast which has a lot to do with the 1200 rounds Ive put through it before sitting down and writing the review. A proper modern grip with a pistol lines the sights up basically automatically. Still a Glock w/o a manual safety. Learn the 3 most popular shooting stances & more. If youre in this market, also consider the STK100 by Rock Island Armory. towards your level. Its the Beretta APX. The spacers wedge the optic into the optic cut and you use a pair of some of the longest heaviest screws to secure the optic down. That dont mean they arent good guns! For 2022, the company announced the release of a new line of. GREAT GRIP!! They ALL have nasty scars! I always appreciate the guns that PSA offers and have been looking forward to owning a PSA Dagger. But not all Glock clones are compatible with Glock holsters. If you need to change frames, the process is simple: Remove the takedown pin with a punch to detach the frame from the receiver. Premier manufacturer of polymer AR receivers, Pistol Frames, and Handguns. Grip texturing could be more aggressive but the frame provides comfort and ergonomics that otherwise might not be available without a Dremel tool, a soldering iron and some automotive body putty. You do not pay The Shadow Systems and Glock both sport polymer frames to keep the weight of the gun down while also maintaining its durability. Are they even considering making them anymore? PSA improved the ergonomics of the Glock by including an undercut under the trigger guard, a more aggressive beavertail, and a massive magazine release. Another feature standard to the Nomad 9 is a slightly elongated beavertail. The G23 is the 19 in .40. I used a model IWB 3 inside the waistband holster during testing and it fit the Nomad 9 frame with Glock 19 slide perfectly. What if you want a .40, .45, 10mm? No need to gather parts and play amateur gunsmith when Faxon can do it for you. Polymer80 introduced a series of 80% frame pistol kits, depending on the frame size youre interested in using. TBH, I am a little surprised that Glock and other manufacturers like them have not introduced manual safety versions. He currently teaches concealed carry courses and enjoys spending time in Floridas Nature Coast. At a relatively affordable price point of $550, the Polymer 80 pistols make a budget-friendly alternative to Gastons Glock. The slide is machined from stainless steel and is nitride treated. I know the post is old, so it may be too late to provide this, but I have their first variation on the G19, the MR918. Thats old school. Yeah, its too bad that revolvers internal complexity (timing) and relative small market (compared to how many semi-autos are sold) make it tough to keep prices down. This is very important for an everyday use pistol for both companies. Really? Gucci Glocks have become one of the most common Glock configurations, and the Shadow Systems MR920 embraces that. And like behemoths, they are slow to move and adapt. The LTD19 V2 predictably uses the oh-so-famous Glock 19 frame and slide size to create a compact pistol. MSRP is between $799 and $999. Some dont have 10 full length fingers. However, expect more weight with the metal frame than the classic polymer frame. The rest of the frame is pretty squared away as well, from the fine grippy texture all over the areas where your hand interacts with the frame, to the double undercut under the trigger guard, to the ledge built into the frame to allow those who use their support hand thumbs to fight recoil. The best Glock clones are generally pistols that provide a low-cost alternative to a stock Glock or competition-grade features out of the box. Shadow Systems MR920 $979.99 at Palmetto State Armory Photo Credit: Ben Markwell - IG @gun.cop Explore RECOILweb: Obviously, Glocks crappy plastic sights are tossed these guns wear Ameriglo sights instead. Finally, some people whove spent a good amount of time using some other designs can find the Glock grip angle a bit unnatural. First, let me apologize for my irrelevant post. Long term viability remains to be seen, but initially there has been no loss of zero or functionality with about 90% of the rounds fired with an optic mounted on the gun. guns & Many gun owners contract gunsmiths to customize their Glock handguns, altering the ergonomics, trigger mechanism, barrel, or sights to suit different applications. Rounding out the features, the Overwatch Precision trigger gives a light and smooth pull. Instead of buying a Glock and then spending double the money to cut the slide for an optic, add suppressor height sights and a threaded barrel, drop in a nice trigger, tweak the magwell, etc., you can justbuy it the way you want. Caliber: 919 I think you are right. The Alpha Foxtrot AF-C Forged Pistol utilizes Alpha Foxtrot forged frame with their custom slide to create one interesting Glock design. If you love to wear action movies and games outfits so must check the top 5 superb Cosplay Jackets which gives you a killer and stunning look on this cosplay festival. SOCOM carries Glocks, and numerous international police and military forces all choose Glocks. ccs Polymer 80. . All the while, the beavertail continues to reinforce that nice high grip. Polymer80 has a different grip angle. When they get back in stock I'm going to order another one for my wife. For more information, please see our An 11mm, electrically fired, single shot pistol? Gun Review: Shadow Systems MR920 9mm Pistol, No Marches, Demonstrations or Occupations Scheduled for Children Killed Over Holiday Weekend, News Flash: Another Journalist Uses Bad Data to Argue For Universal Background Checks [VIDEO], Kiger Updates the 9c Compact With the New Kiger-9c Pro 9mm Pistol, Gun Review: Smith & Wesson Model 317 Kit Gun .22LR Revolver, New From ShaloTek: P320 Compensated Slide. Shadow Systems boasts of the gun being the Industrys flattest shooting pistol. While I havent shot all of the pistols to know definitively, I have shot most of the popular ones. Thats because its noticeably thinner than the original Glock 19 frame. This should appeal to those with beefy trigger fingers, those who wear gloves, or who otherwise find the Glock trigger guard too small internally. We The People Holsters Can you explain why the degradation of the final score was at least half a star lower than the average? I got my P365XL-RZ and now I want a P320 RXP XCompact. At $300 $350 the Glock is a competitive sidearm, at over $500 it is time to look else where. Must you? SKU. Included with the backstraps is a polymer magazine well system that hooks onto the backstrap which makes the gun amazingly simple to reload rapidly. Sure enough, the issue went away at around the 200-round mark. Gen 5 was a joke. and our

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