This body of mine is but a graveyard of blood and sweat
You shed to get me into bed.
The thousand monks that prayed daily
Leave desolate in hushed tones
The monastery of my virginity.
The bounce of my delectable breasts
Measure greater in depths of worth
Than my own mind,person and soul.
The blood diamond that slender legs contain
Stain your heart with jest and disgust.
Blank stares and black dares
Bare me with bearing
A serpent tightening it’s hold
On which is not it’s to be held.
My revolution of perpetual screams
Dies down in the battle of your crooked dreams
Each sundry morning begins my own personal war
To protect my shrine that is my body.
My feminism is my freedom struggle
To reclaim what is mine:
My body.


Likes to eat rossogollas. Loves the Beatles,Bob Dylan,Wodehouse and cheesy afternoon rom-coms(Don't Judge). Lets set off on an adventure with nothing but spare change, a camera and a diary?

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